Autumn - My New Time

  1. Satellites
  2. Closest Friends Conspire
  3. Blue Wine
  4. Angel Of Desire
  5. My New Time
  6. Communication On Opium
  7. Twisted And Turned
  8. Shadowmancer
  9. Forget To Remember (Sunday Mornings)
  10. State Of Mind
  11. Epilogue (What’s Done Is Done)

Αν σας αρέσουν female fronted ,πέρα από τις συνηθισμένες νεραιδένιες φωνές, straight to you face metal/rock με alternative k gothic stoixeia δώστε τους μια ευκαιρία

Στα 2 προηγούμενά τους αlbums είχαν και grunts (polla!) αλλά αυτό το καινούργιο είναι αρκετά πειραματικό

Sorry αλλά το edit με μισεί ξαφνικά

το review μου και μερικές photos:

Summer has ended which means its time for Autumn to come!
Dutch metal band Autumn with much energy and passion has chosen 11 amazing tracks to release their new album ?My New Time?

With a new member, Jerome Vrielink from Massive Assault, on bass and with fresh ideas Autumn has surprised us one more time. Free from the bounds of music genres Autumn combines, gothic, metal, rock, classic and others with the powerful and beautiful vocals of Nienke de Jong, also accompanied by Jens van der Valk. The opener of ?My New Time? is the rocky and fast Satellites, catchy chorus, great vocals (it will stuck to your mind). Second track continues in the same motive to be followed by Blue Wine, where strings make their appearance combined with beautiful keys. I?d say Blue Wine is pure Autumn and orgasmic. Nienke?s vocals are one more time powerful, beyond usual female vocals. Next tracks are the aerie Angel of Desire and the catchy/rocky/spacy My New Time (gentlemen!). Amazing rhythm, great keys, solid bass, heavy guitars, fast drums and the enchanting vocals of Nienke. Communication on Opium is a semi-calm, mysterious song followed by the fast and heavy Twisted and Turned which leaves its impact

Shadowmancer continues the heaviness, once again Nienke?s vocal abilities surprise me. The keys in this song are especially interesting
Time to get more emotional, time to Forget to Remember (Sunday Mornings), the song that attracted me immediately, so beautiful, so soothing. But the calm atmosphere won?t last much as State of Mind is probably the heaviest, faster, darkest song Autumn has ever created. There are no words to describe this song, just listen to it loud!

Last track is the most emotional, beautiful, melodic track of My New Time, Epilogue (What?s Done is Done) will make you teary-eyed

For me this is another masterpiece from Autumn, the band that is not afraid to change and bring all new ideas into life. Once again, Nienke impresses me with her GORGEOUS voice and talent and in this release the guys have given all of themselves and this is clear since every track has powerful riffs and the music is more seducing than ever


Δεν μπορώ να κάνω κάτι άλλο παρά να συμφωνήσω… Κ για να μην ξεχνιόμαστε: :wink:

καλο δισκακι,με αρκετη ποικιλια για το ειδος που παιζουνε,αλλα ολα τα λευτα ειναι το προηγουμενο τους Summer’s End (τι υμνος ειναι το The Coven!!!)!Απο τους καλυτερους δισκους με female singer.σβηνει ανετα πιο γνωστες μπαντες!ατμοσφαιρικο,heavy,progressive!!

Θα βγει και single απ αυτον τον δισκο, Satellites, και video
Παντως live ειναι ολα τα λεφτα, η φωνη της Nienke ειναι παρα πολυ δυνατη8)