the misfits-static age-4
dead kennedys-plastic surgery diasasters\in god we trust-5
dead kennedies-give me convinience or give me death-4
fuckemos-can kill you-5
pink fairies-neverland-4
monster magnet-superjudge-4 panzortos24 hot panagis1
monster magnet-dopes to infinity-4
the cramps-off the bone-5
the doors-strange days-4
iggy pop-blah blah blah-4
iggy pop-lust for life-4
iggy pop-soldier-2{απο εφημεριδα}
bob marley and the wailers-catch a fire-4
bob marley-exodus-4
mudhoney-superfuzz bigmuff plus early singles-5
count five-psychotic reaction-5
corrosion of comformity-america’s volume dealer-4
the damned-damned damned damned-4
the damned-damned but not forgotten-4
the immortal lee county killers-these bones will rise to love you again-4
iron butterfly-in a gadda da vida-4
tom waits-rain dogs-4
ratm-ratm-3{κολλαει λιγο}
janes addiction-nothing shocking-3{κολλαει λιγο}
faith no more-the real thing-4
the stooges-the stooges-4
nightstalker-just a burn-4
ramones-rocket to russia-4
ramones-all the stuff and more vol.1-4
sisters of mercy-first and last and always-4
sex pistols-kiss this-4
frijid pink-frijid pink-4
gogol bordello-gypsy punks-4
massive attack-blue lines-4
social distortion-social distortion-5
mother love bone-mother love bone{2cd}-6
supersuckers-la mano cornuda-4
suicidal tendencies-join the army-4
peter tosh-legalise it-4
peter tosh-wanted dread and alive-4
echo and the bunnymen-crocodiles-4
primus-pork soda-4
janes addiction-ritual de lo habitual-4
butthole surfers-electric larryland-4
black diamond heavies-a touch of someone else’s class-4
dead kennedies-fresh fruits for rotting vegetables{2cd}-8
neil young-on the beach-4
the stooges-the weirdness-4
the doors-live in new york disc2-5
tom waits-franks wild years-4

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