Best female guitarist

Sorry, my Greek isn’t good enough to make a whole thread in Greek. But I was wondering…who do you all think is the best female guitarist? Because I want to be, so I need to find out who to beat. Once I become the best female guitarist I’ll move on to best guitarist ever

but seriously, I don’t even know of many chick guitarists, especially in metal. But I’m sure there’s some.

Well if a chick can’t play guitar , she can always blow the guitarist.8)

So what happens if the chick can play guitar and the guy can’t? :slight_smile:

Then we can kill the chick…

Ah, now we know the real reason there aren’t any good girl guitarists… it’s a murder conspiracy!v=G7b-_YcACuQ&a=3h3GExKi2fg&playnext_from=ML

Ruyter Suys (nashville pussy)

inb4 “well if theres a guitar in the kitchen…”

As already mentioned killing can be the solution… In this case eliminating the highly ambitious threadstarter. Neither bones nor ghost remaining… :stuck_out_tongue:

Kelly Johnson (Girlschool)

Δισκοβόλε θηρίο τον Herman Munster έχεις avatar???

At least all these chicks you’ve mentioned are very good guitarists indeed… :wink:

όχι :stuck_out_tongue:

Α ok… Θα μ’εντυπωσίαζε πάντως μια τέτοια αναφορά… :stuck_out_tongue:

Laura Pleasants.Kylesa’s guitarist/vocalist.


Αυτό θα πόσταρα κι εγώ.

Michelle Meldrum (Phantom blue, Meldrum, Post Mortem, Wargod) RIP

κι επίσης κάτι από τον ποπ χώρο μιας και δεν διευκρινίζεται είδος, είναι η Orianthi
το βίντεο της μαζί με τον Vai!v=G7b-_YcACuQ&a=3h3GExKi2fg&playnext_from=ML

all the others i know have already been mentioned,sorry!

Jennifer Batten και τα μυαλα στα καγκελα!!!

Jan Kuehnemund \m/