Crowpath ? Severed Saviour ? Terminal Function

CROWPATH new album One With Filth
The gargantuan, destruction causing demolition crew known as CROWPATH is ready to unleash it’s third full length of serrated rusty death metal in ‘One With Filth’. Recounting the story of one of Swedwns most notorious serial killers, who also happened to be a police officer who was investigating his own crimes. ‘One With The Filth’ is a concept album for the truly disturbed.

Listen here : crowpath

SEVERED SAVIOUR new album Servile Insurrection
A band that is quickly climbing to the top of the Technical Death Metal Mountain is San Franciscos Severed Saviour. Displaying Musicianship of unparalelled ability, combined with ferocity and intensity, Severed Saviours new offering ’ Serville Insurrection’ is destinied to be one of the all time greatest releases of the genre

Listen here : Severed Savior

TERMINAL FUNCTION new album Measuring The Abstract
Evoking the best elements of Meshuggah, Theory in Practice, Cynic and Dream Theater, Terminal Function create a mishmash of chunky chugging rhythms, progressive melodic leads, and Outer Space-like synth passages on their debut, Measuring The Abstract. Sure to please fans of all forms of technical metal.

Listen here :Terminal Function -