r.i.p Chuck… 9 χρονια μετα,η μουσικη σου μας σκιζει


Μου έχει λείψει περισσότερο και από κοντινούς φίλους μου που γνώριζα


Ναι δεν τον εχω ζησει τοσο. Ναι οι Death δεν ειναι το γκρουπ που εχω ψαξει τρελα (ασχετα αν εχω ακουσει και μπορω να εχω αποψη). Αλλα νιωθω πραγματικα την απωλεια του κυριου Chuck. Aρκετα θα ελεγα. Να ειναι καλα εκει πανω…


R.I.P. Σε έναν μεγάλο μουσικό! Ήταν πολύ άδικο αυτό που του συνέβη!:frowning:


Δεν νομιζω να εχω ποσταρει εδω, απλα εχω ψηφισει το Symbolic, οποτε περναω να καταθεσω και εγω τα σεβη μου.
Ειναι αξιοθαυμαστο το ποση μουσικη χωρουσε μεσα σε καθε κομματι. Πανεξυπνος μουσικος ο Schuldiner ! :bow:


R.I.P. στον μεγαλύτερο μέταλ κιθαρίστα


Δεν άκουγα ποτέ ούτε μάλλον θα ακούσω ποτέ Death αλλά ο τύπος ήταν και γαμώ! R.I.P.


Δεν ξεχνιέται έτσι εύκολα ο Chuck…


δεν ξεχνιέται έτσι ο chuck schuldiner…ανάθεμα στους βλάκες που τον άφησαν να πεθάνει στο νοσοκομείο επειδή δεν είχε να πληρώσει…


R.I.P Chuck


Εσένα έχω αρχίσει να σε συμπαθώ!:smiley: Αυτό ήταν το πρώτο κομμάτι που άκουσα από Death. 9 χρόνια μακριά μας. Αντί R.I.P.:
[I]Stay strong and hold on tight
SPIRIT CRUSHEEEEEEER!![/I]:metal::metal:


Μην ακούω παπάτζες. Ο ίδιος αποφάσισε να αφήσει την αρρώστια του να τον σκοτώσει επειδή την είχε καταπολεμήσει μια φορά και εμφανίστηκε πάλι. Γιατί νομίζεις κυκλοφόρησαν τα 2 live albums;


In May 1999, Schuldiner experienced pain in his upper neck, which he initially thought was a pinched nerve. He consulted with a chiropractor followed by a massage therapist/acupuncturist who recommended an MRI Exam. Upon having an MRI, it was discovered that the pinched nerve was being caused by a tumor. On his 32nd birthday, May 13, 1999, Schuldiner was diagnosed with a high-grade pontine glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer that invades the brain stem, and immediately underwent radiation therapy.

In October 1999, Schuldiner?s family announced that the tumor had necrotized and that he was on the way to recovery. In January 2000, Schuldiner underwent surgery to remove what remained of his tumor. The operation was a success. However, the Schuldiner family was struggling financially. The total costs of the operations came to $70,000, a price the Schuldiner family could not afford. Many fundraisers, auctions, and benefit concerts took place to help cover the costs. The money began to come in as the metal community, in total shock, realized that Schuldiner’s life was in danger. The metal community and the Schuldiner family showed deep concern because Schuldiner could lose his life due to lack of funds.

Schuldiner continued to work on his music, continuing his work with Control Denied. About two years after his original diagnosis, in May 2001, the cancer returned and Schuldiner fell ill again. He was originally denied surgery (which he needed immediately) due to lack of funds. A press release called for support from everyone, including fellow artists. Jane Schuldiner urged all who read the statements about Schuldiner and his illness to go out and get insurance, stating her frustration in the American system. Schuldiner had gotten medical insurance after his first surgery, but the insurer had refused to pay because the tumor existed before he had gotten the insurance. Many artists, including Kid Rock, Korn and Red Hot Chili Peppers, got together during the summer of 2001 to auction off personal items with the funds assisting Schuldiner’s medical expenses. This was covered by MTV.[15] Matt Heafy, vocalist and guitarist for Trivium has also stated that the band had played a benefit show for Schuldiner while he was in the hospital in their days as a local band.[16] Schuldiner received a chemotherapy drug called vincristine to help with his therapy. Like most drugs used in the treatment of cancer, the side effects were harsh and weakened Schuldiner greatly. In late October/early November, Schuldiner became ill with pneumonia.

Schuldiner died on December 13, 2001, at approximately 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.[17] He was buried in Tampa, Florida on December 18, 2001 and MTV reported that famed musicians including Mike Patton, Dimebag Darrell, Glen Benton, King Diamond, Ville Valo, Trey Azagthoth and Max Cavalera, along with all of the former and active members of Death, attended his funeral.

για να μην ψάχνεστε!


χαχαχα έκανα με το καλημέρα εντύπωση μου φαίνεται, αν και με παρεξηγήσατε με τους rock legends και όλα αυτά. :stuck_out_tongue:

on topic
προσωπικά αγαπημένα μου είναι το Crystal Mountain (μαζί με Voices Of The Soul τα πρώτα μου Death) και το Empty Words…
Από album συγκλίνω μάλλον στο Symbolic. :stuck_out_tongue:


προς τι οι αλλαγές??

[B]Original artwork:[/B]

[B]New artwork:[/B]


Mαλακίες των εταιρειών…


Αίσχος, πάλι καλά που δεν έβγαλε και οδοντόβουρτσα κάποιος από αυτούς που σκαρφαλώνουν


Μην πειραζετε τα θεια κωλοεταιρειες :!:


Φαντάσου να πειράξουν κάνα Leprosy ή Spiritual Healing !!! Ουστ!!


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