Doom + stoner+ cds.lps, etc,


HEATHENDOM: ?Heathendom? LP - £10.00 + Postage TBC
This vinyl version of Heathendom?s debut demo is limited to 500 copies and housed in a full colour sleeve with insert tastefully designed by our co-partner?s Metal on Metal It contains over 40 minutes of dark, epic and twisted Power Doom Metal. As a bonus, the b-side merges a re-recorded “Haunted Within” with “Hell Within” forming a 20 minute suite called “Haunted In Hell”, resembling an insane horror movie soundtrack! Strongly recommended for fans of King Diamond, Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus?

***REVELATION: ?Inner Harbor? LP - £12.00 + Postage TBC OUT NOW
Over twenty years have passed since their debut album and this, their sixth, is only their second to be pressed on vinyl. In fact, the recording was written specifically with the format in mind so Inner Harbor is shorter and feels more direct. It also marks somewhat of a departure or evolution as they have openly infused a much stronger progressive flavour into the song-writing owing to the inclusion of keyboards throughout a number of the six songs. But there is no mistaking this for any band other than Revelation. The vocals, the lead breaks and the tight rhythm section are present and flowing with exuberance. Sometimes dark, sometimes airy, this may raise a few eyebrows. Personally though, I?m honoured to be releasing this bold and personal album. I cannot wait to hear it in all of its analogue glory. Limited to 300 copies on 180gsm vinyl in a 350gsm card sleeve…

76 A5 pages devoted to Heavy Metal and dark fiction. Interviews include John Arch (Fates Warning), Manilla Road, Perry Grayson (Destiny?s End & Falcon), Dark Forest, Wytch Hazel, Wrathblade and Convixion…
DEVILMENT ZINE #5 - £3.50 + Postage TBC
Our trusty French guide has penned another uncompromising 80 A5 pages crammed with interviews: Funeral Circle, Abysmal Grief, The Lamp of Thoth, Dark Forest, Ossuaire, Entrails, Eroded, Hellpike zine, gig reports and more than 100 reviews. Limited to 500 copies?
***PARIAH CHILD / HELL BENT FOR METAL - Masters to the Pit - £3.00 + Postage TBC
Two scribes united under one banner to compile the heaviest tome of Heavy Metal crammed into 88 A5 pages Pariah Child’s Seven Psalms of MMIX were conducted with Pale Divine, Great Coven (obituary), Abysmal Grief, Griftegard, Faith (including their Irish tour diary), Revelation (Never Comes Silence and TV John Show special) and Thomas Hand Chaste (recounting the early days of Death SS and Paul Chain Violet Theatre). Hell Bent For Metal’s sixth compendium of arcane lore presents Desolation Angels, Asomvel, Procession, Gods Tower, The Wounded Kings, Ravensire, Deceptor, Rituals of the Oak tour report and a special guest feature looking back at the birth of Heavy Metal on Portuguese shores…
TORNADO ZINE #6 - £4.00 + Postage TBC
44 A5 pages featuring interviews with Grave Miasma, Hooded Menace, Necros Christos, Portal, Upwards of Endtime amongst others as well as a special ?is Doom Metal a trend?? article, music and horror movie reviews.


***BRAINS: ?Strange Meat? MLP - £9.00 + Postage TBC BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND
What the hell? No idea where or when this horde came together and I still have my doubts that they are modern day Irishmen! There is a galloping ?70s hard rocking flavour and tinges of Doom without obviously being reminiscent of any particular band. A tempting reference may be Pentagram. This truly fresh and inspired demo has now been remastered and pressed on heavy vinyl as well as being housed in thick card with a printed inner sleeve with tasteful layout by Paul McCarroll (Unhinged Art).
***HOWLIN? WIDOW: ?Exorcised Accidental / Son Shine? 7? Single (Limited Red Wax w/ download code) - £5.00 + Postage TBC
This posthumous single pays tribute to what was one of Northern Ireland?s most promising Hard Rock hopefuls of recent times. A force to be reckoned with on the live circuit, these songs capture that same energy. Very much inspired by the cream of the ?70s crop with big riffs and even bigger vocals, heartfelt and full of swagger, this single is limited to 250 copies only housed in a heavy card sleeve with insert.
RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH: ?Outta the Kennel? EP - £5.00 + Postage TBC
Belfast?s very own sons of the NWOBHM have risen to the dog bowl with a debut that will bring a tear to the eyes of the older generation. Yes indeed, taking their cue from Tysondog, Raven and Pariah, there is an abundance of energy and power on display. They have also incorporated the classic rocking swagger of long-term favourites Accept, added their own eccentricities and given it a hearty stir. Short, snappy and diverse, this is very much the definition of a good debut EP. Produced, designed and pressed by the band, their DIY ethic must also be applauded especially as they have done so, so well. Lend them your ear and your silver. You will not be disappointed!
VENUS SLEEPS: ?Demo 2012? Cassette - £3.00 + Postage TBC
Contrary to how the band was billed, my gut reaction to the first song, ?Burm You Up? was Janes Addiction on acid! Hard Rock laced with wah wah psychedelia. Then came the second song with hints of Saint Vitus and Paul Chain ?Alkahest? era. But it’s subtle and not obviously like any of these descriptions. I suspect these influences may not even be known to the band. But good start. Only a few copies available here as they are made to order…
WRECK OF THE HESPERUS: ?The Sunken Threshold? CD - £5.00
Muddy, rain beaten and utterly chthonic are but a few of the choice phrases that could describe Ireland?s purveyors of twisted art. But in a similar vein to the godlike Esoteric, with whom they now rather impressively share a label, words are often rendered insufficient. You have to feel it, really lose yourself in such hostile murk in order to come to terms with it. Consider the peeling off of the gutter low bass notes of ?Stop The Black Coffins? at its nine minute mark - so slowly do they decline and lilt down to the ground that they almost take you with them. It?s like an irresistible tug, shunting your sense back and forth as you try with every sinew not to follow. There’s a sort of black humour in noting that this one isn?t quite as immediate as either the first or second demos, given that the band are as immediate as an ice age, but the point stands. It takes a lot more work. A lot. More. Work. It’s demanding, challenging, frustrating and grumpily insistent on not being likable. But when it isn?t broiling through tar filled lungs, and when it lurches into one of those monstrously huge deformations of silage they call riffs, it?s awesome. More of those moments of red eyed grandeur would have been nice, it?s true. But like Scald’s ‘Vermiculatus’, it?s more akin to the stream of consciousness outpourings of some very deranged and benighted headspaces. As disgustingly organic as a centipede in your bed, it’s not so much this band’s music as it?s behaviour. Urgh(Metal Ireland). Please note that the gatefold artwork for the vinyl edition has been revamped and greatly improved Limited to 548 copies only…


APOCALYPSE: “Abandon Hope” LP (Limited White Wax) - £12.00 + Postage TBC
This vinyl compiles the material that was never released except as demos over the years as Apocalypse and later Omega. Again, expect some of the best NWOBHM of the era. The title track uses the original introduction soundtrack that the band used as their entrance on stage, ?Midnight Train?, was supposed to have been the A-side to the ?Stormchild? 7? single before the band changed their mind. ?Chosen Few? sounds a little more adventurous in this recording and ?Killing Man? has a guest appearance on bass by Dave ‘Mex’ Higgen, writer of the song and founding member of the band who left after shortly afterwards…
BATTLEROAR: “To Death and Beyond” Gatefold LP - £12.50 + Postage TBC
The third strike by Greek Epic Metal champions has often been overlooked since its release in 2008 in spite of their reputation and consistent output over the past eleven years. If you caught their live performance in Dublin some seven or eight years ago, you should recall that same passion and heroic spirit was rooted in their delivery as it is here. Well, having had their debut album and ?Age of Chaos? on repeat it seemed high time to make this limited vinyl pressing, 350 copies only, available here and now?
BROCAS HELM: ?Defender of the Crown? Gatefold LP (Limited Splatter Green Wax) - £13.00 + Postage TBC
The third full-length album was originally released in 2004, some 16 years after the Black Death LP! Compiling a handful of the cracking songs from the intervening singles and demos, such as ?Ghost Story?, Time of the Dark?, ?Cry of the Banshee? and my personal favourite ?Skullfucker? as well as other new ones this record in an absolute monster. Influential and essential. This is the second press on vinyl by our Greek friends at Eat Metal?
US masters of misery team up with Portuguese emperors of heaviness, delivering two exclusive Doom Metal compositions. Presented on 180 gram vinyl, one side showcases both band logos engraved on vinyl with 15 minutes of music on the reverse. It includes card insert with front cover photographed at the mystical Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra/Portugal, with the lyrics and credits on the back. Limited to 500 copies?
IRON MAN: ?I Have Returned? LP (Limited Silver or Black Wax) - £13.00 + Postage TBC
Al Morris III is nothing short of a guitar god and has been dropping jaws since the late ?70s! Somehow though, this mind-bending groove-laden Maryland Doom has remained shockingly overlooked, so far underground, that Iron Man has yet to receive the recognition it deserves. Their long awaited fourth full-length album may right that wrong. Loaded with the same cast-iron Iommi riffs, fresh song writing talent, as well as a sterling performance and production this is pure gold. Buy it, devour it and invest in the back catalogue, which Shadow Kingdom has re-released for your convenience.
JUMALATION: ?The Church of Isaac? LP - £13.00 + Postage TBC
Finnish Thrash has never sounded so fresh and ferocious even if its heart belongs 25 years in the past!
LEATHER SYNN: ?S/T? 12? EP - £11.50 + Postage TBC
Founded in 2011, the band is as much inspired by anthemic ?80s US Metal as well as the local Portuguese bands they heard and saw growing up. With the band members having already carved a reputation in Dawnrider, Ravensire and Inquisitor there is no denying their calibre. This four song debut 12?EP lets loose 20 minutes infectious and mid-paced of pure Heavy Metal?
MAGNESIUM: ?Buried ?n Live? DLP - £16.00 + Postage TBC
Very much inspired by the NWOBHM spirit, this new release compiles their Demo ?94, plus bonus promo songs from the same year and a live gig from ?97, the result of which is 80 minutes head banging mania the Japanese kamikaze way! Granted, the band?s activity has been sporadic over the years as some of the members have also played in Sabbat, Metalucifer, Midnight Rider and G.A.T.E.S. But it?s a pleasure to hear these old recordings not on a beat up old cassette and the new layouts look great in brown ink against fetching pastel yellow sleeves! No, I?m not taking the piss. Buy it?
MIRROR OF DECEPTION / TEFRA: ?Katharsis / Natural Healer of Sin? Split 7? EP - £4.00 + Postage TBC
German veterans and English underdogs go head to head! Mirror of Deception?s exclusive track carries on the heavy doom vibe from their excellent ?Shards? release whilst Tefra delivers two offerings in the shape of ?Natural Healer Of Sin? and ?Relic Of Time?, orthodox Doom with epic touches and individual sounding vocals. This vinyl is limited to 515 hand numbered copies on black wax…
RAVEN: ?Walk Through Fire? LP w/7? - £13.00 + Postage TBC
This is the belated vinyl version of the most recent studio album by the Gallagher brothers and Joe Hasselvander. True to previous form, the trio continues to pummel out some of the hardest and athletic music going without skimping on hooks and diverse compositions. Trust me, these songs will be ingrained on your skull in seconds flat!
SCARAB: ?Rolling Like Thunder? Gatefold DLP w/7? - £16.50 + Postage TBC
Containing seventeen songs and a further two on the bonus 7? single, this classic NWOBHM collection includes their debut demo, another demo from 1985 and the ?Poltergeist / Hell on Wheels? 7? single recorded in various studios in and around Birmingham. As per High Roller tradition, the music has been accompanied with a large twelve page booklet with photos, lyrics and liner notes.
SEVENTH SON: “Spirit World” LP (Limited Purple Wax) - £12.00 + Postage TBC
Seven years after the highly-acclaimed compilation ?Immortal Hours? CD, the NWOBHM stalwarts have returned with a new studio album and it hits the mark! Very much laden with dark themes, ?The Last Witch of England? the title track and ?Haunted by the Past? may not have appeared on their 7? singles in the ?80s. But the band has re-recorded live favourite ?Dangerous Kiss? for good measure. Whether or not you liked Saxon now or back in the day, the band from the other side of Barnsley can hold their own!
SIGIRIYA: ?Return To Earth? Gatefold LP - £13.00 + Postage TBC
It seems impossible not to mention Acrimony when describing the band because of the heavy overlap in personnel. The old quintet has become a quartet. But make no mistake, if they had been intent on regurgitating ?Tumuli Shroomaroom? they would surely have retained the established moniker. Less psychedelic, the songs are thicker and denser yet still with groove.
THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG: ?The Lord Weird Slough Feg? Gatefold LP - £13.50 + Postage TBC
Where it all began, the glorious debut album has been rereleased on vinyl for those who missed the expanded version on Metal Supremacy many moons ago. So much energy. So many great songs. ?When I was young and virile…?
THREE SEASONS: ?Escape / Wood To Sand? 7? - £5.00 + Postage TBC
Following their critically acclaimed album “Life’s Road” (my personal favourite of 2011) the Swedes have delivered a new 7" single showcasing two exceptional tracks - the swift '60s power trio fuelled heaviness of the title-track and the lengthier, drifting, “Wood To Sand”. Undoubtedly, this is psychedelic-laced Hard Rock and Blues at its very best for fans of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep…
Imagine twisted and heavy Psych Doom from two thirds of UFO Gestapo (RIP) with occasional sax, clarinet, harp and keyboards giving Transatlantic Rat’s Atoms music a jazzy dissonant feeling. It rises from the heavy rocking ground to some spacey, dirty and droning feel, and then again rocks and waves like being in a space capsule, where history and phrases flow by and mean something or nothing. Warm and distantly cold the same time… BirdEye is none other than Edgy / Burning Witch’s new band. Evil and psychedelic in its own inimitable way, the music is organic but noisy. Soundscapes of trippy mental states, which appear pathological and disturbing yet also cleansing due to an archaic and meditative approach…
Stunningly beautiful artwork from Jason Wagoner on brown natural cardboard and limited to 500 copies…
VERDICT DENIED: “Condamned” LP - £12.00 + Postage TBC
Formed back in the mid ?90s, the Greeks really did bide their time forging a number of demos before unleashing this technical and somewhat progressive Thrash assault! Taking their cue from Forbidden, Testament, Paradox and Coroner with a contemporary touch and sterling production by Jeff Waters (Annihilator) expect an album of high caliber.
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT: ?Triumph, Tragedy Transcendence? Gatefold DLP w/Poster- £14.00 + Postage TBC
Culled from their moving performance at Hammer of Doom III, this crystal clear production tackles 20 minutes of material from each of their three studio albums. However, in the spirit of ?70s Rainbow, there are numerous subtle improvisations on the core song structures keeping the experience fresh and unique. Whether in attendance or not, this merits repeated spins and may just be enough to lure pilgrims to their European tour dates in spring 2011.Again, presented on a heavy gatefold sleeve with poster and insert limited to 1,000 copies:
WOODEN STAKE: ?Invoke the Ageless Witch? 7? - £5.00 + Postage TBC
Crawling Doom meets harsh Deathly vibes, these two cuts are indebted to early Cathedral and Autopsy. More details to follow…


DARK FOREST: ?Dawn of Infinity? CD - £9.00
England?s young sons have let loose another galloping NWOBHM meets dueling Power Metal melee. Catchy and laden with hooks, Lowry-Scott?s dynamic vocals lift the band higher again. This very much puts me in mind of Twisted Tower Dire in places right down to some Tony Taylorisms. Obviously though, Dark Forest has their own take on shared influences such as Iron Maiden and Running Wild. Addictive listening?
DAWN RIDER: ?Two? CD in Slipcase - £10.00
As much as I enjoyed their split EP with War Injun and their debut album, this one hammers home their point that much harder. Still rooted in the Maryland tradition, there are also hints of Reagers-era Saint Vitus and the best of early Reverend Bizarre. So with an intense vocal delivery and plenty of grit, spit and biker gasoline, it is a deceivingly memorable and rocking record!
DEEP SWITCH: ?Nine Inches of God? DCD - £10.00
Surely not needing any further introduction, Deep Switch looked and sounded like no other band then or since. Laced with black humour, they were influenced as much by Monty Python as Heavy Metal. The obscure NWOBHM spanning the DCD collection includes their classic album and all of their demos. They may have had a very short lived career yet the massive booklet captures their long-winded tale along with tonnes of band photos.
DREAM DEATH: ?Somnium Excessum? CD Digipack - £10.00
Some might ask, is this Journey into Mystery for the new millennium? Yes and no! Parts of the album are undeniably Dream Death to the core yet this is no simple rerun of past glories. The song writing is diverse and has expanded from their humble beginnings. The production is crisp and clear so none of the detail will be lost. Perhaps the lack of dirt may attract criticism. But then again, the answer may be to catch the band live. And the vocal delivery is has not be toned down at all. Menacing…
KING’S RANSOM: “Curators of the Realm” CD+DVD - £10.00
Hailing from San Antonio, the band released a hyper rare cassette album in 1989. Almost 20 years later, Steel Legacy has presented it anew with eight crushing bonus tracks and separate DVD with amazing live footage. This was billed as the ultimate Epic Power Metal assault and it would be difficult to dispute that claim. At times bringing to mind Slauter Xstroyes, Manilla Road and even Leather Nunn, I have no idea how this has slipped under the radar for so long:

MAGNESIUM: ?Buried ?n Live? CD Digipack - £9.00
Very much inspired by the NWOBHM spirit, this new release compiles their Demo ?94, plus bonus promo songs from the same year and a live gig from ?97, the result of which is 80 minutes head banging mania the Japanese kamikaze way! Granted, the band?s activity has been sporadic over the years as some of the members have also played in Sabbat, Metalucifer, Midnight Rider and G.A.T.E.S. But it?s a pleasure to hear these old recordings not on a beat up old cassette and the new layouts look great in black ink against fetching pastel yellow sleeves! No, I?m not taking the piss. Buy it?
METAL GRAVE: ?The Eternal Flame of Devastation? CD - £10.00
After a hard hitting Heavy Metal demo presented on cassette by Burn Records for the European market, the Chilean horde has struck again with their full-length debut album. Inspired as much by Mercyful Fate as Running Wild, the music is loaded with that distinctive South American sprit against the lyrical backdrop of Dante?s Inferno.
PALE DIVINE: ?Painted Windows Black? CD - £9.00
Combining classic ?70s Rock and Doom Metal for the past 15 years, this fourth full-length album may be their best to date if it can shake ?Cemetery Earth? from my affections. With the supreme song writing, delivery and recording, it is crystal clear why the band is at the forefront of the genre.
PENANCE: ?SpiritualNatural? CD - £9.00
The fifth and final album is loaded with choppy melodic riffs and capped by the distinctive powerhouse vocals of Butch years before he joined Argus. No excuses for missing the original press of this long forgotten gem
REVELATION: ?Never Comes Silence? CD - £9.00
This second album represents the hard times John Brenner was going through and shortly after the album was released via Hellhound Records, he left the band. Certainly more progressive than ?Salvation?s Answer? this album was as much influenced by Rush as it was Black Sabbath, Trouble and Unorthodox. The weight and bleak tones still crushes skulls although there are also some marvellous technical exchanges on the title track in four parts. High calibre throughout and given that this was the only album recorded by John, Josh, and Steve trio it has a distinctive feel to those before and since.
REVELATION: “Yet So Far” CD - £9.00
Long out of print, their third full length-album saw original drummer, Steve Branagan, draft in old friend Dennis Cornelius and Jim Hunter to replace the departed John Brenner and Josh Hart on guitar / vocals and bass respectively. Dennis? guitar and vocal tones in particular brought newfound warmth to the band?s sound. This album and this period, including the ?Morning Sun? and ?Frozen Masque? demos either side of it, certainly stands apart from the rest of the canon yet not in terms of quality. It is simply different and for some their favourite. All good if you ask me! This version has been fully re-mastered with a thick booklet containing a band write up, lyrics, and tons of old photos to cherish.
REVELATION: ?Release? CD - £9.00
The legendary trio is back! Recorded in 2008 and almost lost in the mire, this album is the natural successor to ?Salvations Answer? and ?Never Comes Silence? yet somehow it eclipses both! But more than that, ?Release? is astounding in terms of song writing and execution. This is original, progressive and adventurous musicianship that keeps giving and giving. Revelation knows no peers, no rules and for me, this is the most important album of recent years.
REVELATION: “For the Sake of No One” CD - £9.00
Back with yet another album, this is very much a continuation of ?Release? in scale and scope bursting with originality and those distinctive progressive traits all know and love. Delve into ?Canyons? for a touch of class…
SCYTHIAN: ?To Those Who Stand Against Us? CD - £8.00
Performing an explosive brand of Death Metal, the guitars are filthy and delivered with hostility with the drumming tight and equally vicious. “Pray to War” strikes first with a bursting volley ala Slayer, Razor or Sodom. The momentum is crowned with S. Vrath’s wild, throaty vocals. Sheer chaos. The bridge of the track features some choir-like synths behind a melodic rhythm, a little unexpected, yet elevating the song into the stratosphere. “Astral Assassins” hammers out some dark grooves and blistering rhythms that recall Morbid Angel levels of insanity and again this song is laden in the glorious evil of some well placed synths. “Shattered Idols” is a slower track with some huge majestic riffs, though not void of cruel thrashing. “Ares Guide my Blade” once again evokes fast, cruel Death Metal and “Spires to Ashes” has some excellent, soaring melodies. In all, this is a punishing debut album and having seen them open for Gospel of the Horns they certainly deliver the same insanity on stage.(Rewritten From the Dust Returned)
SECOND GRAVE: ?Second Grave? EP - £3.50
As far as new bands go my favourite find this year has to be Second Grave. Some may remember Krista Van Guilder of Warhorse / Lucubro fame from ten to fifteen years ago. Well, she’s returned with those distinctive powerful and passionate vocals, big riffs, plenty of groove, melodic lead breaks and a hard-hitting rhythm section. The EP has obviously been crafted with painstaking effort. There are distinct halves with introductions to each doing exactly what they should. Of the four songs proper, “Covet” is dark and thoughtful with many twists and turns throughout the guts of its nine minute gauntlet. “Mountains of Madness” is a Lovecraftian riff monster with an infectious chorus, epic leads, twin guitar grandeur and a frightening finale. Somehow the shorter “Soul Extinction” reminds me of Butch-era Penance particularly in the heartfelt delivery of the chorus. It just oozes anguish. Whilst it makes no sense to talk in terms of favourites, final cut, “Divide and Conquer” is a bloody impressive close to a flawless EP. The drive, the groove and the vocals. Top notch. Then a poignant refrain puts me in mind of “New Dark Age” by Solstice for reasons unknown. And then the guitars return, build, build and build before erupting into a maelstrom of Heavy Metal excellence. I need to hear and see this live, foot on a monitor, back arched and fist raised high clenching the finest fermented apples. Join me… (Pariah Child - Masters of the Pit)
SINISTER REALM: ?Sinister Realm? CD - £9.00
Formed by the rhythm section of Pale Divine, albeit with a focus much more on classic Heavy Metal than Doom, the album features well written, memorable songs, with catchy chorus lines provided by a very talented vocalist, Alex Kristof, who aspires to the very best of Dickinson, Dio and Halford. Once this album is digested, you will definitely hear they have developed a sound and technique of their own.
SOLDIER: “Sins of the Warrior” Slipcase CD - £10.00
Released in 2005 by the infamous Heavy Metal Records, it seems the label did the NWOBHM veterans a great disservice by keeping this new studio album under the radar. At that time, the band had been forging a comeback with the ?Murderous Night? 7? single, ?Infantrycide? EP and the ?Heavy Metal Force? live album. That momentum may have been squandered. What remains though is another great album from these diehard rockers?
SYRUS: “Syrus” CD+DVD - £10.00
Compiling both demos of this legendary Texas band complete with remastered sound expect the finest US Power Metal of the mid '80s! This CD edition also features a bonus DVD with never seen before live footage.
TWISTED TOWER DIRE: “Battle Hymns To The Pantheon” CD - £6.00
This rare collection spans select material from their first two full-length albums and some cracking Iron Maiden covers. Find out why they took the underground by storm in the late '90s when very few bands had the balls to play hard hitting Heavy Metal!
UNDER THE SUN: ?Man of Sorrow? CD Digipack - £9.00
This independent press completely slipped me by a few years ago. But given the calibre of those involved, it should have been met with much greater fanfare. Uniting the songwriting finesse of past Penance members and fronted by the warm distinctive tones of Dennis Cornelius of Revelation, Oversoul, Dwell Within, Memory Driven fame this makes for a melodic, progressive and often understated record on the fringes of Doom. The lyrical content is personal, spiritual and quite openly religious in feel. Having already spun it many times, I keep going back, intrigued, looking to delve deeper into the matter.
