CD.LP.(ola ta eidh) Guns 'n' Roses, Motley Crue

-Appetite for Destruction
-G N’ R Lies
-Greatest Hits
-Use Your Illusion I (DVD)
gia times pm!!

-Τοο Fast for Love,
-Shout at the Devil,
-Theatre of Pain ,
-Girls, Girls, Girls,
-Motley Crue,
-Generation Swine,
-Saints of Los Angeles,
-Carnival of Sins Live(2 cd)
-Red, White & Crue(DVD+2 CD)
-Carnival of Sins (2 DVD)
-The Dirt:Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band(BOOK)

gia times pm!!

[COLOR=“Red”]lacuna coil[/COLOR]
[COLOR=“red”]linkin park[/COLOR]
-live in texas DVD
-hybrid theory
-meteora special edition cd+dvd
[COLOR=“red”]red hot chili peppers [/COLOR]
-live at slane castle dvd
-Synthetic Generation,
-Termination BLiss,
-Night Electric Night GOLD EDITION
[COLOR=“red”]Make a change kill yourself[/COLOR]
-make a change kill yourself
[COLOR=“red”]Meat slab [/COLOR]
slaughter of the human pig

[COLOR=“red”]Voivod [/COLOR]
-killing techonology
[COLOR=“red”]Lord crucifier [/COLOR]
-the focus of life
gia timh pm!