Γιατι, αποκλειεται καποια "εξοδα" να πηγαινουν στις τσεπες μελων;


Δεν το αποκλειω να παιζει και αυτο...

Η αληθεια ειναι οτι η μπαντα αυτη την στιγμη ειναι σε ασχημη φαση, με τον Hanneman εκτος και στα μαχαιρια με τον Lombardo, αλλα δεν πρεπει να υποτιμαμε τους Slayer. Ελπιζω σε αναρρωση του Hanneman, να τα βρουν με Lombardo και μετα να κατσουν οι 4 και να ηχογραφησουν νεο δισκο. Μου αρεσουν πολυ οπως ειπα οι 3 τελευταιοι δισκοι τους, οποτε γιατι οχι?


Σορρυ για το double post, διαβαστε δηλωσεις του Kerry King σχετικα με το θεμα με Lombardo.

Δεν ξερω πως θα καταληξει ολο αυτο.


LICH KING Issue Open Letter To Former SLAYER Drummer Dave Lombardo - "We Can Schedule Your Audition At Your Convenience"

Ελπίζω απλά να τρολάρουν με το γράμμα αυτό!!!


Αν κρίνω από τη γενικότερη θεματολογία/στάση/χιούμορ που έχουν, παίζει και να σοβαρολογούν :lol:


Η αλήθεια είναι πως είναι τόσο τρελό που ναι όντως μπορεί να είναι true


Πειτε μου οτι ειναι πλακα, απλα ενα ηλιθιο αστειο...


τι πλάκα να είναι...

εδώ ο King δήλωσε ότι δεν θα τον πείραζε ο Holt να παραμείνει μόνιμος κιθαρίστας...


:lol: :lol: Θεοι!!!


KERRY KING Would Be 'OK' With GARY HOLT Playing With SLAYER 'Forever' - Mar. 24, 2013's Nick Tevelis conducted an interview with SLAYER guitarist Kerry King on March 1 at the Melbourne stop of this year's Soundwave festival in Australia. You can now watch the chat below.

On the progress of the songwriting sessions for SLAYER's next studio album:

Kerry: "Well, two songs are done; they just need to be mixed. Another one is done without leads and vocals on it, and I've got nine others to record, so we're in really good shape.

"I always think [our albums are gonna be released] sooner than later, and I'm always changing my story, but I really think we can go in and record between this [Soundwave festival] and our next tour in June. So, if it's all finished, then it could be getting mixed while we're in Europe. And I don't see any reason why it can't be out this year. Don't hold me to that, but that's what I'm hoping for."

On the health status of SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who is still recovering from necrotising fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease, which he is believed to have gotten from a spider bite:

Kerry: "I don't have an update. I haven't seen Jeff in forever. He's always been a recluse, and he's even been more of a recluse since he's mot going on tour with us. But our manager talks to him from time to time and sees him in L.A. just randomly. But I'm far from L.A., so I'm not in that loop. But I guess he's just getting better. It's just one of those things where he can do anything in life. He could be hanging here having a good time with us. He can probably play 'South Of Heaven', but he's not gonna be playing 'Jihad', you know what I mean?! So it's just a muscle memory kind of thing, I guess, at this point."

On whether Jeff has been involved in the songwriting process for the new SLAYER album:

Kerry: "It's just all my stuff for now. But I did that just in case, 'cause I don't know what Jeff's intentions are. So I wanted to have SLAYER covered in case he doesn't come to the party. If he comes to the party, then we've got tons of songs."

On whether contingencies have been made in case Jeff doesn't make it back to SLAYER in the near future:

Kerry: "I think Gary [Holt, EXODUS guitarist who has been filling in for Jeff for the past couple of years] is in for the long haul. I haven't really discussed it with him. But he keeps his schedule free when he knows we're on tour. And I'm pretty sure, if Jeff all of a sudden came back in June, we would probably pay Gary for freeing up his time. I don't wanna treat somebody that's bailed us out for two years badly. But if Gary played with us forever? I'm OK with that. But if Jeff got better and said, 'Hey, man, I'm ready to play,' and he came to rehearsal and showed us he was good enough, that's his show."

On whether SLAYER's stand-in drummer Jon Dette, who filled in for Dave Lombardo for the Soundwave festival, was the band's first choice as Lombardo's replacement:

Kerry: "Yeah, he was, actually. I've got a lot of friends in this business and I was thinking, at the first instant of trouble in paradise, I'm, like, 'Alright, what can we do?' First off, I thought there's probably no way to get a visa for somebody this quick, and I knew Jon was with ANTHRAX. And in a perfect world, I was thinking maybe he could do both, so I had to call him up and say, 'Hey, man, I hate to drop this on you?' [laughs] And he was stoked. And I did the right thing ? I called up Scott [Ian, ANTHRAX guitarist], asked him if he minded. I rehearsed with Jon for three days and it came out good."


Το μεγαλύτερο αστείο του Thrash metal.
Μόνο εύσημα για την προσέγγιση στη ριφολογία αξίζουν (που προσωπικά δεν μου κάνει κούκου).

Κατά τ'άλλα είναι για πέταμα. Κλασσική μπάντα για κλασμένους από τα ναρκωτικά θρασάδες και δήθεν.


