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epic-heavy-progressive-power metal cds gia xefortwma–

Acrania - In Peaceful Chaos, CD, Heavy Metal 4
Adastra - Death Or Domination, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal 7
After Forever - Monolith Of Doubt, CD, Heavy Metal 2
Aftertayst - Self Execution, CD, Heavy Metal SEALED8
Alias Eye - Field Of Names, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 6
All Too Human - Entropy+2 Bonus, CD, Power Metal 7
Almora - Shehrazad, CD, Heavy Metal 8
Anaphora - Apres Les Reves Cd Digipack, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal SEALED8
Andrea Castelli - Planet Time, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental 7
Antyra - In The Fields Of Marathon, CD, Epic/Power MetalSEALED 7
Arachnes - Metamorphosis, CD, Epic/Power Metal SEALED3
Astra - Through Life And Beyond, CD, Progressive Metal SEALED5
Astral Travellers - The Truth Beyond, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 5
Comments/Notes: fine prog like dream theater-porcupine tree
Athaxia - El Fin De La Inocencia, CD, Power Metal
2009 (USA)
Comments/Notes: Debut album from this Puerto Rican thrash/power+classic ‘80s metal 8
Aura - A Different View, CD, Progressive/Power Metal 7
Axiom - A Mean To An End, CD, Progressive MetalSEALED 8
Aztec Jade - Paradise Lost, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal SEALED8
Aztec Jade - Concrete Eden, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive MetalSEALED8
Baliset - A Time For Rust-digipack Private Cd, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 8
Comments/Notes: private cd a prog mix of fates warning -queensrych -empire era and vaudxvilSEALED
Battle Ram - Smash The Gates, CD, Epic Metal SEALED7
Betoken - Dead Soul Insomnia, CD, Heavy Metal 7
Black Fate - Deliverance Of Soul, CD, Progressive/Power Metal 8
Black Fates - A Piece Of Dream, CD, Heavy Metal 7
Blade (ex Denial Price) - Lifetime, CD, Epic Metal 6
Blaze - Tenth Dimension, CD, Heavy Metal 6
Blood Thirsty Demons - Let The War Begin, CD, Heavy Metal 6
Blood Thirsty Demons - Mortal Remains, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal 6
Broadmoor - Portrais Mini Cd.2005, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive MetalSEALED5
Broadmoor - By The Water, CD, Progressive/Power Metal
Bulwark - Variance, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 7
CalvÁrio - Ixoye, CD, Epic/Doom Metal 8
Centaur - Live In Spain, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 5
Cessation Of Life - Path Of Totality, CD, Power Metal sealed SEALED7
Chromeshift - Ripples In Time, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 5
Clepsydra - In Other Sunsets, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 5
Coldseed - Nothing But A Loser/democracy Lesson, CD, Heavy Metal 3
Consortium Project Ii - Continuum In Extremis, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal sealed 8
Corporate Id - Mountrock, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Crush (alberto Diaz Del Castillo) - Auditiva Cosmica, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumentalsealed SEALED5
Dark Mirror - Portrait Of Evil, CD, Heavy Metal sealed SEALED8
Dark Mirror - Visions Of Pain Cd, CD, Epic/Power Metal sealedSEALED 8
Dawn Patrol - Before The Dawn, CD, Heavy Metal 4
Destroyer / Violated - Outbreak Of Metal Vol2, CD, Heavy Metal8
Downhell - Karma Ep(2009), CD, Epic/Power Metal7
2009 (KOR)
Comments/Notes: private release with mike terrana on drums!!
Dynahead - Antigen, CD, Power Metal sealed digipack SEALED7
Eagleheart - Moment Of Life, CD, Heavy Metal 8
Elegy - Principles Of Pain, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal SEALED8
Elvenpath - Spyrol, CD, Epic/Power Metal 7
Elvenpath - Gateways, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal 5
Empyrios - And The Rest Is Silence Digipack Edition, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive MetalSEALED5
Epoca De Titanes - Epoca De Titanes, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 6
2005 (AM)
Comments/Notes: great compilation from all over latin america with bands like FORCEFULL ,MONTREAL ETC
Everwood - Mind Games, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive MetalSEALED5
Evil Wings - Kite, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 5
Evil Wings - Colours Of The New World, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 5
Excalibur - Fils Vengeur.french Heavy Metal Rerelease + 7 Bonus, sealedCD, Heavy MetalSEALED8
Felskinn - Felskinn, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 6
Fierce Atmospheres - 3 Long Track Official Cd, CD, Progressive/Power MetalSEALED5
ir Fredrik Klingwall - The Resilience, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental4
Fueled By Metal - Metal Compilation, CD, Heavy Metal 6
2009 (VAR)
Comments/Notes: FUELED BY METAL Compilation (SPEED METAL, Very Metal Prod,
Further Dimension - The Monolith Effect, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 8
Gabriele Bellini - Evolution, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental 5
Gabriele Bellini - De Revolution, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental 5
Gb Arts - Return To Forever, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 5
Genius A Rock Opera - Episode 2, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal5
Gillmore - Rigor Mortis Of Souls, CD, Power Metal SEALED5
Giussepe Silvestri - La Rosa Del Deserto, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental 5
Grand Bite - Al Borde Del Precipicio / No Morire (last Copies), CD, Epic/Power Metal SEALED8
Hammerforce - Dice, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2009 (RUSS)
Comments/Notes: japanese edition with obi 8 euros
Hauteville - Hauteville, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal7
Headbanger - Ready To Strike, CD, Thrash Metal 5
Headline - Duality Double Edition Cd, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal8
Heaven’s Fire - The Outside, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy5
Human Clay - Human Clay, CD, Heavy Metal 5
Ibridoma - Ibridoma, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal8
Judas Priest - Ram It Down, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal4
Judas Priest - Screaming For Venfeance, CD, Heavy Metal4
Kabal - Kabal+ 3 Bonus, CD, Heavy Metal SEALED7
Kamelot - One Cold Winter’s Night, CD, Heavy Metaldouble live cd8
Kilmara - Hunting Dreams, CD, Epic/Power Metal 8
Labyrinth - Timeless Crime, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive MetalSEALED 3
Last Warning - Through Out Time, CD, Progressive/Power Metal 7
Lost Century - Poetic Athmosphere Of Seasons, CD, Progressive Metal6
Low Budget Orchestra - The Second Best, CD, Progressive Rock SEALED3
Luigi Rinaldi - Undisciplined Robotic Ensemble, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental 5
Machine Men - Machine Men, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal 5
Marauder - Life?, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal 6
Marillion - The Best In Both Worlds, CD, Progressive Rock
1997 (UK)
Comments/Notes: double cd with stuff from 1982-1988 and 1989 -present.8
Mark Boals - Edge Of The World, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal8
Mike Dimarelli Artical - Horizon, CD, Neoclassical SEALED5
Mike Dimarellis Artical - Fantasy, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental SEALED6
Mindland - Final Frontier, CD, Heavy Metal 5
Minsk Security - Rebornation, CD, Heavy Metal 7
Minsk Security - S.a.f.e. I.n. M.i.n.s.k., CD, Heavy Metal 7
2005 (SUI)
Comments/Notes: Raw heavy / thrash metal with powerful clean and strained voices
Mountain - Mans World, CD, Heavy Metal
1995 (USA)
Comments/Notes: Mountain (more or less) was always Leslie West. 7
Nacho Mur - Personal Myth, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental -SEALED-4
Narcoze - Genoma, CD, Heavy Metal7
Nazca - The White Wheel+1 Bonus, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 9
Neocracy - Red Circles, CD, Progressive Metal private 5
Neonfly - Clever Disguise, CD, Heavy Metal -SEALED-7
Comments/Notes: with guest from tony mills
Neurasthenia - Your Omen, CD, Heavy Metal 7
Nhorizon - Skydancers, CD, Power Metal 7
Niels Vejlyt - The Predator, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental 7 euros
2006 (DEN)
Comments/Notes: the guitarist of infinite overture neoclassical cd project on predator-instrumental
departure Onward - Neverending Sun+ 3 Bonus, CD, Epic/Power Metal 7
Ozzy Ozbourne - Live And Loud Double Cd, CD, Heavy Metalused cd 8
P�t�re & The Porcus Chicus Orchestra - P�t�re & The Porcus Chicus Orchestra, CD, Progressive Metal 5 euros
Phantoms Of Future - Call Of The Wild, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal7
Pi Experience - Algenia, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2008 (VEN)7 euros
Comments/Notes: released by musea records----(In the vein of Tool, King Crimson)
Prison Flag - Misplaced, CD, Heavy Metal 5
Prklz - Deuce, CD, Progressive Metal 8
Quelonio - Vicio Y Virtud, CD, spanish epic power 8
Rad Waith - Progresiv’ Concept, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 7
Rage Featuring Lingua Mortis Orchestra Sounds - Ghosts Limited Digipack+ Bonus, CD, Heavy Metal 6
Raging Storm - Raging Storm, CD, Epic Metal 7
Re-activate - Prevailing The Unkind Domination Cd+7 Bonus, CD, Power Metal8
Redrum - Power Corrupts+ 7 Bonus, CD, Heavy Metal 8
Resistance - Bang Your, CD, thrash sealed cd 5
Rosae Crucis - Il Re Del Mondo, CD, Epic Metal 8
Comments/Notes: SAHARRA: TIMES FORGOTTEN SANDS -U.S.A., Long Island, New York- Fantastic Power/Prog ala Saintsbleed - The Mighty Monster, CD, Epic/Power Metal 8
Schandmaul - Von Spitzbuben Und Anderen Halunken (digipack), CD, Epic Metal SEALED5
Schandmaul - Narrenkonig-digipack Edition, CD, Heavy MetalSEALED 5
Scudiero - Walking Through Mirrors, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal8
Seventh Sin - Seventh Sin, CD, Heavy Metal 6
Shadows Of Steel - Heroes Mcd, CD, Heavy MetalSEALED 5
Shining Steel - Heavy Metal Shock, CD, Epic Metal 7
Shock Troopers - Blades And Rods, CD, Thrash Metal8
Sibelius - Rebellion, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental 7
Sonic Debris - Velvet Thorns, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 7
Sorrowful Winds - The Age Of Dreams Cd, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive MetalSEALED7
Squealer - The Prophecy, CD, Epic/Power Metal used cd good condition.5
Stefan Elmgren’s Full Strike - We Will Rise, CD, Heavy Metal used cds excellent cond.5
Stress - Live?n?memory+ 4 Track Rare Demo, CD, Heavy Metal 6
T.pontet - Xplorery, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 6
The David Neil Cline Band - A Piece Of History/the Best Of (german Import), CD, Heavy Metal 5
The Upset Victory - Between The Wall And The Worldsthat Sleep, CD, Hard ‘n’ HeavySEALED 4
Timescape - Strange, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal SEALED7
Timo Tolki - Saana Warrior Of The Light Part1, CD, Heavy Metal8
Torre De Marfil - Ecos De La Tercera Realidad (digi), CD, Epic MetalSEALED 7
Troya - Vozdushnye Zamki, CD, Epic/Power Metal 8
Troya - World In Flames, CD, Epic/Power Metal 8
Tuatha De Danann - Tuatha De Danann, CD, Epic Metal 7
Vastator - Hell Only Knows, CD, Heavy Metal 7
Vindex - Power Forge, CD, Neoclassical/Power Metal 8
Vindicator / Metal Witch - Outbreak Of Metal Vol1, CD, Heavy Metal 7
Wyvern - The Red Flame Of Pain (cd), CD, Epic/Power Metal 8
X-piral - Hunters, CD, Heavy MetalSEALED5

[ Official Demos cds ]ta exw parei apo ths mpantes

Atria Mortis - The Samurai, CD, Epic Metal 4
Crystal Tears - Promoworks, CD, Epic Metal3
Danger Avenue - Lookin’out … For That Neon Light, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy3
Dead Poets Society - F’ Ait Accompli, CD, Progressive Metal 3
Drama - Nemesis Ep Private Cd, CD, Epic/Power Metal 3
Lunar Path - Broken World Four Track Demo Cd Digipack Edition, DEMO CDS, Power Metal
2009 (FIN) 4
Comments/Notes: super digipack demo power metal with female vocals.
