Cd-lp-mc trade sell

kai trade
cd 4 eyrw
queensryche-operation mindcrime
heaven shall burn-deaf to our prayers
grave digger-heart of darkness
arch enemy-anthems of rebbelion
tristania-world of glass
6 eurw
decomposing serenity-please dont die yet
opeth-deliverance digi
nevermore-dead heart in a dead world
the elysian fields-suffering g.o.d/almighty
vader-the beast digi+dvd
dirty love-trashed
8 eyrw
the damned-phantasmagoria
shining-the darkroom sessions
angel witch-ressurection
cathedral-the carnival bizzare
mayhem-chimaira japan edition
10 eyrw
hellhammer-triumph of death(exofillo me to diavolo)

testament-souls of black-10

mc-original black metal tapes
infernal goat-promo 999-3
exterminate-demo reh.-3
Irmingot-support the underground-3