Stoner Rock/Heavy Rock Κυκλοφοριες-Προτασεις




Το Duchess!



Μερικά ενδιαφέροντα τραγουδάκια που κυκλοφόρησαν φέτος

Ignu - Snow
The Necromancers - Lucifer’s Kin
War Cloud - Red Witch
Kadavar - Vampires
Spaceslug - Parahorizon
Deaf Radio - Vultures & Killers
Red Scalp - Lost Ghosts
Hound - Demon Eyes
Youngblood Supercult - Wormwood
Red Mountains - Rat King
Howling Giant - Circle of Druids
The Midnight Ghost Train - Red Eyed Junkie Queen
Mad Monkees - I Cannot Feel
Cloud Catcher - Beyond The Electric Sun
Zeremony - Oak Leaves
Duel - Witchbanger
Bask - A Graceless Shuffle
Widows - Ride to the Realm of Coitus
Woodhawk - Chrononaut
Mothership - Crown of Lies
Spidergawd - is this love…?
White Light Cemetery - Looking Out [For Number One]
Hey Satan - Legal Aspect of Love
Sons of Morpheus - Down
The Flying Eyes - Circle Of Stone
Nekromant - Ashes & Rain
The Wizards - Stardust

οταν βρω χρόνο θα ποστάρω κι άλλα κομμάτια


οι The Flying Eyes έβγαλαν πολύ ωραίο δισκάκι
θα ακούσω Ignu και Deaf Radio