Dokken - 'lightning strikes again'

"Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all details surrounding the release of the forthcoming DOKKEN album Lightning Strikes Again to be released in Europe on April 11th.

Lightning Strikes Again is Dokken’s 10th studio album and, from the title already, which echoes one of the band’s classic song off Under Lock & Key, marks a true and definite return to the classic sound of the heydays. “We have been more focused on this project than any we’ve done in years” says singer Don Dokken. “Yes, it has taken a long time but in the end the fans will have a Dokken CD that is as good as any we did in the 80’s. Our goal is to deliver a CD that will shake up the rock world… and so far everyone says it is the best Dokken CDs since '86. It’s time that a band from our era did something special and prove that our brand of music is still valid. And I think we’re close, if it does not have success it won’t be because we didn’t give it a thousand percent effort.”

From the first time since the reunion, Dokken is going back to the roots of its sound and exposes with the power and the might of the new Millennium the hot riffs and incredible melodies that built the band’s success.

Dokken’s lineup is now Don Dokken (vocals), Mick Brown (drums), Jon Levin (guitar) and Barry Sparks (bass). The album was mixed by Wyn Davis (DIO, GREAT WHITE)".

Τα samples ακούγονται ενδιαφέροντα :slight_smile:

Τα samples ειναι οντως αρκετα καλα…για να δουμε!!Respect στην Frontiers…

DOKKEN: Πιθανότατα το reunion θα γίνει το 2009…

Σύμφωνα με συνέντευξη του George Lynch στο νορβηγικό Metal Express Radio οι βετεράνοι DOKKEN θα επανασυνδεθούν κατά πάσα πιθανότητα το 2009, καθότι οι προσπάθειες για επανασύνδεση κατά την τρέχουσα χρονιά στάθηκαν αδύνατες να καρποφορήσουν.

Παντως ο δισκος ακουγετε συμπαθητικος!!Περιμενω να ακουσω βεβαια ενα δειγμα χωρις Voiceovers για πιο σιγουρα…

Καλος δισκος,οχι κατι ιδιαιτερο αλλα οπως ειπε κ ο akis272 συμπαθητικος.