Sleep's Holy Thread


ακριβως η πρωτη σκεψη μου. επος


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For those inquiring:

The Clarity

From the temple stone
Smokes the lambsbread
Through dream, sleep and in waking.

Toward the weed fields
To That which holds the worlds
Walks the Sinsemillian.

Refutes death
Remains stoned constantly
The dealer breaks the eclipse.

All are stoned thereafter.

Stoned chariot ascending
Smokes the true believer.

Life complete
The dealer is my refuge.

Heavy dry weight
Hasheeshian smoked relief.

[B][U][SIZE=2]Iommic life complete.[/SIZE][/U][/B]



Ακούω το καινούργιο. Ε ρε και νά 'ρθουν για κάνα λάιβ…


θα χρειαστούμε αντιασφυξιογόνα μάσκα…


Επιβάλλεται νομίζω


Κατι ακουγεται οτι θα τους δουμε φετος…