Cd me thikes se aristi katastasi

ta cd einai se aristi katastasi pwlountai ola mazi exairetiki sillogi me cd diamantia kai oxi saboura pwlountai ola mazi se thikes case logic 350 eurw mono to cd tou rockstar apo tin omonimi tainia kanei 35 eurw den iparxei ellada :smiley:
arch enemy:doomsday machine+plus live mini dvd

rory gallagher:calling card

twisted sister:stay hungry

savatage:hall of the mountain king

gamma ray:land of the free

blind guardian:the bard song single 4 different versions,and there was silence 4 differnt versions

arch enemy:dead eyes se no future ep

dragonforce:inhuman rampage kai sonic firestorm

stratovarius:elements pt2

necromantia:scarlet evil

metallica:master of puppets,black album,isws i pios spania ekdosi tou kill em all i alliws METALLICA bay area trashers

manowar:hail to england,sigh of the hammer,triumph of steel,kings

of metal,hell on wheels double live dvd,warriors of the world,fighting

the world,battle hymns,louder than hell,sons of odin+bonus dvd
megadeth:rust in piece,youthanasia,peace sells…but who’s bying,so good so far so what

fates warning:awaken the guardian,x

axel rudi pell:nasty reputation

guns n roses:appetite for destruction,use your illusion 2

iron maiden:iron maiden,a matter of life and death+plus bonus

dvd,seventh son of a seventh son,piece of mind,powerslave,number of the

beast,brave new world,somewhere in time,the iron maiden tribute.

slayer:christ illusion

rhapsody:the dark secret,symphony of enchanted lands

rockstar:to soundtrack tis tainias den iparxei elada mono tou to cd kanei 35 eurw

motorhead:march or die,ace of spades,overkill

gary moore:gary moore+greg lake live

nightwish:highest hopes(best of),once

skid row:skid row


kreator:past life trauma(best of)

virgin steele:invictus,the house of atreus 1 kai 2

sarissa:master of sins

belart:cinema classics

alice cooper:trash

queensryche:operation mindcrime

battleroar:age of chaos

celtic frost:the best of celtic frost

def leppard:pyromania,on through the night

dio:look up to the wolves,intermission,dream evil,the last in line,sacret heart,holy diver

whitesnake:come and get it


destruction:mad buther,eternal devastation

girlschool:cant keep a good girl down

warlock:triumph and agony,true as steel

hamerfall:renegate ep,chapter v unbent umboned unbroken,threshold

helloween:keeper of the seven keys part 1


ozzy:down to earth

nile:Annhilation of the Wicked

oi thikes einai autes pou blepetai stis poto
mono oi thikes case logic kostizoun 25 eurw i mia ola ta cd einai se kalh katastasi