Cd + lp για πουλημα


BLACK HOLE – Land of Mystery DLP 18euro
MANILLA ROAD – Crystal Logic GREEN 18euro
TROUBLE – Live 1983 DLP WHITE 19
MANILLA ROAD – After Midnight Live ULTRA CLEAR 17euro
MANILLA ROAD – After Midnight Live 15euro
PAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE – Detaching from Satan 15euro
PAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE – Highway to Hell MLP 15euro
RAM – Lightbringer 14euro
RAZOR – Decibels GREEN 16euro
RAZOR – Violent Restitution SPLATTER 16euro
RITUAL – Valley of the Kings + 7" 14euro
SHIVA – Continuance ORANGE 18euro
SKULLVIEW – Metalkill the World 14euro
SLAUGHTER – Strappado 16euro
STEEL ASSASSIN – From the Vaults 15euro
TANKARD – Alcoholic Metal DLP 18
TANKARD – B-Day 14
TANKARD – Beast of Bourbon 14
TANKARD – Disco Destroyer COL 17
TANKARD – Kings of Beer COL 16
TANKARD – The Beauty and the Beer 14
TRUFFLE – If you really want 16
URCHIN – High Roller 15
CHARIOT – Behind the Wire 10
SPLIT HEAVEN – Psycho Samurai GREEN 10
VOLTAX – s/t RED 10
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT – Of Empires Forlorn DLP 16
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT – Sorrow of the Angels 15
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT – The Arcane Unearthed DLP 15


BATHORY The return cd sealed 9
BATHORY Twilight of… cd ORG 1ST PRESS 13
BATHORY Nordland 1 cd digi 8
MOTORHEAD 1916 Eeuro
HELLOWEEN Kepper II 5euro
HELLOWEEN Pink bubbles 5euro
HAMMERFALL Glory to the brave 5euro
CIRITH UNGOL Frost and fire / King of the dead cd one way recs 15euro
ACCEPT Restless and wild cd 5euro
BLACK SABBATH Live evil cd 6euro
SAVATAGE Poets and madmen cd 5euro
JUDAS PRIEST Priest live cd 5euro
JUDAS PRIEST Killing machine cd 5euro
JUDAS PRIEST Defenders of the faith cd 5euro
MANOWAR Warriors united on stages ofsteel DIGI LIVE 1987+2002 15EURO
VIRGIN STEELE Marraiage…II 10euro
WARLORD Rising out of the ashes cd 5euro
BATTLEROAR Same digi cd 10euro
WOTAN Carmina barbarica digi cd 10euro
CRYSTAL VIPER The cursee of… 10euro
MALTESE FALCON Metal rush cd 11euro
SEEL ASSASSIN From the vaults cd 7euro
ELIXIR Son of odin CD 12euro
MANILLA ROAD Out of the abyss/ Roadkill 2cd 14euro
SOLSTICE Lamentations cd 10euro
APOLLO RA Ra pariah cd 10euro
SLOUGH FEG Hardworlder cd 10euro