Cd trading

1.twisted sister-you cant stop rock n roll
2.judas priest-living after midnight (compilation)
3.led zeppelin-remasters
4.twisted sister-come out and play
5.dawn of dreams-amber
6.Rakoth-planeshift (digi)
7.nightwish-century child
8.necromantia-malice (promo)
9.dawn of dreams-fragments
10.iron maiden-brave new world
12.skyclad-folkemon (Digi)
13.grave digger-tunes of war
14.grave digger-excalibur
15.the equinox ov the gods-fruits and flowers(promo)
16.dreadful shadows-beyond the mage (2 cds)
17.iron maiden-killers
18.venom-at war with satan (remastered +8 bonus tracks)
19.iron maiden-a real dead one
20.blooding mask-all the colors of death (goth) oyster cult-some enchanted evening
22.journey-greatest hits
23.lynyrd skynyrd-the collection
24.metal mania(Compilation )
25.metal under?germany (Compilation)
26.saxon-best of
27.system of dawn-hypnotize(single)
28.thought industry-outer space?
29.death is just the beginning II (compilation)
32.sign of the hammer (2 Cds compilation of Hammerheart)
33.snowblind-the lord of my fate
34.slayer-undisputted Attitude
35.less than human-to breed true
39.bathory-Hellas Salutes the Vikings (METAL INVADER)
40.dream theater-images and words
41.Manowar-into glory ride
42.queensryche-rage for order
43.rotting Christ-a dead poem (2 cds)
45.slayer-divine intervention
46.megadeth-so far so good so what
47.cradle of filth-dusk and her embrace
48.Ozzy osbourne-diary of a mad man
49.Vader-Tha Darkest Age (live)
50.The Fallen-Front Towards Enemy
52.Night In Gales-Nailwork
53.Dio-(Inferno)The Last In Live (2 cds)
54.Salem-Creating Our Sins
55.Wisdom-Rain Dream
57.Insatanity-Divine Decomposition
58.Savage-Holy Wars
59.Lost In Misery-Carousel Of Memories
62.Haggard-Awaking The Gods (Live)
64.Wyvern-Back To The Ancient Rage
65.Desultory-Swallow The Snake
69.Cayne-Old Faded Pictures
70.Carrier Flux-In Waste
72.Carnal Forge-Firedemon
73.Master?s Hammer-Slagry
74.Sorrowful Winds-The Age Of Dreams

18/6/10 πλεον ισχυει η παρακατω λιστα:

judas priest-living after midnight (compilation)
led zeppelin-remasters
dawn of dreams-amber
Rakoth-planeshift (digi)
nightwish-century child
dawn of dreams-fragments
iron maiden-brave new world
grave digger-tunes of war
dreadful shadows-beyond the mage (2 cds)
iron maiden-a real dead one
blooding mask-all the colors of death (goth)
blue oyster cult-some enchanted evening
journey-greatest hits
lynyrd skynyrd-the collection
metal under?germany (Compilation)
saxon-best of
system of dawn-hypnotize(single)
thought industry-outer space?
death is just the beginning II (compilation)
sign of the hammer (2 Cds compilation of Hammerheart)
snowblind-the lord of my fate
slayer-undisputted Attitude
less than human-to breed true
bathory-Hellas Salutes the Vikings (METAL INVADER)
dream theater-images and words
Manowar-into glory ride
queensryche-rage for order
rotting Christ-a dead poem (2 cds)
queensryche-queen of the reich
slayer-divine intervention
cradle of filth-dusk and her embrace
Vader-Tha Darkest Age (live)
The Fallen-Front Towards Enemy
Night In Gales-Nailwork
Dio-(Inferno)The Last In Live (2 cds)
Salem-Creating Our Sins
Wisdom-Rain Dream
Insatanity-Divine Decomposition
Savage-Holy Wars
Lost In Misery-Carousel Of Memories
Haggard-Awaking The Gods (Live)
Wyvern-Back To The Ancient Rage
Desultory-Swallow The Snake
Cayne-Old Faded Pictures
Carrier Flux-In Waste
Carnal Forge-Firedemon
Master?s Hammer-Slagry
Sorrowful Winds-The Age Of Dreams
Aimoptysi-Searching The Myths Of The Past
Crimson Garden-The Dark Mother
Akhenaton-Divine Symphonies
Dark Messiah-Immortal Battlefield (demo cdr)
Diableria-Cupae Rosae
Even Song-Of Man?s First Disobedience
Artemisia - So legends tell
Guardians Of The Flame-Under A Savage Sky
The Bronx Casket Co- The Bronx Casket Co
Grave-Back From The Grave (2cds)
Dies Irae-Etherial
Mortuary Drape-Into The Catachthonium (UNIFORCE 03)
Phantom Lord-Evil?s Domain (promo)
Terra Tenebrae-Subconscious (promo)

efige to Samson-Survivors

Εδωσα και τα εξης:

Sorrowful Winds-The Age Of Dreams
Dio-(Inferno)The Last In Live (2 cds)

εδωσα και το Akhenaton - Divine Symphonies