Cd death grind black κ.α


5 ευρω το cd
στελνω με αντικαταβολη αν θελει καποιος

slayer reign in blood
slayer south of heaven
slayer god hates us all
slayer christ illusion
dead congregation graves of the archangels
deicide legion
cannibal corpse eaten back to life
cannibal corpse the wretched spawn
pestilence consuming impulse
mayhem deathcrush
mayhem de mysteriis dom sathanas
mayhem chimera
deeds of flesh reduced to ashes
kaamos kaamos
kaamos lucifer rising
morbid angel covenant
morbid angel heretic
vader the beast
phobia 22 random acts of violence
dying fetus destroy the oppossition
agoraphobic nosebleed agoraphobia
megadeth peace sells
megadeth rust in peace
megadeth countdown to extinction
megadeth the system has failed
nasum human 2.0
nasum shift
nile in their darkened shrines
nile annihilation of the wicked
misery index traitors
origin antithesis
total fucking destruction peace love and total fucking destruction
entombed clandestine
sayyadina fear gave us wings
coldworker rotting paradise
meshuggah catch 33
hypocrisy the arrival
sepultura roorback
in flames soundrack to your escape
machine head through the ashes of empires
machinehead hellalive
heaven shall burn deaf to our prayers με dvd
pantera vulgar display of power
lamb of god ashes of the wake
kreator enemy of god
opeth deliverance
opeth damnation


Σου έστειλα και σήμερα p.m. Δεν ξέρω αν τα είδες, επειδή και μένα δε μου τα βγάζει. Όποτε το δεις απάντησε μου. ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:

Και από μένα έχεις p.m

Παρέλαβα σήμερα τα CD σε άψογη κατάσταση. Ευχαριστώ για τη συναλλαγή.

Συστήνω το παληκάρι,άψογα όλα!:wink: