Cds aor/hard rock/heavy metal/classic rock

220 Volt - Eye to Eye

91 suite - 91 suite

Alias - alias

Aidean - Promises

Arcangel - Arcangel

Arrows - Best of arrows

Aldo nova - aldo nova

Aldo Nova - twich

Aldo nova - subject

Agent - agent

Agent - evidence

Alien - Alien

Alien - Best & Rare

Alien - Crash

Asia - Asia

Asia - Alpha

Asia - Astra

Asia - Aria

Asia - Aqua

Asia - Then & Now

Andy Taylor - Thunder

Artch - Another Return

Airplay - airplay

Animotion - animotion

Animotion - strange behavior

Axe - Five

Angelos perlepes mystery - mystery

Aerosmith- nine lives

Aerosmith- pump

Axel rudi pell - eternal prisoner

Alex rudi pell - oceans of time

Axel rudi pell - Kings & queens

Accept - metal heart

Accept - restless and wild

Andy rock - into the night

Alice Cooper - constrictor

Alice Cooper - Trash

Alcatrazz- dangerous games

Angra - angels cry

Bad English - bad English

Bad English - backlash

Bite the bullet - bite the bullet

Boston - Boston

Boston - Don’t look back

Boston - Third Stage

Boston - greatest hits

Booker T & The mgs- best of

Blue oyster cult - blue oyster cult

Blue oyster cult - some enchanted evening

Blue oyster cult- on your feet on your knees

Bon Jovi - crossroads

Bon Jovi - blaze of glory

Bon Jovi - crush

Bon Jovi - have a nice day

Bon Jovi - keep the faith

Blackeyed Susan - electric rattlebone

Bonfire - don’t touch the light

BB King/Eric Clapton - riding with the king

Brighton rock - take a deep breath

Badlands - badlands

Badlands - voodoo highway

Blondie - parallel lines

Blind guardian - follow the blind

Blind guardian - tales from the twilight world

Black Sabbath - the sabbath stone

Black Sabbath - seventh star

Black Sabbath - best 2cd

Blackmore’s night - under a violent moon

Bryan Adams - Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams - you want it,you got it

Bryan Adams - cuts like a knife

Bryan Adams - reckless

Bryan Adams - into the fire

Bryan Adams - walking up the neighbors

Bad company - run with the pack

Bad company - fame and fortune

Bad company - dangerous age

Bad company - here comes trouble

Bruce Dickinson - tattooed millionaire

Baltimoore - there’s no danger on the roof

Benjamin Orr - the lace

Bestie boys - licenses to ill

Black n Blue - black n blue

Black n blue - without love

Bai bang - cop to con

Blue Tears - blue tears

Bryan Ferry - ultimate collection

Bloodgood - escape from the fire

Balance - balance

Brian McDonald group - desperate business

Benny Mardones - Benny mardones

BB Steal - on the edge

Blackfoot - siogo

Blackfoot Rick medlocke - Rick medlocke

Blackfoot - strikes

Blackfoot - marauder

Bounce the ocean - bounce the ocean

B.J. Thomas - midnight minute

Beau Coup - born & raised on rock n roll

Beau Geste - another night in the city

Bryan Hughes group - break the rules

Boys club - boys club

Brett walker - nevertheless

Bernie Labarge - bargin’ in

Blue Blud - The big noise japan

Bridge 2 far - bridge 2 far

Cannata - Images of forever

Charlie - Charlie

Chicago - 16

Chicago - 17

Chicago - 18

Chicago - 19

Chicago - 21

Cinderella - Night songs

Cinderella - Long cold winter

Cinderella - once upon a… best

Crown of thorns - crown of thorns

Creedence Clearwater revival - creedence county

Celine dion - colour of my love

Change of heart - truth of dare

Change of heart - change of heart

Crystal blue - caught in the game

Casanova - Casanova

Cock Robin - cock robin

China sky - China sky

China - China

Climb - Take A Chance (Japan)

Caravan - in the land of grey and pink

Cats in boots - kicked n klawed

Cydonia - cydonia

Camel - the snow goose

Corey Hart - bang

Corey Hart - young man running

Corey Hart - fields of fire

Corey Hart - boy in the box

Contraband - contraband

Cradle Of Filth - the principle of evil made flesh

Cradle Of Filth - Midian

Cradle Of Filth - cruelty and the beast

Cradle Of Filth - dusk and her embrace

Cradle Of Filth - vampire of dark fairytales

Cacumen - cacumen

Cat Stevens - The very best of

Dire straits - on every street

Dio - sacred heart

Dream theater- images and words

Dream theater - a change of season

David Coverdale - into the light

Dalton - the race is on

Dalton - injection

Domain - before the storm

De mont - body language

Dokken - tooth and nail

Dokken - breaking the chains

Dire straits- sultan of swing best

Danger Danger - revolve

Deep purple - fireball

Deep purple - machine head

Deep purple- salves and masters

Deep purple - anthology 2cd

Deep purple - come taste the band

Deep purple - made in Europe

Deep purple - stormbringer

Deep purple - smoke on the water best

Deep purple - who do we think we are

Dominoe- the key

David Foster - David foster

David hallyday - Rock n heart

Diamond head - am i evil

Def Leppard - pyromania

Def Leppard - adrenalize

Def Leppard - slang

Def Leppard - x

Dennis DeYoung - Boomchild

Don Johnson - Heartbeat

Don Johnson - Let it roll

Dan Lucas - Canada

Donny osmond - Donny osmond

Donny osmond - eyes don’t lie

Diving for pearls - diving for pearls

Da Vinci - Da Vinci

Da Vinci - Back in business

Don Henley - building the perfect beast

David pack - anywhere you go

David Cassidy - David Cassidy

Eric Martin - Eric Martin

Eric Martin - I’m only fooling myself

Erika - Cold winter night

Erika - in the arms of a stranger

Eye Eye - common ground

Evenrude - one size fits all

Eyes - Eyes (soto)

Europe - wings of tomorrow

Europe - Europe

Europe - prisoners in paradise

Europe - 1982/1992 best

Edguy - vain glory opera

Edguy - savage poetry

Eloy - Dawn

Eloy - Eloy

Eloy - silent cries and mighty echoes

Eloy - Floating

Eloy - Power and the passion

Eloy - metromania

Eloy - colours

Eloy - ocean

Eloy - inside

Eddie Floyd - greatest hits

Extreme - extreme

Extreme - pornograffitti

Eddie money - can’t hold back

Eagles - hotel California

Fair warning - go

Fair warning - rainmaker

Fate - a matter of attitude

Firehouse - hold your fire

Falconer - chapters from a vale forlorn

Fifth angel - time will tell

Fleetwood Mac - rumours

Foreigner - unusual heat

Foreigner - inside information

Foreigner - agent provocateur

Fighter - Bang the drum

Frontline - The state of rock

Frontline - Heroes japan

Fahrenheit - talking ‘bout love

Franke & the knockouts - makin’ the point

From the fire - thirty days and dirty nights

Gary Hughes - Gary Hughes

Gary Hughes - strength of heart

Giuffria - Giuffria

Giuffria - silk & steel

Glenn Medeiros - nothing gonna change my love for you

Glenn Medeiros - not me

Glenn Medeiros - Glenn medeiros

Glenn Medeiros - it’s alright to love

Glass tiger - the thin red line

Glass tiger - diamond sun

Glass tiger - simple mission

Great White - hooked

G3 - satriani,Vai,malmsteen

G3 - satriani,vai,Johnson

Gary Moore - still got the blues

Gary Moore - out in the fields best

Gotthard - dial hard

Gotthard - gotthard

Gotthard - open

GTS - tracks from the dust shelf

Gunshy - mayday

Gregg Rollie - Gringo

Guns N’ Roses - appetite for destruction

Gamma Ray - land of the free

Glory - 2 forgive is 2 forget

Guardian - fire and love

Giant - time to burn

Garbo Talks - Garbo talks

Glen Burtnick - heroes or zeros

HEAT - Heat

HEAT - freedom rock

HEAT - address the nation

Hurricane - over the edge

Heavy Bones - Heavy Bones

House Of Lords - House Of Lords

Heart - bad animals

Heart - heart

Heart - brigade

Heartland - 3

Heartland - bridge of fools

Hardreams - the road goes on

Him - deep shadows and brilliant highlights

Helloween - master of the rings

Helloween - pink bubbles go ape

Helloween - walls of Jericho

Helloween - better than raw

Harlot - room a view

Hammerfall - glory to the brave

Hammerfall - legacy of Kings

Hammerfall - renegade

Hammerfall - crimson thunder

Harlan cage - double medication Tuesday

Harlan cage - Harlan cage

Harem Scarem - mood swings

Harem Scarem - the early days

Honeymoon suite - honeymoon suite

Honeymoon suite - the big prize

Honeymoon suite - racing after midnight

Honeymoon suite - monsters under the bed

Haywire - bad boys

Haywire - don’t just stand there

Heartland - heartland

Heartland - wide open

Ice Tiger - Love N Crime

I Ten - talking a cold look

Icon - night of the crime

Intruder - dangerous nights

Inxs- Mercury

Insania - world of ice

Eric Clapton - the cream of Clapton

Iron Maiden - killers

Iron Maiden - piece of mind

Iron Maiden - seventh son

Iron Maiden - a real live one

Iron Maiden - X Factor

Iron Maiden - Virtual XI

Impellitteri - impellitteri

Impellitteri - stand in line

Icehouse - measure for measures

Icehouse - man of colours

Iced earth - iced earth

Jon Butcher Axis - along the axis

John cougar mellencamp - scarecrow

Jude Cole - start the car

Jude Cole - a View from 3rd street

Jude Cole - Jude Cole

Jetboy - feel the shake

John fogerty - blue ridge rangers

Jet Red - jet red

Jeff healey band - hell to pay

Joe satriani - surfing with the alien

John Farnham - chain reaction

John Farnham - age of reason

John Farnham - whispering jack

John norum - face the truth

Joe Lynn Turner/akira kajihama - fire without flame

Jaded heart - jaded heart

Jaded heart - mystery eyes

Jaded heart - slaves and masters

Judas Priest - painkiller

Jim Capaldi - some come running

Jethro Tull - stand up

Jethro Tull - benefit

Jethro Tull - a passion play

Joshua - intense defense

Jennifer Rush - heart over mind

Jennifer Rush - wings of desire

Jennifer Rush - Jennifer Rush

Jennifer Rush - passion

Jennifer Rush - out of my hands

Jim Jidhed - Jim

John Cody - ripped jeans

Jay graydon - AirPlay for the planet

Joe Pasquale - prey

Joe Pasquale - Riccochet

John warren - take me back

John warren - private motion

John warren - one heart

Journey - escape

Journey - Raised on radio

Journey - frontier

John Waite - ignition

John Waite - no brakes

John Waite - rover’s return

Jeff Paris - wired up

Jeff Paris - lucky this time

Jean Beauvoir - drums along the Mohawk

Jimmy Barnes - bodyswerve

Jimmy Barnes - for the working class man

Jimmy Barnes - freight train heart

Jimmy Barnes - two fires

Jimmy Barnes - soul deep

Karate kid 3 - karate kid 3

Kurt Howell - Kurt Howell

Keven Jordan - keven Jordan

Kane Roberts - Kane Roberts japan

Kane Roberts - saints and sinners

Kenny Maclean - don’t look back

Kiss - destroyer

Kiss - lick it up

Kiss - animalize

Keel - keel

Kingdom come - kingdom come

Kingdom come - In your face

King crimson - in the court of the crimson king

Kee marcello - shine on

Kuni- looking for action

Lenny Kravitz - 5

Led Zeppelin- physical graffiti

Les zeppelin- Led Zeppelin

Line up - lucky one

Lillian axe - Lillian axe

Lou gramm - ready or not

Lou gramm - long hard look

Lynyrd Skynyrd- first and last

Lizzy Borden - menace to society

Lionheart- hot tonight

Loverboy - Loverboy

Loverboy - get lucky

Loverboy - keep it up

Loverboy - lovin’ every minute of it

Loverboy - wildside

LA Guns - la guns japan 1st

LA guns- cocked and loaded

LA guns - Hollywood vampires

Lee Aaron - some girls do

Lita Ford - the best of lita Ford

Le Roux - so fired up


MSG - Save Yourself

Mark Free - Long way from love

Metropolis - the power of the night

Motörhead - No remorse

Manowar - fighting the world

Manowar - battle hymns

Manowar - into glory ride

Manowar - sign of the hammer

Manowar - hail to England

Marcello Vestry - Marcello Vestry

Moody Blues - days of future passed

Megadeth- so far,so good,so what

Megadeth - the world needs a hero

Malmsteen - marching out japan alternative cover

Malmsteen - war to end all wars

Malmsteen- unleash the fury

Malmsteen - attack

Malmsteen - Magnum opus

Malmsteen- perpetual flame

Malmsteen - inspiration

Misha calvin- evolution

Metallica- Bay Area thrashers

Marchello - Destiny

Narnia - awakening (japan)

Michael Bormann - different

Michael Bormann - capture the moment

Michael Bormann - conspiracy

Michael Bormann - Michael Bormann

Michael Jackson - dangerous

Modern Talking - the 1st album

Modern Talking - let’s talk about love

Modern Talking - ready for romance

Modern Talking - I’m the middle of nowhere

Molly hatchet - the deed is done

Mr.Big - lean into it

Michael O’Brien -Michael O’brien

Michael morales - Michael morales

Michael morales - thumb

Modesty - pieces of modesty

Mystic healer - mystic healer

Night Ranger - Dawn patrol

Night Ranger - midnight madness

Night Ranger - big life

Night Ranger - 7 wishes

Night Ranger - man in motion

Nocturnal rites - tales of mystery and imaginations

Nocturnal rites - in a time of blood and fire

Nocturnal rites - the sacred talisman

No credit - Interrelated

Nirvana - incesticise

Norway - arrival

Only child - only child

Outrider - no way out

Ozzy - bark at the moon

Ozzy - blizzard of ozz

Ozzy - no more tears

Ozzy - the ultimate sin

Outside edge - running hot

Outside edge - more edge

Pretty boy Floyd - leather boyz with electric toyz

Places of power - now is the hour

Pretty maids - future world

Pretty maids - red hot and heavy

Pink Floyd - animals

Pink Floyd - the division bell

Pink Floyd - wish you were here

Planet 3 - music from the planet

Phil Collins - face value

Paul Laine - Stick it in your ear

Phenomena - Phenomena

Phenomena - Dream Runner

Pete Sandberg - back in business

Pink cream 69 - pink cream 69

Pink cream 69 - one size fits all

Prophet - cycle of the moon

Paul Janz - high strung

Paul Janz - electricity

Paul Janz - renegade romantic

Paul Janz - trust

Preview - Preview

Peo - look what I’ve started

Paradox - paradox (Canada)

Passion street - million miles away

Paris Black - Paris Black

Q5 - Steel the light

Queensryche - Queensryche

Queensryche - the warning

Queensryche - operation mindcrime

Queen - greatest hits

Running Wild - pile of skulls

Rick Price - a heaven knows

Robbie Valentine - the magic infinity

Restless heart - fast movin train

Riot - the privilege of power

Riot - thundersteel

Roger Hodgson- in the eye of the storm

Rush - A farewell to kings

Rush - hemisphere

Rush - moving pictures

Romeo’s daughter- romeos daughter

Rainbow - Ritchie’s Blackmore rainbow

Rainbow - on stage

Rainbow - long live rock n roll

Rainbow - stranger in us all

Rainbow - best of

Red Fun - red fun

Return - V

Return - attitudes

Return - straight down the line

Rob rock - race of creation

Rhapsody - legendary tales

Rhapsody - symphony of enchanted lands

Rhapsody - dawn of victory

Rick Springfield - Rock of life

Rick Springfield - Hard to hold

Rick Springfield - living in oz

Rick Springfield - Tao

Rick Springfield - Success hasn’t spoiled me yet

Rick Springfield - working class dog

Running Wild -gates to purgatory

Running wild - pile of skulls

Running wild - the first years of piracy

Rory Gallagher - edge in blue

Rory Gallagher - blueprint

Rory Gallagher- tattoo

Rory Gallagher - photo finish

Rory Gallagher - calling card

Rory Gallagher - top priority

Richard Marx - repeat offender

Roxette - look sharp

Roxette - joyride

Roulette - better late than never

Russ Taff - Medals

Russ Taff - Russ Taff

Russ Taff - the way home

Robby valentine - Robby valentine

Roxx Gang - things you’ve never done before

Roko - Roko

Seven - Inside Love

Saints & sinners - saints & sinners

Shotgun messiah - Shotgun messiah

Shadow king - shadow king

Skagarack - Skagarack

skagarack - hungry for a game

Skagarack - A slice of heaven

Stranger - No rules

Santers - discography japan box

Steve Thomson - Steve Thomson

Steve Thomson - everyone loves a winner

Shard Island - law of the order

Shooting star - it’s not over

Starship - no protection

Starship - love among the cannibals

Starship - knee deep in the hoopla

Say - hearts still beats

Swedish Erotica - Swedish erotica japan

Sinergy - beware the heavens

Scorpions - savage amusement

Scorpions - world wide live

Scorpions - crazy world

Savatage - power of the night

Savatage - dead winter dead

Savatage - edge of thorns

Steve Perry - street talk

Savoy Brown - shake down

Soul asylum - grave dancers union

Silent rage - don’t touch me there

Silent rage - silent rage

Stevie Ray Vaughan - in step

Stevie Ray Vaughan - soul to soul

Stan Bush & Barrage - s/t

Stan bush - every beat of my heart

Stan bush - dial 818 888-8638

Skid row - slave to the grind

Skid row - subhuman race

Stage dolls - stripped

Stage dolls - stage dolls

Stranger - pretty angels

Stun Leer - stun leer

Saraya - when the blackbird sings

Snakes in paradise - snakes in paradise

Snakes in paradise - garden of eden

Slaughter- stick it to ya

Subway - light of the night

Shy - welcome to the madhouse japan

Shy - misspent youth

Stryper - to hell with the devil

Stryper - soldier under command

Stryper - against the law

Stryper - in god we trust

Seventh key - seventh key

Steeler - steeler (malmsteen)

Sheriff - sheriff

Skylark - dragons secrets

Skylark - gates of heaven

Skylark - gates of hell

Steve Stevens - atomic playboys

Satriani Johnson vai - g3 live in concert

Saga - security of illusion

Saga - heads or tales

Saga - worlds apart

Saga - behavior

Stratovarius - twilight time

Southern Sons - southern sons

Southern Sons - nothing but the truth

Tindrum - drums of war

Torben Schmidt - a bit on the side

Toss n turn - freestyle

TNT - Tell no tales

TNT - Intuition (japan)

Thunder - backstreet symphony

Therion - vovin

Twisted sister - under the blade

Twisted sister - stay hungry

Twisted sister - you can’t stop rock n roll

Tim feehan - full contact

Tim Feehan - Tim Feehan

Talisman - Talisman

Tall Stories - Tall stories

The brave - battle cries

Tangier - four winds

Tesla - the great radio controversy

Tesla - mechanical resonance

Thin Lizzy - jailbreak

Thin lizzy - Johnny the Fox

Thin lizzy - live and dangerous

Treat - scratch and bite japan 1st

Treat - dreamhunter

treat - Organized crime

Tokyo Blade - ain’t misbehavin’

Truth - Jump

Talk of the town - talk of the town

The storm - the storm

The storm - eye of the storm

Tour de force - world on fire

Tommy Shaw - Ambition

Tommy Tysper - young and rocking crazy

Time gallery - time gallery

Tony Liddle - heart’s desire

Touch - touch (complete works i&ii japan)

Ten - ten

Ten - the name of the rose

The works - from out of nowhere

Tone Norum - one of a kind

Tobruk - pleasure n pain

Triumph - never surrender

Triumph - the sports of kings

Total stranger - total stranger

Taylor Dayne - tell it to my heart

Unruly child - unruly child

Urgent - thinking out loud

UFO - lights out

UFO - phenomenon

Uli Jon Roth- transcendental dental sky guitar

Valentine - Valentine (1990)

Virgin Steele - life among the ruins

Virgin Steele - house of Atreus act 1

Virgin Steele - house of Atreus act 2

Van Halen - 1984

Van Halen - 5150

Van Halen - best of both worlds 2cd

Vixen - Vixen

Vixen - rev it up

Viper - Theatre of fate japan

Viper - soldiers of sunrise japan

Vinnie vincent - all systems go

Voodoo X - the awakening vol. 1

Warrant - dirty rotten filthy stinking rich

Warrant - Cherry pie

Winger - pull

Warlord - deliver us

Warlord - rising out of the ashes

White lion - fight to survive

White lion - best of

What if - what if Japan

Wilson Pickett - best of

Willie Nelson - best of

Witness - witness

Whitesnake- slide it in

Whitesnake - starkers in Tokyo unplugged

Where widdow - silhouette

White widdow - crossfire

White widdow- serenade

Westwood - Westwood

Wasp - dying for the world

Worrall - Worrall

Walk on fire - blind faith

Wild rose - half past midnight

Y&T - Contagious

Y&T - Ten

ZAR - live your life forever

ZZ TOP - greatest hits

ZZ TOP - Fandango

ZZ TOP - Eliminator

ZZ TOP - El loco

Zinatra - Zinatra

Zinatra - The great escape

Zeno - zenology

Zappacosta - over 60 minutes with…

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poso kostizei to ena cd η 25 cd mazi ?

poso to kostos tou enos ?

Kαλημερα .

Ενδαφερομαι για αρκετα απο τα παραπανω cd
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Καλησπέρα στείλε μου πμ

Μπορώ να εχω τη λιστα με τις τιμες απο αυτα που εχουν μεινει?