Κάνε το δικό σου best of της αγαπημένης σου μπάντας (Διαβάστε πρώτα το αρχικό ποστ)


Tiamat & Mayhem είναι πάνω για όποιον ενδιαφέρεται με τη διαφορά ότι λόγω "τεχνικών δυσκολιών" (sic) στην πρώτη υπάρχει το Teonanacatl αντί του Desolate One και στο δεύτερο το Deathcrush είναι η Live In Leipzig έκδοση ενώ το Freezing Moon είναι η DMDS έκδοση.


Ποιό Blog εννοείς Diskovole; :-s
Θα κάνω εντιτ να βάλω και τα άλμπουμ για να το κάνω πιό έυκολο να αναζητήσει κανείς τα κομμάτια.

Chili θέλω και Knock me down από Mother's Milk! :wink:


Causa Sui

            [U]Causa Sui[/U]
              [I]El Paraiso[/I]
              [I]Tijuana Blues[/I]
              [I]Workings of the Great Blue Swells[/I]

            [U]Free Ride[/U] 
               [I]Passing Breeze[/I] 
               [I]Newborn Road[/I] 

             [U]Summer Sessions Vol. 1-3[/U]
              [I]Visions of Summer(Vol. 1)[/I]
              [I]Tropic of Capricorn(Vol. 2)[/I]
              [I]Red Valley(Vol. 3)[/I]


Eternal Elysium

                 [I]Doomsday Recitation[/I]

                     [U]Spiritualized D[/U]    
                        [I]	W.T.G.B.[/I]     
                [I]Splendid, Selfish Woman[/I]              
                       [I]Floating Downer[/I]       

                       [I]Feel the Beat[/I]
                       [I]Waiting for the Sun[/I] 

               [U]Eternal Elysium / Of the Spacistor(split) [/U]   
                        [I]Browny Brownie[/I]

                      [U]Searching Low & High[/U]
                            [I]Twilight High[/I]
                             [I]Green Song[/I]

                       [U]Black Cobra / Eternal Elysium(split)[/U]
                              [I]Shadowed Flower[/I]

                       [U]Within The Triad[/U]
                        [I]Agent Of Doom[/I]
                         [I]Space Inn[/I]

Δεν μπορουσα να μην βαλω τα splits,μιλαμε για κομματαρες.....


Βαριέμαι και θα κάνω ενα για Cream.

Fresh Cream
I Feel Free
Rollin' and Tumblin'

Disraeli Gears
Dance the night away
Outside Woman Blues
Tales of Brave Ulysses

Wheels of Fire
White Room
Born under a bad sign

Anyone for tennis



Victim Of Fate
Cry For Freedom

Walls Of Jericho
Ride The Sky
How Many Tears

Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1
I'm Alive
Future World

Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2
Rise And Fall
We Got The Right
Save Us

Pink Bubbles Go Ape
The Chance

I Don't Wanna Cry No More

Master of the Rings
Where The Rain Grows
Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001

The Time of the Oath
Forever And One (Neverland)
The Time Of The Oath

Better Than Raw
I Can

The Dark Ride
The Departed (Sun Is Going Down)
The Dark Ride

Rabbit Don't Come Easy
Never Be a Star
Do You Feel Good

Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy
Get It Up
My Life for One More Day

Gambling with the Devil
Final Fortune
Dreambound(Επαιξα κορωνα-γραμματα με το Heaven Tells No Lies)

+1 bonus track (Take Me Home)


Σημ. 1: Δεν έχω ακούσει νότα απ' το τελευταίο, οπότε δεν το λογαριάζω καν.
Σημ. 2: ΕΝΝΟΕΙΤΑΙ ότι τα τρία πρώτα ΕΡs μετράνε.

Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium (Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium EP)
The Return To The Beautiful (As The Flower Withers)
The Thrash Of Naked Limbs (The Thrash Of Naked Limbs EP)
Sear Me MCMXCIII (Turn Loose The Swans)
The Crown Of Sympathy (Turn Loose The Swans)
The Sexuality Of Bereavement (The Sexuality Of Bereavement 7'')
I Am The Bloody Earth (I Am The Bloody Earth EP)
The Cry Of Mankind (The Angel And The Dark River)
Two Winters Only (The Angel And The Dark River)
A Kiss To Remember (Like Gods Of The Sun)
It Will Come (Like Gods Of The Sun)
For You (Like Gods Of The Sun)
The Whore, The Cook And The Mother (34.788% Complete)
She Is The Dark (The Light At The End Of The World)
Into The Lake Of Ghosts (The Light At The End Of The World)
The Fever Sea (The Light At The End Of The World)
The Raven And The Rose (The Dreadful Hours)
Black Heart Romance (The Dreadful Hours)
My Hope, The Destroyer (The Dreadful Hours)
My Wine In Silence (Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light)
Thy Raven Wings (A Line Of Deathless Kings)
The Blood, The Wine, The Roses (A Line Of Deathless Kings)



1991 - Soulside Journey
Sunrise Over Locus Mortis

1992 - A Blaze in the Northern Sky
In The Shadow of the Horns
Kathaarian Life Code

1993 - Under a Funeral Moon
Natassja in Eternal Sleep
To Walk the Infernal Fields

1994 - Transilvanian Hunger
Transilvanian Hunger
Skald Av Satans Sol

1995 - Panzerfaust
En Vind Av Sorg
The Hordes of Nebulah

1996 - Total Death
Earth's Last Picture
The Serpents Harvest

1996 - Goatlord
Green Cave Float

1999 - Ravishing Grimness
Ravishing Grimness

2001 - Plaguewielder
Weakling Avenger
Raining Murder

2003 - Hate Them
Divided We Stand

2004 - Sardonic Wrath
Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist
Hate Is the Law

2006 - The Cult Is Alive
Whisky Funeral
Atomic Coming

2007 - F.O.A.D.
Canadian Metal
Raised on Rock

2008 - Dark Thrones and Black Flags
The Winds They Called the Dungeon Shaker
Hanging Out in Haiger

2010 - Circle the Wagons
Those Treasures Will Never Befall You
Black Mountain Totem


διάβασε πάλι το εισαγωγικό ποστ.

έντιτ. Τώρα μάλιστα. :slight_smile:


Eμμμ...Σκοπεύω να κάνω για πάνω από μία μπάντα...Αλλά προς το παρών ξεκινάω με S.O.A.D.:

Με αλφαβητική σειρά:

4.Chop Suey!
6.Deer Dance
8.Holy Mountains
10.Lonely Day
15.Storaged(ουδέν σχόλιο)
16.This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song
18.Bubbles (το χα ξεχάσει :P)


Billy Talent:

(αλφαβητική σειρά)

1.Definition Of Destiny
2.Devil In A Midnight Mass
3.Diamond On A Landmine
4.Fallen Leaves
5.Living In The Shadows
6.Pins And Needles
7.Prisoners Of Today
8.Rusted From The Rain
10.This Is How It Goes
11.This Suffering (προσωπικό μου fave)
12.Try Honesty
13.Turn Your Back
14.Voices Of Violence
15.White Sparrows


[COLOR="Black"][SIZE="6"]Lamb of God [/SIZE][/COLOR]

Burn the Priest


New American Gospel

1.Black Label
3.Terror and Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard

As the palaces burn

  1. 11 hour

Ashes of the wake

1.Laid to Rest
3.Remorse is for the dead


1.Foot to the Trhoat
2.Blacken the cursed sun


1.Choke Chermon
3.In your words



[SIZE="6"]Colour Haze[/SIZE]

  1. Mud (Chopping Machine)
  2. Seven (Seven)
  3. Antenna (Periscope)
  4. Sun (Periscope)
  5. Get It On (CO2)
  6. Inside (CO2)
  7. Smile 2 (Ewige Blumenkraft)
  8. Elektrohasch (Ewige Blumenkraft)
  9. I Won't Stop (Los Sounds De Krauts)
  10. 7+2 (Los Sounds De Krauts)
  11. Overriding (Los Sounds De Krauts)
  12. Mountain (Colour Haze)
  13. Love (Colour Haze)
  14. Peace, Brothers & Sisters! (Colour Haze)
  15. Tempel (Tempel)
  16. Silent (All)
  17. Turns (All)
  18. Lights (All)


