Big Neon Glitter: Thursday 27/9 @ Closer Alternative Bar

[I]“And the walls get taller” - but it’s just the shadow of our own projection. It fluctuates.

It is, however, true, that neon glitter can help you work things out. Easy to apply, tempting to give in to, like sin. It doesn’t come off right away. Just like sin. But, anyway, you can do lots of things with it.

Combine it with tunes from the ever-expanding pool of post-punk, darkwave, and other related (or not) fabulous sounds, and you have it. “Sex from the hip at the crack of a whip”.

All that, on Thursday 27 September 2012.
At Closer Alternative Bar, Ippokratous 150, Athens.
“Drag me back” – a little before 23.00’. Or after. We’ll stay up all night anyway.

“It pushes onto you”…[/I]