CRIMSON GLORY Reunion, Remasters, DVD + New ALbum

CRIMSON GLORY members Jon Drenning (guitar), Jeff Lords (bass) and Ben Jackson (guitar) have finally reunited with their original singer Midnight, following the massive demand from their loyal fanbase around the globe and are ready to take on the world.

Now that CRIMSON GLORY are back, metal fans all around the world can rejoice, as there is a wealth of material that the band will release through Greece’s Black Lotus Records ? on this ? the band’s 20th anniversary.

Firstly the remasters:

The much revered eponymous debut album of CRIMSON GLORY will be expanded ? remastered and have a new title. “Lost Reflections” will not only feature new artwork, new and previously unseen band photos, lyrics and new liner notes but also the added bonus of the previously unreleased songs ? “Love Me - Kill Me” and “Dream Dancer”, which was originally only found on the Par cassette release of the album and on some hard to find singles, a new video for the song “Lost Refection” and a band interview about the first CD, shedding light on how this magnificent opus was crafted.

Apart from the debut, an upgraded version of the band’s defining masterpiece “Transcendence” will be released ? subtitled “Transcendence: Renovatio”, featuring new cover art, unpublished band photos, lyrics and new liner notes, new mastering, demo versions of two songs as bonuses, a new video for the song “Painted Skies” and a band interview about the second CD.

Later in this year and beyond:

There are plans for a DVD with the tentative title “Phantoms of the Opera”. Also an “Astronomica” redux newly recorded, with Midnight at the helm, a collection with many rare and previously unreleased songs and last but certainly NOT least the band’s BRAND NEW album in mid-2007.

Ναί, δεν το περίμενε κανείς :smiley:
Γουστάρω τα remastered. Οι αρχικές κόπιες δεν είχαν και τον καλύτερο ήχο. Plus το Bonus υλικό.

Άλλος για reunion??? Seps maybe???