Πωλουνται τα εξης cds

Jethro Tull 1.This was 2.Stand Up 3.Benefit 4.Aqualung 5.Living in the past 6.a passion play 7.War child 8. Minstrel in the Gallery 9.Heavy horses 10.Stormwatch 11.A 12.The broadsword and the beast 13.Under wraps 14.A classic case 14.Crest of knave 15.Rock island 16.Catfish rising 17.Roots to branches 18.Nightcap (2cd) 19.J-tull dot com 20.Christmas album 21.Songs from the woods

Dream Theater 1.Falling into Infinity 2.Metropolis pt2 3.Six degrees of inner turbulence (2cd) 4.Train of thought 5.Systematic chaos 6. Images and words

DIO 1.Sacred heart 2.Dream evil 3.Lock up the wolves

Nevermore 1.Dead heart in a dead world

Dimmu Borgir 1.Old mans child

In the woods 1.Heart of the ages

Deep Purple 1.The book of Taliesyn 2.Deep Purple 3.Deep Purple in Rock 4.Come taste the band 5.Purpendicular 6.Rapture of the Deep

Scorpions 1.Pure Instinct

Iced Earth 1.Days of Purgatory ( 2cd) 2.Horror show 3.The glorious burden 4.Framming Armageddon 5.The crucible of man 6.Iced earth

Queensryche 1.Empire

ZZ top 1.First album 2.Rio grande mud 3.Tres hombres 4.Eliminator

Uriah heep 1.Firefly 2.Return to fantasy 3.very easy

Rhapsody 1.Symphony of encahnted lands

Rage 1.Lingua mortis

Veni domine 1.Spiritual wasteland

Heavens gate 1.M energy

Heir apparent 1.Graceful inheritance

Holocaust 1.The nightcomers

As divine grace 1.Supremature

Bon Jovi 1.Keep the faith 2.Slippery when wet 3.The circle 4.Lost highway 5.Have a nice day 6.This left feels right (2cd) 7.Crush 8.Its my life 9.Bounce 10.these days

Grip inc. 1.Incorporated

Angra 1.Fireworks 2.Temple of shadows

Candlemass 1.From the 13th sun

Solitude Aeuturnus 1.Adagio

Gojira 1.The way of all flesh

Kiss 1.Sonic Boom 2.Dynasty

Opeth 1.Deliverance 2.Blackwater park

White Lion 1.Return of the pride 2.Remembering white lion 3.Mane attraction 4.Big game

Van Halen 1.Van halen 2.Van Halen 2 3.5150

Eric Clapton 1.Eric Clapton

Blackmores night 1.Shadow of the moon

Primal Fear 1.Jaws of death

Crimson Glory 1.Astronomica

Savatage 1.Fight for the rock 2.Streets

Judas Priest 1.Screaming for vengeance 2.Defenders of the faith 3.Demolition 4.Killng machine 5.stained class

Manowar 1.Warriors of the world 2.Warriors of the world single 3.The triumph of steel 4.Kings of metal 5.Fighting the world 6.louder than hell 7.Hell on wheels (2cd) 8.Hell on stage (2 cd) 9.Gods of war 10.Sons of Odin

Haggard 1.And thou shalt trust the seer 2.Tales of ithiria 3.Eppiur si muove 4.Awakening the centuries

Iron maiden 1.A matter of life and death

Domine 1.Dragonlord

Grave digger 1.Excalibur

Virgin Steele 1.The house of atreus act I

Blind Guardian 1.A twist in the myth 2.A night at the opera 3.Tales from the forgotten world

Rory gallagher 1.Irish tour 2.Live in Europe

Stratovarius 1.Twilight time

Bruce Dickinson 1.Balls to Picasso 2.Accident of birth 3.Tyrrany of souls 4.Skunkworks

θα απαντησω το βραδυ στα μνμτα! συγνωμη απλα κατι ετυχε στην δουλεια και θα αργησω να παω σπιτι :slight_smile: ευχαριστω!