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Rainbow ? Ritchie Blackmore?s Rainbow(5)
Rainbow ? Rising(5)
Rainbow ? On Stage(5)
Rainbow ? Long Live Rock ?N? Roll(5)
Rainbow ? Down To earth(5)
Rainbow - Difficult To Cure(5)
Rainbow ? Straight Between The eyes(5)
Rainbow ? Bent out Of Shape(5) x2
Rainbow ? Straight Between The Eyes (First Press (15))
Rainbow - Long Live Rock ?N? Roll (First Press (15))
Rainbow ? Bent Out Of Shape(First Press(15))
Yngwie J. Malmsteen ? Marching Out (Japan (15)) with OBI
Yngwie J. Malmsteen ? Odyssey(5)
Europe ? The Final Countdown(5)
Bon Jovi ? Bon Jovi(7)
Bon Jovi ? Fahrenheit(7) X2
Bon Jovi ? Slippery When Wet(7)
Bon Jovi - New Jersey(7)
Bon Jovi ? Keep The Faith(7)
Bon Jovi ? Slippery When Wet (First Press(10))
Motley Crue ? Too Fast For Love(7)
Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil(7)
Motley Crue ? Theatre Of Pain(7)
Motley Crue ? Girls,Girls,Girls(7)
Deep Purple ? In Rock(5)
Deep Purple ? Machine Head(5)
Deep Purple ? Fireball(5)
Deep Purple- Made In Japan(5)
Deep Purple ? Who Do We Thing We Are(5)
Deep Purple ? Perfect Strangers(5)
House Of Lords ? House Of Lords(10)
Stratovarius ? Visions(7)
Pink Floyd ? Wish You Were Here(5)
Pink Floyd ? The Dark Side Of The Moon(5)
Stevie Ray Vaughan ? Texas Flood(5)
Stevie Ray Vaughan ? Couldn?t Stand The Weather (5) X2
Stevie Ray Vaughan ? In step(5)
Twisted Sister ? Stay Hungry(5)
Blue Oyster Cult ? Secret Treaties(5)
Blue Oyster Cult ? Agents Of Fortune(5)
Riot ? Privilege Of Power(10) x2
Avantasia ? The Metal Opera Part I (7)
Avantasia ? The Metal Opera Part II (7)
Paradox ? Collision Course(5)
Iron Maiden ? Iron Maiden(5)
Iron Maiden ? Killers(5)
Iron Maiden ? The Number Of The Beast(5)
Iron Maiden ? Piece Of Mind(5)
Iron Maiden ? Powerslave(5) x2
Iron Maiden ? Live After Death(5) x2
Iron Maiden ? Somewhere In Time(5)
Iron Maiden ? No Prayer Of The Dying(5) x2
Iron Maiden ? Fear Of The Dark(5)
Iron Maiden ? A Real Live/Dead One(5) x2
Gamma Ray ? Land Of The Free(7) X2
Van Halen ? Best Of(7)
Diamond Head ? Death And Progress(10)
Iron Maiden ? Edward The Great(5)
Queensryche ? Operation Mindcrime(5)
Dio ? Diamonds(Best)(5)
Ozzy ? Bark At The Moon(5)
Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla(5)
Judas Priest - Turbo(5)
Judas Priest ? Point Of Entry(5)
Judas Priest ? British Steele(5)
Judas Priest ? Sin After Sin(5)
Judas Priest ? Stained Class(5)
Judas Priest ? Ram It Down(5)
Running Wild ? Masquerade(8 ) X2
Running Wild ? Black Hand Inn(8 )
Running Wild ? Pile Of Skulls(8 )
Running Wild - Blazon Stone(8 )

Accept ? Metal Heart(5)
Scorpions ? Animal Magnetism(5)
Scorpions ? Deadly Sting(5)
Scorpions ? Best Of Rockers And Ballads(5)
Tempest ? Tempest(5)
The Cure ? Collection(5)
Bob Seger ? The Fire Inside(5)
Rare Earth ? Ma(5)