Cds for sale metal / thrash /death /nwobhm /rock

Καλησπέρα και καλή χρονιά σε όλους.
Τα παρακάτω cds είναι για πούλημα μιας και θέλω να αδειάσω τον χώρο που τα έχω. Είναι όλα καινούργια από παλιές και νέες διανομές που είχα (είναι από 1 εως 10 κόπιες το καθένα)
Η τιμή του κάθε cd είναι 8 Ευρω + 6 ευρω αντικαταβολή. για παραπάνω από 6 cd η αντικαταβολή είναι free. Δυστυχώς λόγω μη διαθέσιμου χρόνου η χέρι με χέρι συνάντηση δεν είναι εφικτή.

Artist Album Name
Vice human Escape
Stress Live n Memory
Death Heaven Viral Apocalypse
Shock Troopers S/t
Ground Control Insanity
Furious Barking Theory of Diversity
Hatework The Actual Worst has come
Delirium X Iremens Crehated from no thing
Amon Ra In the company of gods
Daggers edge s/t
Timeless Hall S/t
Daktal The chosen
Sabbat Dissembody
Joe Hasselvander Road Kill/Lady Killer
Massacre Tyrants of Death
Deviser Seasons of Darkness
Guisepe Silvestri La Rosa Del Deserto
John B Row
Burning Saviours s/t
Paradoxx Plan of Attak
Jaguar Power Games
Manilla Road Voyager
Witchunter Crystal Demons
Spitfire Time & Eternity
Bloody thirsty demons Let the War begin
Burning Saviours Nymphs & weavers
Athlos Hellenic Myths of Gods and Heroes
Metalucifer Heavy metal drill
Metalucifer Heavy metal Bulldozer
Joe Hasselvander The hounds of Hasselvander
Reflection The fire still burns
Rivera/Bomma Invisible Force
San Michaels s/t
San Michaels Nattag
Magnolia Falska Vagar
Abramis Brama Smakar Sondag
Graveyard S/t
Colossus and the rift of the pandimensional?
Predatory Violence Hate Nation
nihilated Scortched Earth Policy
Agatus The Weaving Fates
Renegade The narrow Way
Sabbat The Dweling
Black Rose The anthology
Twister Sister Club Daze Volume I
Superchrist Headbanger
Afterdeath Retronomicon
from Beyond sounds of the Grave
Abramis Brama nothing changes
watchtower demonstration in chaos
Shark island s/t
sideburn the demon dance
the graviators s/t
Oblivious Goos and masters
Dragonslayer s/t
Zions abyss tales
Calvario IXΘΥΕ
Blind Legion the lost tapes
Dreamhunter S/t
Strana Officina the faith
Clockrock Boys Arquivo Vol1
Winterhawn There and back again
watchtower Energetic Dissasembly
Stombringer don?t think obey
airged lamh ode to salvation
skanners the serial healer
skanners pictures of war
skanners dirty armada
vortex drink bat blood
bruce dickinson screm for me brazil
ritual widow
ritual valley of the kings
zoser mez vizier of wasteland
highway killer lost metal tales
released anger faces of fate
assedium rise of the warlords
sacred blood the battle of thermopylae
litany aphesis
mercy underground
mercy victory march
ezy meat not for wimps
brerzerker blood of the warriors
cross metal from above
ef band live at the mudd club
windfall adamantia
charlie ungry chester road album
warrior warrior (nwobhm essex band)
chain reaction all over the world
dealer bootlegged
dealer first strike

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