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2ton Predator - Boogie

Abaddon Incarnate - Nadir

Aborym - With No Human Intervention (Digipack + Video Bonus Track)

Abramis Brama - Nar Tystanaden Lagt Sig

Aghora - Aghora (Digipack)

Alias Eye - Field Of Names

Ancalagon - First Age

Archontes - Where Shadows Come To Life (With Bonus Track)

Artillery - Back

Ashes To Ashes - Cardinal VII

Aska - Avenger

Astarte - Sirens

Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights (EU Edition With Bonus Tracks)

Azrael - Dimension IV (Slipcase)

Azrael - Futuro

Azrael - Mafia

Azrael - Nava Por Navie

Behexen - Ritual Satanum

Benighted Lealms - Caliginouf Romantic Myth

Betty Goes A Go Go - Jetagelove

Big Jim - Hurricane (Mcd with Bonus)

Big Jim - Not A Part Of It

Big Jim - Waiting For The End (Digipack Mcd)

Bigelf - Closer To Doom

Bigelf - Money Machine

Black Rose - Explode

Blackout - Blackout (Mcd)

Blood Beyond The Sand - Baratro, Entity, Undead (Digipack)

Bloodshed - Inhabitants Of Dis (Digipack)

Bloodshed - Skullcrusher (Mcd - Digipack)

Book Of Hours - Art To The Blind

Breakpoint - None To Sell

Broke ‘n’ Blue - Northern Light

C.O.E. - Metal

Calvarium - The Skull Of Golgotha

Canaan - A Calling To Weakness (Digipack)

Canaan - Blue Fire

Carnal Lust - Whore Of Violence

Celesty - Legacy Of Hate

Centinex - Reflections

Chrome Shift - Ripples In Time

Classic Rage - All Rights Reserved

Consortium Project II - Continuum In Extremis (Slipcase)

consortium Project II - Continuum In Extremis

Crosscut - God Given Time

Crosscut - Nonesizefitsall (Shaped Digipack)

Crossover - Debauchery

Daemon - Eye For An Eye

Daemon - Seven Deadly Sins

Daemon - The Second Coming

Dark Sanctuary - Les Memoires Blessees

Deathchain - Deadmeat Disciples

Decapitated - The Negation (Limited Picture 12")

Decapitated - The Negation (Limited Slipcase with bonus)

December - Praying, Hoping, Nothing

December - The Lament Configuration

Defending The Faith - Radical Change

Deicide - Scars Of The Crucifix (Limited cd+dvd+poster)

Deicide - Scars Of The Crucifix (Limited Picture LP)

Deinonychus - Art Of Thought

Demon - Single Spaced Out Monkey (Digipack)

Demon - Spaced Out Monkey

Demon - The Plague (Lim. 2cd with remastered and original versions)

Demon Child - Shadow Cult

Demon Cleaner - Demon Cleaner

Demon Cleaner - The Freeflight

Diabolicum - The Dark Blood Rising (Digipack)

Dismal - Rubing Liquido (Digipack + Real Orchestra + New Version track)

Doc Holiday - A Better Road

Dongin’ Bullets - Soundtrack To The End OF The World (Mcd)

Dongin’ Bullets - World War Wide (Mcd)

Dozer - Call It Conspiracy

Dragonland - The Battle Of The Ivory Plains

Dream Weaver - Fantasy Revealed (Mcd)

Dungortheb - Intented To

Dying Fetus - Purification Through Violence

Easy Rider - Evilution (Digipack)

Easy Rider - Lord Of The Storm

Easy Rider - Perfecta Creation

Easy Rider - Regeneration (Digipack)

Elegy - Principles Of Pain

Emerald - Forces Of Doom

En Garde - Comedia De L’ Arte

Enid - Seelenspiengel (Digipack)

Ephel Duath - Phormula (Digipack + Unreleased Track)

Evidence - Truth From A Lie

Exciter - Better Live Than Dead

Exhumation - Seas Of Eternal Silence

Fatima Hill - Aion (Slipcase Cd)

Fatima Hill - Valhalla (Remastered Version + Chinese Lyrics included)

Five Fifteen - Death Of A Clown

Five Fifteen - My Oh My (Mcd - Digipack)

Five Fifteen - Six Dimensions Of The Electric Camebert (Extended Version)

