Cd apo 4 eurw ++ trade

4 eyrw
manowar-king of metal
manowar-triumph of steel
motley crue-theater of pain
iced earth-alive in athens(2cd)
in flames-soundtrack to your escape(digipack)
grave digger-heart of darkness
manowar-kings of metal
into another-st
seven witches-passage to the other side
ac dc-highway to hell
machine head-hellalive
megadeth-peace sells
heaven shall burn-deaf to our prayers
opeth-deliverance digipack

6 eyrw
onkel tom ange;ripper-ein straub bunter melodien
Vader ? The Beast-cd+dvd
spiritual beggars-on fire digipack
the elysian fields-suffering god almigthy/12 ablaze
dead congregation-graves of the archagels
monster magnet-superjudge
grave-back from the grave(2cd)

10 eyrw
iron maiden-best of the beast(2cd)
mayhem-de mysteries dom satanas
judas iscariot-under the black sun

into another ac dc onkel tom monster magnet spiritual beggars sold