5 agapimena sas Motley Crue tragoudia

O.K-an eiste fans sigoura einai poly perissotera apo pente alla as to kanoume ligo pio diskolo…

5)Looks that kill
4)Take me to the top
3)Shout at the devil
2)On with the show
1)Kickstart my heart

2.Too young to fall in love
3.Wild side
4.Looks that kill
5.If i die tomorrow…

1.too young to fall in love
3.if i die tomorrow
4.girls girls girls
5.shout at the devil

1.Same Ol’ Situation
2.If I Die Tommorow
3.Anarchy in the UK (πιανεται αυτο :?: )
5.You’re All I Need

Too young to fall in love
Bitter Pill
Don’t go away mad
Kickstart my heart

Κανένα όπως θα λεγε και ο bluezlick… :stuck_out_tongue:

1.Dr. Feelgood
2.Bitter Pill
3.Too Fast For Love
4.Sick Love Song
5.Girls Girls Girls

Dr. Feelgood
Kickstart my heart
Too fast for love
Live wire

ετσιιιιιιιιιιιι! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: