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The concept of Daylight Misery was born on September 2008 by Stamos Kordas (Guitars) and Vassilis “Illdisposer” Mazaris (Vocals). In the beginning the only material, was one song which was meant to be recorded with the co operation of Efthimis Kardimas of legendary Greek band Nightfall. Other than that there was no other motivation. With the passing of time more tracks were created and after intensive composing process there were enough tracks for a full length album.

On December 2008 the band began recording the album at Grindhouse Studio with George Bokos (Rotting Christ, ex-Nightfall, Ex-Obscecration) handling the recording duties. ?Depressive Icons? was finally done and the music influences it includes are an amalgam of the musical influences of its members: Rotting Christ, Nightfall, Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Saturnus, My Dying Bride among others. Within the songs you?ll notice the changes and sifts of emotions and all of them are characterized by their own unique melody which is sometimes fierce and sometimes melancholic.

?Depressive Icons? includes guest appearances of many well known artists who have contributed to the sharpness of the final result. Drums were recorded at Woodshed Studios in Germany by Seraph (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid) and the producer Victor Bullock (Dark Fortress, Celtic Frost). In the track ?Meadows Of Desire? (Lyrics by Efthimis Karadimas & Vassilis Mazaris), after five years in hiatus Efthimis Karadimas is growling once again while he has written the lyrics to ?Miserablia?. In ?Infinity? there?s a guest appearance by Sakis. Moreover, there is also a guitar guest appearance by the Danish Jakob Batten (Illdisposed ? Solo in Miserablia). Keyboard duties were handled by Q_Snc (Unholy Ritual, Savaoth, Obscecration etc) while bass duties were recorded by Stergios Kanaropoulos (Mortal Torment, The Almighty Fisherman, Lytrosis).

Right now the band is preparing a promo cd which includes 3 tracks from the album. The release of the album is tentatively due for November 2009 as the band is also in search of a record deal. All artwork will be handled by Travis Smith (Nevermore, Katatonia, Death, Cradle Of Filth and more).


Σας ενημερώνουμε πως το πρώτο μας Promo CD με τίτλο “Promo 2009” είναι έτοιμο και μπορεί να το προμηθευτεί ο καθένας δωρεάν. Αν ενδιαφέρεται κανείς μπορεί να στείλει μήνυμα εδώ ή στο e-mail


  1. Meadows Of Desire (Feat. Efthimis Karadimas)
  2. Soul Embraced
  3. Depressive Icons


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