Hogcaller - predestined for hell (cybergore)
Granulocytic Blastoma - moments of tarsotomy (goregrind)
Foul Stench - eternal rot (death metal)
Animals Killing People - human hunting season (death/grind)
Tumour - goreaholic (goregrind)
Grotesque Formation - basement decompositions (brutal death metal)
Vomitous - surgical abominations of disfigurement (swedish brutal death metal)
Pustulated - haematoma ( US brutal death/grind)
Absemia - Morbopraxis ( chaotic brutal death metal)

-Dancing With The Dead
-Nothing Remains The Same

-Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666
-Razorblade Romance,
-Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights
-Love Metal,
-Venus Doom,
-And Love Said No: The Greatest Hits 1997-2004,
-Uneasy Listening Vol. 1,
-Uneasy Listening Vol. 2
-Love Metal Archives Vol.1(DVD)


-Portrait of an American Family,
-Antichrist Superstar,
-rock is dead,
-the nobodies,
-tainted love,
-remix and repent,
-this is the new shit,
-the dope show,
-fear of a satanic planet,
-the beautiful people,
-Guns god and goverment world tour(DVD),
-birth of the antichrist(DVD),
-demystifying the devil(DVD)
-lest we forget(CD+DVD)


-Τοο Fast for Love,
-Shout at the Devil,
-Theatre of Pain ,
-Girls, Girls, Girls,
-Motley Crue,
-Generation Swine,
-Saints of Los Angeles,
-Carnival of Sins Live(2 cd)
-Red, White & Crue(DVD+2 CD)
-Carnival of Sins (2 DVD)
-The Dirt:Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band(BOOK)

lacuna coil

linkin park
-live in texas DVD
-hybrid theory
-meteora special edition cd+dvd

red hot chili peppers
-live at slane castle dvd


-Synthetic Generation,
-Termination BLiss,
-Night Electric Night GOLD EDITION

Make a change kill yourself
-make a change kill yourself

Meat slab
slaughter of the human pig

Guns ‘n’ Roses

-Appetite for Destruction
-G N’ R Lies
-Greatest Hits
-Use Your Illusion I (DVD)


  • terrorizer world downfall L
    -neaera Medium
    -fear factoty archetype Medium
    -pungent stench forgot your soul for me your flesh XL
    -nasum XL
    -napalm death hatred surge M
    -hatebreed S
    -autopsy M
    -discharge M
    -mayhem ordo ad chao M(GUNAIKEIO)
    -autopsy L
    gunaikeio Tshirt
    2 gunaikeia t shirts Medium
    -1 gunaikeio bluzaki