The Greek 69 Eyes fanclub “LoSt BoYs” presents:

?Children of the Night- & the 69 legends?
a horrific summertime night ? SUNDAY JUNE 12TH @ UNDERWORLD CLUB

An official 69 EYES event (VIRGIN/EMI), supported and in collaboration with the Greek fanclubs of : Alice Cooper, KISS (ARMY GR), Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver (, Greek Turbojugend + fans of : Misfits & Marilyn Manson Greece.

-4 Dj sets of blood ?n glam-from Dusk till Dawn:

-Izzy (Lost Boys)
-Crucify (Lost Boys)
-DeSadeness team ?Dj Nefilim, Dj FatherDamien (Death Disco)
-Turbojugend Greece team

-Official release event for more than 6 brand new albums of the genre (details will follow):

*Billy Idol- Devil?s Playground
*Turbonegro- Party Animals (first broadcast)
*Alkaline Trio- Crimson
*Wednesday 13- Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying and the Dead.
*Private Line- 1-800-Out-Of-Nowhere (single)
*NIN- With Teeth

-Sexxxy sleaze dancers on stage

-On big screen : Vampire, horror cult flicks by ?The Crypt? + ?The Lost Boys? 1987 & “Rocky Horror Picture Show” + projections of more than 3 hours of rare clips

-Hundreds of official merch gifts and giveaways (posters, stickers, tshirts, cds etc.) COME EARLY!: Crashdiet (UNIVERSAL), Marilyn Manson (UNIVERSAL), 69 EYES (Virgin/EMI), LORDI (Sony BMG), Billy Idol (V2), Private Line (Bad Habits), WIG WAM (Sony BMG) and lots more…

Uniting all :Undead, shock rockers, immortals, vampires, freaks, recently diseased, horror punks, ghouls, goths, psychobillies, glam boys & spooky kids.

With the ever-killing sounds of: gothic rock, proto punk, death rock, horror punk, industrial rock, glam rock, shock rock, rock ?n roll, psychobilly.

*Starring, the filth and sleaze of:

The 69 EYES, Turbonegro, KISS, WASP, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Lordi, Danzig, The Mission, Sisters of Mercy, Wednesday 13, Murderdolls, AFI, Guns N Roses, Hardcore Superstar, The Cult, Brides of Destruction, Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Private Line, The Cramps, Bauhaus, The Damned, siouxsie and the banshees, Pretty Boy Floyd, Malice Mizer, Frankenstein, Twisted Sister, The Cure, Killing Joke, Deathstars, Fields of the Nephilim, London After Midnight, Christian Death, Rosetta Stone, The Lords of the New Church, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Rob Zombie, Ramones, Lacrimas Profundere, Dead Boys, Elusive,The Hellacopters, Jack of Jill, My Ruin, The Glitterati, Motorhead, Mortiis, Nine Inch Nails, Cathedral, Rammstein, Trashlight Vision, The Undead, Shadow Reichenstein, Skinny Puppy, The Wildhearts, Zeraphine, Oomph!, Horrorpops, Nekromantix, Alkaline Trio, My Chemical Romance, Dope Stars Inc., .

Dress code: Black, gothic, vampire, punk, zombie, witch, sleaze, poser, freak.

As ghoul as it gets?
…Be there for the scare!

Supported by : THE 69 EYES, LORDI, CRASHDIET, Private Line, Universal Music, Playground-Bad Habits, Virgin/EMI, V2 Records,, KISS ARMY Europe, The Crypt,,,,, DarkSide, Relax Comics.

UNDERWORLD- Themistokleous & Gamveta 5
Time of Death: 22:00
Entrance: 9 euros with drink