Flesh Divine - Necropolis

Fleurety - Last Minute Lies

Forgotten Silence - Thots

Freebase - My Life, My Rules

Freebase - Nothing To Regret

Gallows Pole - Excorcism

Godblood - Those Funeral Times

Gospel Of Thorns - A Call To Arms

Greenleaf - Evolution Rock

Grim Force - Circulation To Conclusion

Hallowed - Forgotten People

Hamlet - Hamlet (Digipack)

Hate Forest - The Most Ancient Ones

Highlord - Medusa’s Coil

Hin Onde - Songs Of Battle

Holy Mother - My World War

Hourglass S.O.E. - Journey To Infinity (Poster pack + bonus demo tracks)

Hypnotic Face - The End Of Sanity

Illdisposed - Four Depressive Seasons

Illdisposed - Kokaiinum

Illdisposed - Retro

Illdisposed - Return From Tomorrow

Illdisposed - Submit

Illnath - Cast Into Fields

In Solitude - Opus Universe

Infernal Torment - Man’s True Nature (New Artwork)

Into Eternity - Dead Or Dreaming

Into Eternity - Into Eternity

Invocator - Dying To Live

Invocator - Early Years

James Murphy (Obituary) - Feeding The Machine (Digipack - Guests from Ozzy/Death/Sadus/Testament)

Kabbal - Synthetically Revived

Katatonia - Brave Yester Days (Limited Double Digipack Edition)

King’s Evil - Deletion Of Humanize

Koldborn - First Enslavement

Konkhra - Come Down Cold

Konkhra - The Freakshow Ep

Konkhra - Live Eraser

Konkhra - Reality Check

Konkhra - Sexual Affective Disorder

Konkhra - Spit Or Swallow (Plus Bonus “The Facelift Ep”)

Lafordova - Circus Of The Damned

Last Laugh - Meet Us Where We Are Today

Lilitu - The Earth Gods (Digipack)

Loaded - Dark Days (Guns ‘n’ Roses - Digipack)

Locomotive Breath - Heavy Machinery (Slipcase)

Lost In Tears - Dialogue With Mirror And God

Lotus - Complete Fruitage (Remastered with 8 Bonus and Unreleased Tracks)

Lotus - Quartet Conspiracy (Thin Lizzy’s guitarist)

Love History - Anasazi (With Bonus Tracks)

Lucifer Was - In Anadi’s Bower

Lucifer Was - Underground And Beyond

Lux Occulta - The Mother And The Enemy

Machine Men - Machine Men (Mcd)

Mago De Oz - 1st Album

Mago De Oz - Finis Terra (Limited Double Digipack Edition)

Mago De Oz - Jesus De Chamberi

Mago De Oz - La Leyenda De La Mancha

Mago De Oz - Mago De Oz

Malevolence - Martyrialised

Manes - Vilosophe (Digipack)

Manipulated Slaves - Burst Into Blue Flame

Manipulated Slaves - The Legendary Black Jade

Manny Charton Band - Stokin’ (Nazareth’s Guitarist)

Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids - White Trash (Slipcase)

Mayhem - Freezing Moon / The Meads Of Asphodel - Jihad (Split)

MB87 - Noctilucent Threnody

Medication - EP (Slipcase)

Medication - Prince Valium (Digipack)

Meldrum - Loaded Mental Cannon

Metalium - DVD Metalian Attack Live (Rare With Bonus Cd)

Metalium - VHS Metalian Attack Live (Rare with Bonus Cd)

Mississippi Sludge - Biscuits & Slavery

Morning Beloveth - Dust

Mortuary Drape - Buried In Time

Moxy - V

Mp - Bursting Out

Naer Mataron - Up From The Ashes

Narcotic Greed - Twicet Of Fate

Necrosphere - Revived

Negative Reaction - Endofyorerror

Negative Reaction / Ramesses - Split

Negura Bunget - 'N Crucu Bradului (Rare Box Edition)

Neotruth - 3242 Short Infinity

Nitzinger - Going Back To Texas (Alice Cooper’s guitarist + bonus tracks)

Noctumbre - Embraced By The Dark

Nocturnal Winds - Of Art And Suffering

Nordream - Memories Progression

Nothing - The Grey Subaudible

Nozzle - Winter (With Bonus Tracks)

Odes Of Ecstacy - Deceitful Melody

On Thorns I Lay - Angeldust

Orodruin - Epicurean Mass

Overcome - Immortal Until Their Work Is Done

Perversity - In The Garment Of Lust (With Re-recorded Song)

Pinkostar - Solar Girl Mcd

Pinkostar - The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (Digipack with UV)

Pinkostar - Too Many Scars Mcd

Pleurisy - Experience The Sacriledge

Qoph - Kalejdoskopiska Aktiviteter

Rain - Bigditch 4707

Rain Fell Within - Believe (Mcd)

Rakoth - Jabberworks (Digipack)

Rakoth - Planetshift (Digipack)

Regicide - Viorus (Slipcase)

Regnant And Thrall - Sex Polizei

Requiem - Arrival

Ridge - A Countrydelic And Fuzzed Experience In A Colombian Supremo

Ritual Spirit - Ritual Spirit

Rya - Personal Cosmos (Digipack)

Sacramental Sachem - Anxiety (Mcd)

Scavenger - Devil’s Dinner

Schandmaul - Hexenkessel Live (Digipack DVD + Cd)

Schandmaul - Hexenkessel Live Cd

Schandmaul - Narrenkonig (Digipack)

Schandmaul - Von Spitzbuben Und Anderen Halunken (Digipack)

Schandmaul - Wahre Helden

Shadow Season - The Frozen (Mcd - Guests from Emperor/Zyklon/Gehenna/Forlorn)

Shjuan - Whatever Lot’s Above

Sigma - Win Or Lose (Digipack)

Skyclad - Another Fine Mess

Skyclad - Tracks From The Wilderness

Skyfire - Spectral

Sonic Debris - Velvet Thorns

Soulless - Agony’s Lament

Southern Rock Allstars - Crazy Again

Southern Rock Allstars - Danger Road

Specter - Images Of The Innocent

Spurgo - Pop Leibel’s Guitar Wall

Stefan Jurgens - Langsstrecken (Digipack)

Stigmhate - Satisfied By The Cruelty

Suit Yourself - Eldorado Sunrise Mcd

Suit Yourself - It’s A Shame (Single - Digipack)

Suit Yourself - Parka

Suit Yourself - Rockola

Suit Yourself - Summer Sun (Single)

Swan Christy - Black Is The White Colour

Swan Christy - Black Is The White Colour (With Bonus Track)

Symmetry - Watching The Unseen

Taetre - Out Of Emotional Disorder

Taetre - The Art (Digipack)

Tell Your Mother - I Like You

Tell Your Mother - Just Sitting Here (Single - Digipack)

Tenebre - Grim Ride

Tenebre - XIII

Terror Squad - The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin

The Elysian Fields - 12 Ablaze

The Embraced - The Birth

The Meads Of Asphodel

The Regulators - Above The Law (Slipcase)

The Sick - And The Hell With It

Thee Maldoror Kollective - New Era Viral Order (Digipack)

This Empty Flow - Nowafter (Digipack)

Thorium - Ocean Of Blasphemy

Thorium - Unleashing The Demons

Throes Of Dawn - Quicksilver Clouds

Tierra Santa - Legendario

Tierra Santa - Medieval (Digipack)

Tierra Santa - Sangre De Reyes (Digipack)

Tierra Santa - Tierras De Legenda (Digipack)

Tierra Santa - VHS Cuando La Tierra (Rare With Bonus cd)

Tvangeste - Damnation Of Regiomontum

Ulver - Nattens Madrigal / The Madrigal Of The Night

V. A. - A Tribute To Grand Funk Railroad

V. A. - A Tribute To Parris Philip Lynnot (2cd - Double cd Box)

V. A. - Better Undead Than Alive (2cd)

V. A. - Metal Ostentation II

V. A. - Molten Universe Volume Two

Vagh - Sands Of Time

Valinor’s Tree - And Then There Is Silence

Veil Of Sorrow - Dark Rivers Of The Heart

Vick Lecar - Blue Moon

Void Of Silence - Criteria Ov 666 (Digipack)

Voodooshock - Voodooshock

Wall Of Sleep - Overlook The All Mcd

Wolfcry - Power Within

Wolverine - Fervent Dream (Digipack Rare remastered + bonus)

Wolverine - Fervent Dream (Promo Digipack Rare remastered + bonus) 45 promotional copies

Wolverine - The Window Purpose (Super Jewel Pack)

Wykked Wytch - Angelic Vengeance

Zanister - Fear No Man

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