oso perissotera kaliteri timh

grave gigger-heart of darkness-5
sentenced-north from here-5
m.o.d-the rebel you love to hate-5
leaves eyes-lovelorn(digipack)-5
dissection-the past is alive(digipack)-15
shadow gallery-shadow gallery-12
dirty love-trashed-6(garage punk)
hellion-will not go quietly-5
cradle of filth-from the cradle to enslave-5
manowar-hail to england-5
sentenced-the funeral album(digipack)digi
manowar-fighting the world-5
cradle of filth-bitter suites of sucubi-5
manowar-the hell of steel-5
manowar-the triumph of steel-5
enthroned-tetra karcist(digipack)-7
stereo mcs-connected-4