Dio's new live cd

8a kykloforhsei apo thn Spitfire Records stis 22 Flevarh (apo oti anaferei to official site tou 8eou) kai 8a titloforeitai “EVIL OR DIVINE: LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY”. 8a einai profanos h audio ekdosh tou live dvd!

HORNS UP! :stuck_out_tongue:

3eri kanis pia tragoudia exi mesa??

Ta idia me afta pou exei to dvd :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe ke to dvd ti exiii???! :stuck_out_tongue:

Killing The Dragon
Egypt/Children of the Sea
Drum Solo
Stand up and Shout
Rock and Roll
Don’t Talk to Strangers
Man on the Silver Mountain
Guitar Solo
Long Live Rock and Roll
Lord of the Last Day
Fever Dreams
Holy Diver
Heaven and Hell
The Last in Line
Rainbow in the Dark
We Rock