Black Death Tapes για trade

Κάποιες κασσέτες όλες αυθεντικές για trade ή και πώληση. Τις ανταλάσσω και με cd.
Δίνω φωτογραφία για όποιον θέλει.

Ebola - Infernal revelation
Innsmouth- - The departure of Shub Niggurath
Bestial Summoning - Sodomistic rituals demo (Supermacy through… label)
Ascension - With burning tongues demo pro tape
Drowning The Light - An aligment of dead stars pro tape
Desolator - Eternal desolation
Slaughter - Nocturnal karnage pro tape
Vomitor - Devil’s poison pro tape (Hells headbangers)
Ysengrin - Archivum pro tape
Ysengrin - T.R.I.A.D.E pro tape
Goatlord - Sodomize the goat pro tape
Evoke - Forever bleeding
Embrace of Thorns - Atonement ritual pro tape
Pustulation - orgy of the dead pro tape
Goatfago/Baphomation split pro tape limited 120 copies
Swallowed - demo pro tape