British Summertime Festival - Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Motorhead

Black Sabbath will headline British Summertime Festival in July with a pretty damn impressive supporting cast.

The Metal Godfathers will play the huge event in Hyde Park on Friday July 4 with Soundgarden, Faith No More, Motorhead, Soulfly and many more also on the bill! Wow.

?The first time I came to London I didn?t have a pot to piss in and I spent the advance I got for the first album on a new pair of shoes and some Brut aftershave,? says Ozzy Osbourne. ?Returning almost 50 years on, we are doing a it better for ourselves so I may even splash out on some new aftershave before taking to the stage at Hyde Park, the most beautiful park in London that has opened its gates to so many legends in the past. We are beyond honoured to be allowed to put on a show and hope that the Royals will enjoy it!?

The full bill for the festival is as follows:

Great Oak Stage

Black Sabbath
Faith No More

The Barclaycard Theatre

Kobra and The Lotus
Broken Hands
The Bots

Village Hall

Bo Ningen
The Gravel Tones
Hang The Bastard

A Plastic Rose

Summer Stage
Rise To Remain
Blitz Kids
The Struts
The First


για τον μπεο αφου δεν παιζουν οι maiden.:roll:

οκ σοβαρα τωρα, ΑΟΥΑ.μονο αυτο και τιποτα αλλο.

Maiden θα ειναι Sonisphere εκεινη τη περιοδο :slight_smile:
Aπλα αρρωστο καλοκαιρι στο νησι, λεφτα ναχεις να βλεπεις/ακους.

Λάθος εβδομάδα διάλεξα να πάω διακοπές…

Απίστευτα κωλόφαρδοι οι Βρετανοί! Εμείς εδώ ιδρώνουμε να φέρουμε ένα μεγαλομεσαίο έστω όνομα και αυτοί εκεί έχουν πνιγεί στην κυριολεξία στα φεστιβάλ! Γαμώ το χάος μας γαμώ!

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α ρε πασοκαρα, τα καλύτερα λάιβ βλέπαμε ρεεεεεεε

Ω ρε φίλε, τι φεστιβαλάρα είναι αυτή ρε. Sabbath, FNM και Motorhead την ίδια μέρα.

Θέλω να πάω Λονδίνο :frowning:

(ξέπνοα)…ω Θε μου…