WOLFBANE: ?Wolfbane? CD - £9.00
Precursor to UK Thrash band Blood Money, Wolfbane appears to have been very much obsessed with early Judas Priest and Black Sabbath with a touch of Pagan Altar in the vocal department. As the band never recorded an album, there is very little memorabilia from those days so here are the first two demo tapes from 1981 and 1982 re-mastered in all their primitive glory. With a werewolf riding a motorbike on the cover, what?s not to like?
A few years back, the Canadian band?s cassette only album from ?91 was remastered and released for all those who missed it the first time and what a treasure trove of Power Metal to behold!


BAD ACID Tab 5 - £4.50 + Postage TBC
64 A4 page magazine containing 39 extensive interviews with the likes of Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Danava,
Acid King, Earthling Society, Moss, White Hills, Litmus, Orne, Northwinds, Ufomammut / Malleus / Supernatural Cat, James Plotkin, Titan, Leather Nun America, Morkobot Hey Coloossus, Antonius Rex / Jacula so read and weep!
BAD ACID Tab 6 - £10.00 + Postage TBC
70 minute DVD with promo videos and live footage including Wicked Minds, Antonius Rex, Northwinds, Ogre, Malleus Art Gallery with Morkobot soundtrack; Bone Structure label profile and sampler; 56 band audio compilation and 60 page printed magazine with Merca, Leather Nun America, Acid King, Queen Elephantine, White Hills, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Earthling Society, Litmus, Danava and Orange Sunshine?
BAD ACID TAB 7 - £10.00 + Postage TBC
Disc1 is a 105 minute DVD containing promo videos from Phantomsmasher , Vibravoid, Space Shuttle Pilots, Motley Motion, and the legendary Jacula, live footage from Isis, Morkobot, Ramesses and Oresund Space Collective as well as video interviews with The Melvins & Celtic Frost! Disc2 is a 17 hour 117 band audio sampler, 2 hour Alampo Records label sampler and 90 screen full colour pdf magazine. Some of the audio highlights include Seven That Spells, Gnod, Numinous Eye, Astra, Primordial Undermind, Wicked Minds, Zone Six, Saturnalia Temple, The Deep Blue, End of Level Boss and The River?
BAD ACID TAB 8 - £10.00 + Postage TBC
90 minute DVD with live and promo videos, twisted animation and disturbed short films including Acid King, Beehoover, White Hills / Dan McGuire, Dragged Into Sunlight and Spancer? 65 band audio compilation, many artist showcasing several tracks or whole albums, Roil Noise label profile with 22 track audio sampler and 44 page printed magazine containing in-depth reviews of all featured audio and DVD bands such as Oresund Space Collective, Gnod, Harvey Milk, Queen Elephantine, Serpentina Satellite, UFO Gestapo and Witchfield…
CIRCLE: ?Telescope? DCD - £14.00
Amazing double live album that I reviewed for Bad Acid!
Almost six years to the day, this concert took place on German soil and the sound is deceivingly crisp for a live recording. ?Matka? begins gently. Testing. Teasing. Taking form. Each and every element is distinguishable. Effects subside in the wake of traditional instrumentation. The trance is set in motion. Steady and direct. The shamanic vocals startle. Only at first. We are no longer alone. We have a guide. We come to know the peculiar voices and let go. Rising lightly. Falling smoothly. We follow the contours of sound. A swelling confidence, an intensity, is gradually perceptible. Our chests tighten. Exhilarating. We soar. ?Metsan Henget?? comes in waves. Lapping quickly. The current is stronger. Up and down. In and out. Surging. Abating. Again and again. Then, an eerie reprieve. Cymbals splash against the rocks. Our medium sings a lullaby. The trance resumes. Momentum. Such force. Beyond time. He howls. Ecstatic. Possessed. Out of breath, we step into ?Huurre? by way of a bridge. The path is clear. Not visibly so. But to touch. We follow our feet. Our shaman calls calmly. His tone commands. He raises his song up high. Urged on, hypnotised, we dance. On and on and on through the night?
Jolted, we awake in another dream. ?Ajannopeus? throbs. The flow rapid. All encompassing. We may have been here before. Possibly. Or is our consciousness playing tricks? Except it morphs. Subtly. Rolling rhythms. Wavering strings. Mysterious melodies. Abruptly, ?Teraskylpy? tastes quite different. We have changed direction. The wind is in our faces. Instinctively, compelled, we run. Now on a horse, we gallop. The wind spins behind us, we harness its driving force. Onward. To oblivion.
Revived by distant stars and alien tongues, we have been spared once again. We blink sporadically. Unaccustomed to these surroundings, we lie motionless. Lights sear and sounds envelop. The vortex consumes, releases and consumes again with greater violence. A cone of power shrouds the altar. The trance is strong. Living. Breathing. Master of all. Contemplating the end, we embrace the ritual. Our hearts beat wildly. Faster. Harder. Pounding in our ears. Almost in our throats. Frenzy. Fury. Flurry. Finale. Up. Round. Round and up. Farewell.
GNOD: ?Live Birth? Cassette - £6.00
The first ever improvised live set by the cosmic collective. Limited edition of 150 copies and already long sold out at the source…
LIQUID SOUND COMPANY: ?Acid Music For Acid People? CD - £9.00
The long awaited third release from this psychedelic collective incorporates a new session on the first half and two far out live jams on the reverse from the one and only public performance. The vibe is very much aligned to the expansive instrumental jams on their debut album with the live session, in reasonable sound quality, featuring alternative twists on the studio versions that appeared on their second album. I really wish John Perez (Solitude Aeturnus) would let loose the left side of his brain more often.
ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE: ?Dead Man In Space? CD - £9.00
Following from the vinyl version brought to you via Pariah Child / Kommun2, this album is back in print with bonus material and fresh artwork. This remains one of my favourite recordings by the band.
ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE: ?Live in Roadburn? DLP - £15.00 + Postage TBC
This ninth album “Live At Roadburn 2010” is a vinyl-only live offering, with five tracks spread across four sides. The Collective opened the 2010 Roadburn Festival, and had apparently packed out the venue twenty minutes into their set, about the amount of time it took them to play their first number, suitably entitled “Roadburn Jam”. As far as I am aware, none of this music has appeared on any of their previous studio albums, the audience being treated to a series of compositions by the six musicnauts currently making up the core band. In fact, the first sign that this is even a live recording doesn’t appear until the twelve minute mark, when one of the band members offers up some festival-introducing chat. 15 minutes in, and the jam reaches thrilling intensity with an extended wah-wah guitar solo running through the music. After some band introductions by Dr Space, side two begins quietly with “Reintroduce The Snakes To Ireland”, which seagues into “Volcanoes And Ash”, named for the Eyjafjallajokull Icelandic volcano that exploded on 14th April 2010, the day before the festival opened, wrecking havoc on travel plans which caused some bands to miss their festival gigs, while OSC themselves were stranded in Holland for a couple of extra days. At twelve minutes in length, “Reintroduce The Snakes” proceeds from sparse emptiness to high octane riffage, while “Volcanoes” is more synth-focused for much of its length. Mercifully, and despite featuring in a festival that focuses strongly on the many sub-genres of Metal, OSC never lose their funkiness and lightness of touch, and “Global Freakout In Tilburg” features intricate guitar picking, and an almost country feel to it, at least in the first half of its 16 minute length, whereupon it metamorphoses into a dub improvisation. At its conclusion, the band promises to play some heavy stuff, although the resultant jam fades out after only a minute or so, at the close of the third vinyl side. Side four features a 15 minute “Farvel” with some Gong-style glissando guitar which builds up to a frantic finale. There are currently no plans to release this set on CD, and the time restrictions of the vinyl format means that one number, “Jam For Tobias” (their sound mixer) was unable to be included. Should a CD release follow (as is very much hoped will be the case), the missing track will be restored to its rightful place. (Aural Innovations)
OVER-GAIN OPTIMAL DEATH: ‘Beheaded Aural Execution’ Cassette - £6.00
A whopping 40 minutes of heavy, fuzzed-out mind melt from L.A.'s speed-freaks over two sides of analogue bliss! Limited edition of 150 copies by fledgling cassette / vinyl label Who Can You Trust?
SKL ?Orosvisor? LP - £10.00 + Postage TBC
Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting, is an elusive folk rock collective from southern Sweden, comprising of classically trained musicians and wild amateurs. This second outing was captured in two days. Mesmerizing and hypnotic, it oozes authentic hard rock and folk apparently in the vein of Furekåben and Handgjort. I know neither band yet can vouch for the quality contained within. Already on high rotation here, the vinyl is limited to a mere 200 copies only in an unusually painted sleeve?