...ξέθαμα από την 4η σελίδα... :!:

Dead Can Dance (1984)

  1. A Passage In Time

Spleen And Ideal (1986)

  1. De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow)

Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun (1987)

  1. Anywhere Out Of The World
  2. Cantara

The Serpent's Egg (1988 )

  1. The Host Of Seraphim
  2. Song Of Sofia
  3. Ullyses

Aion (1990)

  1. The Song Of The Sibyl
  2. Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book
  3. The End Of Worlds
    Into The Labyrinth (1993)

  4. The Wind That Shakes The Barley

  5. Towards The Within

Spiritchaser (1996)

  1. Song Of The Nile
  2. Devorzhum

  3. 2 bonus tracks από το live album "Toward the Within" γιατί δεν μπορώ να τα αφήσω έξω...

  4. Rakim

  5. Sanvean

ΌΛΑ τα τραγούδια έχουν links. Enjoy!


[SIZE="3"][B]Guns N' Roses[/B][/SIZE]

Sweet Child O' Mine (Appetite For Destruction)
Rocket Queen (Appetite For Destruction)
Patience (GN'R Lies)
Coma (Use Your Illusion I)
November Rain (Use Your Illusion I)
Bad Obsession (Use Your Illusion I)
Estranged (Use Your Illusion II)
So Fine (Use Your Illusion II)
Since I Don't Have You (The Spaghetti Incident?)
Hair Of The Dog (The Spaghetti Incident?)
This I Love (Chinese Democracy)
Better (Chinese Democracy)


Οι κανόνες λοιπόν είναι:
1. Σύνολο κομματιών: (Οι στούντιο δίσκοι ) * 2

6 δίσκους βλέπω, άρα το σύνολο δε πρέπει να ξεπερνάει τα 12 κομμάτια :idea:





Shell Scock
Dark Avenger
Battle Hymn

Secret Of Steel
Gloves Of Metal
March For Revenge(Πραγματικα σχεδον λοττο το πηγα εδω)

Blood Of My Enemies
Each Dawn I Die
Bridge Of Death

Τhor (The Powerhead)
Sign Of The Hammer


Hail & Kill
The Crown And The Ring
Blood Of The Kings

Achilles,Agony and Ecstasy(Hector Storms The Wall & Glory Of Achilles αν και μλκια να σπλιταρεις σε κομματια τετοιο υμνο)
The Power Of Thy Sword
Master Of The Wind

Return Of The Warlord

Call To Arms
Warriors Of The World United
House Of Death

Τhe Ascension/King Of Kings
Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors


Μια και δε βρήκα λίστα για δύο απ' τις συμπάθειές μου.. όλα λινκαρισμένα

01 Moon Baby
02 Keep Away
03 Vampires
04 Straight out of Line
05 I Stand Alone
06 Serenity
07 Running Blind
08 Shine Down
09 Love-Hate-Sex-Pain
10 The Oracle

[SPOILER]Best of είναι, τα χιτάκια με τα κολλητικά ρεφραιν πάνε σε greatest hits :b[/SPOILER]01 Path
02 Master of Puppets
03 Harmageddon
04 Hope [Live]
05 Hall of the Mountain King
06 No Education
07 Faraway
08 Quutamo
09 Betrayal/Forgiveness
10 Farewell
11 Stroke
12 At the Gates of Manala
13 Sacra
14 Rage of Poseidon


The White Stripes

One More Cup Of Coffee

Little Bird
Apple Blossom
Truth Doesn't Make a Noise

The Union Forever
Offend in Every Way
I Think I Smell a Rat

Seven Nation Army
Ball and Biscuit

The Denial Twist

Icky Thump

ηθελα να βαλω κι αλλα απο το White Blood Cells αλλα δεν μπορουσα