Check 6 songs from SixStringNoise soon to be released debut album

Θα ήθελα να σας ενημερώσω ότι 6 απο τα 10 τραγούδια του πρώτου μου άλμπουμ “Snowing Bullets while Kissing the Ground” έχουν ανέβει στο internet.Μπορείτε να τα ακούσετε στις εξής διευθύνσεις:

ΒΙΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΟ. SixStringNoise or 6StringNoise if you prefer it that way formed in the year 2010!Hi,my name is Markos SixStringNoise and it’s all about many ideas locked inside me for years now and with this band i am looking forward to make a small dream come true and listen to these ideas as a final result! Generally is a Hard Heavy Rock band with prog and new rock elements!No live gigs at the moment and trying to release my music through internet,self financed or from an independent label.It has to do just with music and hell yeah…I love it;)
ΜΕΛΗ. SixStringNoise
ΕΠΙΡΡΟΕΣ. S.O.A.D.,Paradise lost,Muse,Alice in Chains,Anathema,Breaking Benjamin,Shinedown…god knows how this stuff can be combined!:slight_smile:
Συμμετοχές σε άλλες μπάντες: Hostal Handshake,Lost Meanings,The Omologuns
Thanks for the support,keep in touch!!!

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