[SIZE="4"]ΣΤΗΝ ΠΥΡΑ, ΣΤΗΝ ΠΥΡΑ...[/SIZE]:twisted:

Μιλαμε για ενα απο τα καλυτερα (αν οχι το καλυτερο) thrash metal συγκροτηματα, με τοσο χαρακτηριστικο ηχο, κομματια-ευαγγελια του ειδους που εχει επηρεασει εκατομμυρια μπαντες σε ολο τον κοσμο. Και οχι μονο thrash μπαντες, αλλα και death metal μπαντες και γενικα μπαντες απο διαφορα παρακλαδια του ακραιου ηχου. Το Hell Awaits π.χ. ειναι απο τους δισκους που πανω του δημιουργηθηκε το death metal. Μιλαμε για μια μπαντα με προσωπικοτητα, μοναδικοτητα, που εχει δημιουργησει σχολη με τα riff και τα φωνητικα της. Ακομα και να μην σου αρεσουν δεν μπορεις να αναφερεσαι σε αυτους σαν "μπαντα για πεταμα", γιατι η ιστορια σε βγαζει λαθος...

Οσο για τις δηλωσεις του Kerry King...

[SIZE="4"]ΤΙ ΛΕΣ ΡΕ ΜΑΛΑΚΑ, ΓΑΜΗΜΕΝΕ...[/SIZE] Εσυ εισαι οι Slayer δηλαδη? Θες να διωξεις τον Lombardo και δεν σε χαλαει να εισαστε και χωρις Hanneman?





πάρε κ κάτι επιπλέον να σε κάνω λίγο πιό τουρμπο! :lol:

A fan describes a recent encounter with Hanneman

"A fan of Slayer named NOEL has posted an account of a recent meeting with the band's guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, last Sunday.

The musician was in Lexington, Kentucky, where he checked out the side project of two members of NASHVILLE PUSSY, called THE KENTUCKY BRIDGEBURNERS. The band were playing in a small bar and Jeff was present, remaining unobtrusive and sipping throughout the night with some friends.

SUYS Ruyter, Nashville Pussy guitarist, is a longtime friend of Jeff, and therefore the California thrasher has been spotted on the road with her several times over the past two years.

The fans present at the gig respected the guitarists space and tended not to bother him, but something became obvious: it is not semi-invalid that Kerry King's information in every interview is false, King gives the impression that Hanneman is gravely ill. In fact, without a guitar in hand, he appears to have no evidencel of spider bite that would have removed him rom Slayer.

Adding this to the fact that he was constantly on the road, traveling with Ruyter, rubbishes the accounts that he was undergoing constant physiotherapy sessions. The fan who talked to Hanneman said he enjoying this extended break and he looks a little tired of the corporate world in which the Slayer existed in for many years now.

The fan also claimed that Jeff is happy with life at the minute. Being the writer of Slayers biggest and most played songs, he receives a cheque every month which allows him to get by "Just Fine".

The future of Slayer, now down to 50% is very uncertain

βασικά, για όποιον θυμάται, πριν κυκλοφορήσουν το WPB ο Araya είχε κάνεια κάποιες δηλώσεις που έλεγε ότι δε θα υπάρχουμε για πάντα, μετά από αυτό το άλμπουμ θα δούμε τι θα γίνει με τη μπάντα κλπ.
Νομίζω και ο Hanneman στο ίδιο μήκος κινείται. Δείχνει να είναι κουρασμένος με όλες τις υποχρεώσεις κ τις συνεχείς κυκλοφορίες-περιοδείες.
Απλά ο φαλακρός θέλει να τη συνεχίσει τη μπαντα και δεν τον νοιάζει ακόμα κ αν μείνει μόνος του.

Αυτό όμως που μου τη δίνει αφάνταστα από τα παραπάνω δημοσιεύματα είναι αυτό:
"I don't have an update. I haven't seen Jeff in forever. He's always been a recluse, and he's even been more of a recluse since he's mot going on tour with us. But our manager talks to him from time to time and sees him in L.A. just randomly. But I'm far from L.A., so I'm not in that loop. But I guess he's just getting better."

Βρε ΠΑΠΑΡΑ χοντρέ, 30 χρόνια μαζί είστε. Ούτε φίλοι περιμένω να είστε, ούτε να λιώνετε κάθε βράδυ παρέα. Αλλά ένα γαμημένο τηλέφωνο δε μπορείς να σηκώσεις και περιμένεις από το μανατζερ σας να μάθεις πως πάει; Τι στο διάολο....


Χεστηκα αν ειναι φιλοι, αλλα αυτα τα "δεν εχω νεα, εχω να τον δω καιρο κτλ" ειναι απλα γελοια... Μας δουλευει ο χοντρος, δεν περιμενα τοσο αθλιες δηλωσεις...


Κλασσικοι Slayer...


...στις δηλώσεις8O...γιατί στην βασική τους αποστολή, κλασικές δισκάρες, τα σπάνε:):!:


To Show no Mercy στο repeat. Ξανα και ξανα και ξανα


E εντάξει... Το είδαμε γραμμένο κι αυτό... Κλασσική μπάντα οι Slayer...

Ο.Κ. Ναι... Εντάξει... Έγινε πές του...:lol:



Γιατι ρε γαμωτο, γιατι πεθαινουν ενας ενας ολοι οι ηρωες μας? Φτωχοτερη η μουσικη που αγαπαμε απο χτες... Εφυγε απο κοντα μας ενας απο τους καλυτερους και επιδραστικοτερους συνθετες του thrash και γενικα του ακραιου ηχου. Θα μεινει αθανατος μεσα απο τις δισκαρες των Slayer και μεσα απο τις αμετρητες κομματαρες που εγραψε και τα μοναδικα παραφωνα διεστραμμενα σολο του.

R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman...