Cds 3-5-7-9


Opeth - Ghost Reveries
El Caco - Viva
Bronx Casket Co - Sweet Home Transylvania
Bronx Casket Co - ST
Joy Division - 77-80
Evereve - Emania
Firebird - No3
Greece Attacks - The Next Assault
Mystic Circle - The Great Beast
Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows
Blue Oyster Cult - Best
Macbeth - Vanitas
Litany - Aphesis
Cradle Of Filth - Damnation And A Day
Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever
Lost Legacy - Gates Of Wrath
Skyclad - Live At Dynamo
Idlewild - The Remote Part
Resistace - Bang Your Fuckin Skull
Sisters Of Mercy - Vision Thing
Idlewild - Hope Is Important
Cannibal Corpse - Live Cannibalism
Fear Factory - Transgression
Chrome Division - Doomsday Rock n Roll
Distant Past - Extraordinary…
Distant Past - Alpha Dragons
Holy - Dragons - Judgement Day


Infidel - I Oathbreaker
Kingdom Of Sorrow - ST
Sin Of Kain - The End
Fintroll - Ur Jordens Djup
Roko - ST
System of A Down - Hypnotize
Metallica - St Anger
Averse Sefira - Advent Parallax
Bow Wow - Signal Fire
Iskald - Revelations
Degradead - Til Death Do Us Apart
Orakle - Tourments & Perdition
Poisonblack - Lust Strained Despair
Mithras - Behind The Shadows Lies Madness
Cradle Of Filth - Live Bait
Malevolent Creation - Conquering South America
Pain of Salvation - Be
Cruachan - The Morrigans Call
Cathedral - The VII Coming
System of A Down - Steal This Album
System of A Down - Mesmerize
Soulfly - Dark Ages
Necrophagia - Holocausto De La Morte
Borknagar - Epic
Starbreaker - ST
Kataklysm - In The Arms Of Devastation (CD+DVD)


Emperor - Emperor & Wrath Of The Tyrant (Limited Reissue BOX Mini LP)
Emperor - IX Equilibrium (Limited Reissue BOX Mini LP)
Emperor - Prometheus (Limited Reissue BOX Mini LP)

The Haunted - Dead Eye (Limited With DVD)
Cannibal Corpse - Vile (Reissue CD+DVD)
Spectre Dragon - Beyond Creation (DIGI)
The Crown - Possessed 13 (DIGI 2CD)
Naglfar - Harvest (Digi CD+DVD)
Morbid Angel - Heretic (2CD)
Limbonic Art - Legacy of Evil
Malevolent Creation - Doomsday X DIGI
Secrets Of The Moon - Antithesis DIGI


Satyricon - The Age Of Nero (Limited DIGI 2CD)
Darkthrone - The Cult Is Alive (First Press Limited BOX)
Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption (Limited Box)
My Dying Bride - A Line Of Deathless Kings (Limited Box)
Mayhem - Ordo Ad Chao (Limited Heavy Box)
Doomsword - ST

Τσαμπα πραμα:D

Τελος τα 3 Emperor Box και το Darkthrone!!

Up The Irons!!!

Ελα να φευγει το πραμα :smiley: