Πωλουνται τα παρακατω απο την προσωπικη μου δισκοθηκη…Αν καποιος θελει κατι συναντηση η αυτο το Σαββατο κεντρο η ερχεται οποτε θελει και τα περνει απο εδω η στο παζαρι δισκων στο bat city σε 2 εβδομαδες…Οχι αντικαταβολες και ταχυδρομεια γενικα…

Accept Eat The Heat 5
Acid Acid 25
Airged Lamh One Eyed God 30
Alcatrazz No Parole From Rock n Roll 10
Anvil Metal On Metal 12
Arcane Destination Unknown 10
Aria Playing With Fire 17
Armored Saint Raising Fear 8
Artillery By Inheritance 15
Atlain Living In The Dark 20
Avalanche Pray For The Sinner 15
Bitches Sin Invaders 18
Blitz Do The Blitz 10
Bride Silence Is Madness 12
Candlemass Death Magic Doom + 7" 20
Chateaux Chained And Desperate 15
Crystal Viper Metal Nation 15
Damocles Damocles 12
Death SS In Death Of Steve Sylvester 25 picture disc/terror records
Dexter Ward Antarctic Dream 10
Dionysus Legend Of Darkness 25
Earthshaker Fugitive 7
Excalibur Fils Vengeur 10
Exxplorer Vengeance Rides an Angry Horse 9
Force Set Me Free 15
Forte Stranger Than Fiction 20 green colour
Genocode Nippon Black Sanctuary 10
Hades Resisting Success 14
Hammer Contract With Hell 14
Havoc The Grip 14
Heathendom Heathendom 10
Hocculta Back In The Dark 8
House Of Lords Sahara 5
Impelliteri Stand In Line 5
Invicta We Live For Heavy Metal 14
Iron Angel Hellish Crossfire 14
Iron Clad Lost In A Dream 9
Jag Panzer The Scourge Of Light 17 2lp coloured
Jezebelle Bad Attitude 10
Kate Bush The Dreaming 5
Krokus Metal Rendezvous 5
Lions Pride Breaking Out 20
Love Like Blood Sinister Dawn 13
Magnum Kimgdom Of Madness 7
Magnum The Eleventh Hour+Vintage Magnum 10 2lp
Mantas Winds Of Change 8
Marquis De Sade Marquis De Sade 10
Mass Take You Home 8
Master(Rus) Master 14
Metal For Muthas 2 compilation 9 Nwobhm
Metal Inferno Compilation 8 Nwobhm
Metallica Ride The Lightning 6 greek copy
Necromantia From The Past We Summon Thee 7" 25
Nightmare About To Explode 8
Northwinds Sleep With Evil 13
Obsession Marshall Law 10
Overdose Tight Action 15
Pacific Metal Project compilation 9
Paradise Lost As I Die 10 12"
Pariah Blaze Of Obscurity 15
Patriarch Prophecy 20
Phenomena II Dream Runner 3 greek copy
Powerlord The Awakening 45 Shark Records
Ratt Ratt Ep 7
Raven Rock Until You Drop 8
Raven All For One 8
Ritual Trials Of Torment 10 blue colour
Samain Vibrations Of Doom 10
Savage Steel Begins With A Nightmare 20
Scavenger Battlefields 18
Shellshock Screaming For Metal 13
Silver Mountain Roses And Champagne 4 greek copy
Spellcaster Under The Spell 12
Stairway Interregnum 13
Starship Its Not Enough 5 10"
Talas Talas 5
The Mission V 7 10"
The Mission Tower Of Strength 7 10"
The Mission III 7 12"
The Mission I 7 12"
Thorax Test Of Time 15 2lp
Unblessed The Devils Fifth 9 red colour
Vardis 100 M.P.H 10
Vendetta Brain Damage 14
While Heaven Wept Sorrow Of The Angels 13 red colour
Wrathchild America Climbing The Walls 7
Zuul Out Of Time 12

για trade με ενδιαφερουν τα συγκεκριμενα ΜΟΝΟ:

Tα 2 jesters march(οποιοδηποτε format)
Πρωτο secrecy(οποιοδηποτε format)
To salvage το μελωδικο γερμανικο cd
Vauxdvihl - To Dimension Logic cd

Oτι ειναι κοκκινο κρατημενο…