Adastreia - That Which Lies Within

Adastreia ? That Which Lies Within
Release Date: November 1st 2007

Symphonic/Atmospheric Heavy Metal with Operatic Female Vocals

"The anticipated debut album from Adastreia is just released. After the surprisingly good Emersi EP, the UK metal band releases an album that combines the freshness and energy of a new, upcoming band with professionalism and pure talent. 6 tracks and an intro; more than 50 minutes of mind-blowing music, will make you listen to the album again and again. The most interesting aspect for me is the progression in Alexandra?s voice. She really shows the so-called operatic singers how it?s done properly. Solid voice, strong vibrato and emotion are only few words to describe Alexandra?s singing through the whole album. My personal favorite is Towards the Absolute with some catchy and heavy music passages and the perfect switching from clean voice to full opera, pure orgasm. The Reach (that you can also hear in their Myspace) and It Remains are perfect for head banging. It Remains also contains some amazing guitar riffs and solo that many famous female fronted bands would be jealous of. A New Light has the best chorus in my opinion, it will certainly make you sing-along and the bridge will totally amaze you, Alexandra reaches some high notes there. The keys in all songs are so good; atmospheric, complex and some excellent piano parts. Also, the addition of the second guitar has make the sound of Adastreia much heavier. Everyone who likes bands of symphonic/atmospheric heavy metal should listen to Adastreia who have created their own distinct sound… Personally I?m amazed and overwhelmed by them and their releases and I?m 100% sure that they have a bright future ahead

Rating: 4.5/5"

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