Heretic-dont turn your back/breaking point(original 1991 metal blade)30
omen-teeth of the hydra-8
sanctuary-into the mirror black-8
liege lord-master control-15
psychotic waltz-box set 2 album +dvd-18 eyrw
oliver magnum-st-8
viper-theatre of fate/soldiers of sunrise-15
toxodeath-demons black metal demons-7
mandatory-where they bleed-5
marilin manson-lest me forget 2cd-5
running wild-best of adrian-5
rage-execution guarranted-8(noise 1 press)
sepultura-beneath the remains-8(roadracer 1 press)
deep purple-slaves and masters-15
acid reign-moshkinstein-10
mind over four-st- 6
live skull-dont get any of you-8
manowar-battle hymns-10
motorhead-no remorse-10

oliver magnum live skull mind over four sold