Despite Everything - The Dawn Chorus

''It?s been over 4 years since the four of us started playing shows. We?ve spent hundreds of hours driving/flying/sailing north, south, east and west.

After 2 ep?s ‘In Desperate Times’, ‘With my bear hands’, 2 splits, a couple hundred shows, and loads of friends along the way we present you ‘THE DAWN CHORUS’. Songs that got written during these last 4 years of ups and downs, good times and bad times, long nights and even longer drives.

Recorded by the amazing Tom Zwanzger at S.T.R.E.S.S. studio in Graz, Austria, and mastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room (US of A).

The album is up for donation, so give whatever you want…

Jack, Zachos, Billy, Peio

punk rock δισκάρα εντός κι εκτός καταλήψεων!! :har:

This boat has been sinking
And I never got the chance to abort
Stuck here soaked and alone
On this one way ride to nowhere. [/I]

όντως τρομερή δισκάρα.

Είμαι ένα βήμα από το ν’ αρχίσω να χοροπηδάω στο γραφείο και μετά δε θα’χω λεφτά να αγοράσω το LP :!: