Classic Rock / Hard Rock VINYL OFFERS

Όλοι οι δίσκοι παίζουν πολύ καλά.
Για οποιαδήποτε ερώτηση με πμ.

[SIZE=3]Πρώτο πακέτο, 30 βινύλια Classic Rock = 150 ευρώ[/SIZE]

AC/DC If You Want Blood 50532 VG VG+
Aerosmith Greatest Hits 460703-1 VG+ VG+
Axe Offering SD 38-148 VG+ EX
Axe Living On The Edge MCA-3224 VG VG+
Bad Company Desolation Angels SS 8506 EX VG
Bad Company Rough Diamonds SSK 59419 EX VG+
Black Crowes Jealous Again [Maxi] DEFA 412 NM- EX
Cheetah Rock & Roll Women EPC 85522 NM- NM-
Chicago Chicago’s Greatest Hits 69187 VG+ EX
Cinderella Long Cold Winter 834 612-1 EX VG+
Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are TPSA 7508 VG+ VG
Deep Purple Deepest Purple / The Very Best Of 14C 062-63928 VG VG
Gary Moore Still Got The Blues VG 50493 VG VG+
Jethro Tull Broadsword 6399 343 VG+ VG+
Jethro Tull Crest Of A Knave 832 829-1 EX VG+
Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door 59410 VG+ VG+
Lucifer’s Friend Good Time Warrior 6.00E-159 VG+ EX+
Lucifer’s Friend Mean Machine 0 VG+ NM
Lucifer’s Friend I’m Just A Rock’n’Roll Singer BG-1008 VG+ VG+
Only Child Only Child R1 70835 VG VG+
Rainbow Down To Earth PD-1-622 VG+ VG+
Robert Plant Now And Zen 790 863-1, NM- NM
Saga Heads Or Tales PRT 25740 VG+ VG+
Status Quo Blue For You 6360 128 VG+ VG
Strapps Strapps SHSP 4055 VG+ VG+
Styx Paradise Theatre AMLK 63719 VG+ VG+
T. Rex Greatest Hits SHM 953 VG VG+
Touch Touch ARL 5036 VG VG
Various Heavy Duty FA 4131231 VG+ VG+
Whitesnake Come An’ Get It 14C 062-83134 VG VG+

[SIZE=3]Δεύτερο πακέτο, 30 βινύλια Hard Rock = 150 ευρώ[/SIZE]

Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid 4684161 VG VG+
Autograph Loud And Clear NL90430, EX+ VG
Awful Truth The Awful Truth ZORRO 3 EX EX
Black Sabbath The Eternal Idol 832 708-1 VG VG+
Black Sabbath Born Again 814 271-1 VG VG
Forgodsake Blasthead BLEED 3 EX VG
Gun Gallus VG VG+
Joe Satriani Big Bad Moon [Maxi] 12 YUM 118 VG+ EX
Judas Priest Stained Class CBS 32075 VG+ VG
Kingdom Come In Your Face 839 192-1 VG+ EX+
Kingdom Come Kingdom Come 835 368-1 VG+ M
Krokus The Blitz VG 60003 EX+ NM
Krokus Hardware AL 9556 VG+ EX
Living Colour Type LCL GT7 EX EX
Living Colour Time’s Up 46 69201 NM NM-
Loudness Lightning Strikes 7 90512-1 VG VG
Michael Lee Firkins Michael Lee Firkins RR 9399 1 VG+ VG
Quireboys Bitter Sweet & Twisted PCSD 120, 0777 7 98797 1 7 VG+ EX
Raven Stay Hard 781241-1 VG VG+
Raven Architect Of Fear SPV 008 - 76281 NM VG+
Raven Heads Up 60-76391 VG EX
Samson Survivors THBL 001 VG VG
Samson Before The Storm 2383 654 VG VG
Samson Featuring Bruce Dickinson Head Tactics 24 0580 1 VG+ VG+
Skid Row Skid Row 781 936-1 VG VG+
Stryper To Hell With The Devil PJAS-73237 EX M
Tokyo Blade No Remorse AP0089 001-1 VG EX+
Triumph Never Surrender RCALP 6067 VG+ VG+
Tygers Of Pan Tang The Cage MCA-5381 VG VG
Vow Wow Cyclone ERLP 50 VG VG+

[SIZE=4]Όλα μαζι, 60 βινύλια = 250 ευρώ[/SIZE]