Cd k μερικα βινυλια

στο 5ευρο

Agoraphobic nosebleed-frozen corpse stuffed with
Agathocles-mincemania in bulgaria
At the gates-slaughter of the soul
Abscess-through the cracks of death
Autopsy-torn from the grave
Black Sabbath-vol 4
Black Sabbath -paranoid
Black Sabbath -never say die
Blind guardian-mr sandman
Brutal truth-goodbye cruel world
Corrosion of conformity-animosity
Darkthrone-total death
Dream theater- when dream and day unite
Dream theater -images and words
Dio-holy diver
Entombed-left hand path
Iron maiden-real dead one
King diamond-abigail
Napalm death-breed to breathe
Napalm death -words from exit wound
Nightfall-lesbian show
Nevermore-in memory
Pantera-cowboys from hell
Pig destroyer-38 counts of battery
Suicidal tendencies-join the army
Suicidal tendencies -Lights camera revolution
Solitude aeturnus-through the darkesthour/downfall 10
Tankard-disco destroyer
Tankard -Kings of beer
Venom-welcome to hell
Wasp-headless children
Warlock-burning the witches

Gauze-fuckheads/equalizing distort 12
Γκουλαγκ-πατα γερα 15
Stockyard stoics-resistance 10
Sugar-file under easy listening 12
Vice squad-no cause for concern 12
Despite everything-with my bear hands 7?? 5
Despite everything-in desperate times 7?? 5

δεκτες προσφορες -ανταλλαγες