Drummer kai Kitharistas psaxnoun

Mpassista,kitharista,Tragoudisti to ligotero,gia dimiourgia mpantas me epirroes Porcupine Tree,Muse,Faith No mOre,Tool,Red Hot Chilly Peppers,Audioslave,Led Zeppelin,Deep Purple,Rage Against The Machine kai polla alla…

Aparaitites Proipotheseis:Poly oreksi gia douleia kai dimiourgia,fantasia,diathesimos xronos,diathesi gia jam kai toulaxiston kapoies vasikes gnoseis.

Til: 6992963108(drummer)

Email: shagohodcoldwar@hotmail.com

Συγνώμη, είμαι αμερικάνος …unfortunately i don’t understand half of what you said, but I love a lot of the bands you listed…im assuming kitharistas is guitarist, what are you looking for, exactly? if you’re looking for another guitarist I would be interested. unfortunately i don’t have an amp or a car, just my guitar…I am an American student studying in Athens for 4 months

“We are looking for a guitarist a bass player and a vocalist to form a band and mostly to write our own songs actually.We had a band before but a series of events and changes in the formation forced the “project” to collapse”
“so if you are interested in being creative and experiemental and above all if you are not an asshole,give us your number or send us an e-mail or something .We could go grab a coffee and maybe jam later on”:rockon::rockon::rockon::cold:

Ευχαριστώ! I sent you an email :slight_smile: