cd kai trade
omen-teeth of the hydra-5
septic flesh-simerian daemons-5
dissection-the past is alive-15
dimmu borgir-spiritual black dimensions 3d digipack-7
emperor-in the nightside eclipse-8
manowar-fighting the world-5
cradle of filth-from the cradle to enslave-5
rotting christ-genesis
dimmu borgir-puritanical euphoric misanthropic-5
emperor-ix equilibrium-5
cradle of filth-bitter suites to succubi-5
cradle of filth-vempire-5
sentenced-north from here-7
sentenced-the funeral album-5
manowar-the hell of steel-5
manowar-hail to england-5
manowar triumph of steel-5

manowar-battle hymns-8