Death/black/heavy/power 7",lp,cd,cs προς πώληση

ΠΩΛΟΥΝΤΑΙ ΤΑ ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΑ DEATH/BLACK/HEAVY/POWER 7",LP,CD και κασσέτες, ΑΠΌ ΠΡΟΣΩΠΙΚΉ ΣΥΛΛΟΓΉ (H λίστα είναι ανανεωμένη σε σχέση με αυτή 3 εβδομάδες πριν) .Για αγορές άνω των ?50 έκπτωση από 5% έως όσο πάει,αναλόγως τις επιλογές.
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Για κρατήσεις 10 μέρες περιθόριο. Αποστέλλονται και photo κατόπιν αιτήσεως.

7?? EPs ?4-5
LEGION (swe) ? Awakened Fury [#616/666] (Ketzer Recs., 2003)
PENTACLE (hol) / ETERNAL SOLSTICE (hol) split 2 x 7? EP (Dark Descent Recs. 2013) new ?10
THRONEUM (pol)/ MORBID EXECUTION (pol) split (Hells Headbangers,2010)
WALHALLA (fin) ? War Over Nordland (Root Of All Evil, 1997)
WARFARE (ger)?s/t (self-released, 2005)

ABORTED (bel) / EXHUMED (usa) ? split 10?? EP (self-released) ?15
DOOMED (usa- Autopsy members) ? Doomed to Death, Damned in Hell (Aphelion) new ?13
MOTÖRHEAD (uk) ? Another Perfect Day LP+ 12?? 1-sided bonus LP (Earmark,2004) ?18
NECROPHAGIA (usa) ? Goblins Be Thine [mLP,sealed] (Displeased Recs.) ?8
TOXODEATH (mex) ? Mysteries About Life & Death (Wild Rags,1990) new ?14
VERMETH (fra) - ?Your Ruin [#165/200] (Mysticum Prods.) ?40

DÖDFÖDD (swe) ? Logo & Sigil

DARK FUNERAL (swe) ? Logo & I Am The Knife (longsleeve)
SATYRICON (nor) ? Megiddo Hooded Sweater (?25)

CDs (thrash/death/black etc.) ?4-5
ALGOR/KORIUM/HROMOVLAD ? Heathen Brotherhood
BAL ?SAGOTH (uk) ?Battle Magic
BEATRIK (ita) ? Journey through The End Of Life
CREMATORY (ger) ? Early Years (3CD)
CRIMSON MASSACRE (usa) ? The Luster Of Pandemonium
DRAUGAR (usa) ? From Which Hatred Grows
INFIDEL (pol) ? Ejaculating Chaos
KATAFALK (hol) ? Storm of The Horde (?1)
MORTIIS (nor) ? The Stargate
NAER MATARON (gre) ? River At Dash Scalding
NECROMANTIA (gre) ? IV:Malice
NECROMANTIA (gre) ? Scarlet Evil, Witching Black
NEURAXIS (can) ? Truth Beyond (2CD)
ØDELEGGER (ger) ? The End Of Tides
ONIRIK (por) ? Walking As A Shadow
PYÖVELI (fin) ? The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal
RITUAL (usa) ? Chapter 666 (1993/1994)
SACRED REICH (usa) ? The American Way
SENTENCED (fin) ? Amok
SENTENCED (fin) ? Frozen
SEPULTURA (bra) ? Against
STRIBORG (oz) ? 10 Years Of Roaming The Forests (94-04)
UDUMBAL (blr) ? Ahi Budhnya
V/A FUNESTES AUGURES ? Notre Tyrannie Retentira Outre-Tombe (Glorrior Belli, Unholy War, Nihilistic Kaos, Stigma Diabolicum etc.) (2CD)
VINTERRIKET (ger) / RIKKET (bel) split CD
VORPHALACK (gre) ? Lullabies Of A Vampire

CDs (heavy, power, doom, prog) ?3-5
CANDLEMASS (swe) ? Dactylis Glomerata
GRAVE DIGGER (ger) ? Tunes Of War
HADES (usa) ? The Downside
IRON MAIDEN (uk) ? Fear Of The Dark
IRON MAIDEN (uk) ? Virtual XI
JUDAS PRIEST (uk) ? Painkiller
MANOWAR (usa) - Hell On Stage Live (2CD)
NEW MODEL ARMY (uk) ? Raw Melody Men
OZZY OZBOURNE (uk) ? Blizzard Of Ozz
RAGE (ger) ? Welcome To The Other Side
ROUGH SILK (ger) - Mephisto
ROYAL HUNT (den) ? Paradox (Closing The Chapter)
SAVATAGE (usa) ? The Wake Of Magellan
STEEL ATTACK (swe) ? Fall Into Madness
TARANTULA (por) ? Dream Maker
VIRGIN STEELE (usa) ? Invictus
W.A.S.P. (usa) ? s/t

Tapes ?3
ANIMUS HERILIS (fra) ? Mater Tenebrarum
ARYAN TRIUMPH (sk) ? Our Future Is War
ASKA (swe) ? Förintelsehymner
ASMODEE (fra) ? Acquilanx demo ?97
ASTROFAES (ukr) ? Those Whose Past Is Immortal
BLODULV (den) / ASKA (swe) ? The Purest Cold Precision
DARK FURY (pol) ? Turning Into Ashes
DARK OPUS (fra) ? Thoughts
DARKEST HATE (bra)/ BLACK WINTER NIGHT (bra) ? From The Dark Flames Of Christian Holocaust
DEATHVILLE (gre) ? No Chance With The Malicious
FRONT BEAST (ger) ? Black Demons Night
GONTYNA KRY (pol) ? Na Pohybel Chrzescijanstwu
IMPERIAL HORDES (gre) ? Pyrphoros
IMPIOUS HAVOC (fin) The Great Day Of Wrath
KRYPTEIA (gre) ? Hellenic Martial Virtue
LABYRINTH OF ABYSS (hun) ? The call of Turul pride
MYSELF (bel) ? Experiences 6/7
NAE?BLIS (swe) ? Death Of Mankind
NARGOTHROND (por) ? Promo tape ?98
NIHIL NOCTURNE (ger) ? Death Undo All Names
OLD WAINDS (rus) ? Bdecb Hukosda?
PANTHEON (usa) ? Galdur Vikodlaks
SELBSTMORD (pol) ? Spectre Of Hate
SILVA NIGRA (cz) ? Chlad Noci
SUICIDAL WINDS (swe) ? Rarities
THOR?S HAMMER (pol) ? May The Hammer Smash the Cross
TOD (it) ? Hate Campaign, Hymn To The Death
V/A DET KOLDE NORDLAND?Del 1 (Church Bizarre, Boldarv, Zahrim, Angantyr etc.) Danish comp. tape
VAMPIRE HALL (gre) ? Transformations Of Immortality
VEVEDAE (pol) ? s/t
WAHDA (chi) ? Avernal Mitic Black Poetry