Entropia Utopia - Intravenus, live Thessaloniki

Entropia Utopia was formed in 2001 in thessaloniki. The band in its beginning reflected the likes of its members for progressive atmospheric metal. In 2004 the two of the founding members Stamatis Pratsinakis (vocals, flute, saxophone) and Paris Papadopoulos welcomed Kwstas Pasaxidhs (drums), Kwstas Georgiadhs (guitar) and Stelios Mikedhs (bass) in the band. The new members replaced former that had left . The group focusing more on its prog rock side and after some live appearences recorded its firts demo in september of 2004. The demo took positive reviews but the band remained inactive till the autumn of 2005. Then Entropia Utopia performed live in places like Vardia and Papagalos and entered the studio to record “weirdom”, the second demo. In both demos and most of the band’s first appearances, the violin was played by Elialena Pratsinaki. With “weirdom” Entropia Utopia felt the positive feedback of reviewers and listeners. The metal Hammer magazine assesed it with 8,5/10 and was reviewed as one of the demos of the month.A live appearence in eightball club took place at May of 2006 when a new member, Dhmhtrhs Dhmhtriadhs (violin) played for the first time with the group. In December of 2006 Entropia Utopia supported Deadsoul Tribe at Mylos in Thessaloniki and at An club in Athens. In both of the two performances, the band left a good impression. The band is currently planning for some live appearences and is working on new material soon to be recorded. Korina (keyboards) is the new member of the band.

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intraVenus made their first appearance in 2001 and the band as it is today has been together since 2003.

By listening, both collectively and separately, to music ranging from progressive-rock to jazz and fusion they have created the blend which forms the basis of their music. Their individual sound has been created by their original compositions which feature unexpected transitions and changes, distinctive melodies and strong rhythms.

The titles of their songs fill in the pieces of the puzzle of their themes and give distinctive interpretations to the instrumentals in most of their compositions. An integral characteristic of their music is a Latin influence, expressed spontaneously in almost all of their compositions.

They have often worked, and continue to work together with prominent bands and musicians such as : Blues Wire, Socrates, Mode Plagal, Human Touch, Haig Yazdjian, Take the money and run…

They have appeared at some major music festivals in Greece : Musicday 2003 (Pedion Areos), 2005 (Technopolis) ?a? 2006 (French Institute), Bazaar Records - (Technopolis) (2006), indiefreefestival, Noiz.gr Festival

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Πληροφορίες διέλευσης
Παίρνετε το 12 από κέντρο και κατεβαίνετε στάση “κληματαριά”
Ο αποπάνω δρόμος είναι η βοσπόρου.

Σερρών 15 & Φιλίντα Μένου,
Τέρμα Βοσπόρου, Κ. Τούμπα

Τιμή: 15 ευρώ με ποτό

Να πατε να τα ακουσετε τα παιδια οι φιλοι του prog και της μουσικης γενικοτερα,προκειται για εξαιρετικη περιπτωση μπαντας…
Ευγε παιδες και καλη συνεχεια.Θα προσπαθησω να ερθω.:slight_smile:

παμε παρεα ρε?

Δεν ξερω ακομα μαν αν θα μπορεσω,θα ενημερωσω!:wink:

κ εγω δεν ειμαι σιγουρος αλλα ψυνομαι!

Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για τα καλά λογια MrHokam, θα χαρούμε πολύ να σας δούμε.
Τσεκάρετε όπως και να χει τους intravenus, ειδικά αν είστε λάτρεις της gong-soft machine fusion περιόδου.

Χαχα, να πας και Pain Of Salvation τότε όταν έρθουν. :stuck_out_tongue:

Πολύ καλοί οι Entropia Utopia! Τους είχα ανακαλύψει κατά τύχη στο myspace πριν κάμποσο καιρό και μου αρέσει πολύ αυτό που παίζουν. :thumbup: