Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Τα λόγια περισσεύουν μετά το κάτωθι:

The global phenomenon Dragon Ball is being made into a movie using Toei Animation?s latest technology, consistently realized as a Toriyama work, with the original author Akira Toriyama himself deeply involved from the script stage for the first time. An episode from between the animation series ?Z? and ?GT?, or in other words from the blank decade between the end of the battle with Majin Buu in chapter 517 of the manga and chapter 518, will be depicted for the first time.

Such well-known and charming characters as Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta will all make an appearance. A new story in the official history of Dragon Ball is born, neither a spin-off nor a side-story, one that can be enjoyed by both children and parents, manga fans and anime fans."

Παπάρια μάντολες… δηλαδή το GT αναγνωρίζεται πλέον ως canon απ’ τον Toriyama;

εδώ και χρόνια είχε αναγνωριστεί φαντάζομαι, μιας και χωρίς την αδειοδότηση του δεν θα μπορούσε να βγει αυτό το side story “ας προωθήσουμε το τσουλί την Pan”.

Αν και βλέπεις ότι συνεχίζει από τον Buu και μετά. Οπότε ο Akira δεν αποδέχτηκε την ροή που ήθελε να περάσει η Toei.