Sonic Prophecy - 2009 Ep, CD, Heavy/Epic MetalSEALED5



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Adam And The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier Lp, LP, Post Rock3
Aerosmith - Nightin The Ruts, LP, Hard Rock5
Aerosmith - Draw The Line, LP, Hard Rock6
Aggelos Skordilhs - Egw Eimai Aytos… Eseis Poioi Eiste?, LP, Post Rock5
Alaska - The Pack, LP, Hard Rock1985 (UK)5euros
Aldo Nova - Aldo Nova, LP, Hard Rock5
Alex Masi - Attack Of The Neon Shark, LP, Heavy Metal6
Amnesia - Unknown Entity, LP, Heavy Metal9
Amnion - Cryptic Wanderings, LP, Black Metal9
Amputator - Intolerence Deathsquadslp, LP, Black Metal10
Anekdoten - Nucleus = Pic Lp = Lp, LP, Progressive Rock9
April Wine - Animal Grace, LP, Hard Rock5
Arkenstone - Arkenstone, LP, Black Metal7
Asgaia/pleurisy - Waves/unholy Sphres, LP, Death Metal7
Auktsyon - Bodun, LP, Hard Rock8
Austere (aus) - Only The Wind Remembers Lp, LP, Black Metal9
Black Crucifixion - Promethean Gift, LP, Black Metal11
Black League (sentenced/impaled Nazarene) - Doomsday Sun, LP, Gothic200? (SWE)10
Black Steel - Hellhammer, LP, Epic Metal 11
Boston - Third Stafe, LP, Hard Rock gatefold 5
Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers Vinyl Lp, LP, Stoner/Rock12
Camulos/ Ainshval - Split Lp, LP, Black Metal 11
Carmel - Bad Day Lp, LP, Post Rock2
Carmel - The Drumis Everything, LP, Post Rock2
Carmel - You Can Have Him Lp, LP, Post Rock2
Carmel - Set Me Free Lp, LP, Post Rock2
Cha Cha - Live, LP, Post Rock
Charlie - Fantasy Girls, LP, Hard Rock7
Chastain - Voice Of The Cult, LP, Heavy Metal5
Cheap Trick - All Shook Up, LP, Hard Rock4
Cheech & Chong - Get Out Of My Room Lp, LP, Hard Rock4
Chicago - X Lp, LP, Post Rock4
Craaft - Second Honeymoon, LP, Hard Rock7
Crescent Shield - The Last Of My Kind Lp, LP, Epic/Power Metal13
Cruise - Cruise, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy12
Dark Millenium - Ashore The Celestial Burden, LP, Death Metal11
Def Leppard - Adrenalize, LP, Hard Rock5
Despondency - God On Acid / Lp, LP, Grind/Death Metal7
Dokken - Under Lock And Key, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy5
Dweezil Zappa - My Guitar, LP, Hard Rock5
Eat My Fuk - Wet Slit And A Bottle Of Whiskey, LP, Thrash Metal7
Ereshkigal - �the Raping Of The Divine� Lpgatefold Lp Ltd.to 1000 Numered Copies.purple Vinyl, LP, Black Metal
Eternal Darkness - “total Darkness” Lpgatefold Lp Limited To 1000 Copies. White Vinyl, LP, Doom Metal
1990 (SWE)10
Execution - Execution Rare Lp, LP, Death/Thrash Metal10
Fearer - Confession To Hate / Lp, LP, Death Metal10
Folkvang/pagan Hellfire - Firmament Eclipse Lp, LP, Black Metal10
From Beyond - Thrashing Machine, LP, Thrash Metal9
Gauntlets Sword - Gauntlets Sword � Theosophy Lp, Lim.333 Blue Vinyl Edition, LP, Black Metal12
Golden Earring - Keeper Of The Flame, LP, Hard Rock5
Grobschnitt - Razzia Lp, LP, Post Rock4
Gumomaniacs - Priest Of Lucifer, LP, Thrash Metal
2008 (D)
Comments/Notes: GUMOMANIACS “Priest Of Lucifer” LP/10 Tracks * pure fucking old school Thrash Metal from Bavaria —> lim. to 500 copies, blue/yellow splatter vinyl 9
Heaven 17 - How Men Are Lp, LP, Post Rock1
Helen Schneider & The Kick - Breakout Lp, LP, Post Rock2
Helix - Walkin The Razors Edge, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy6
Hellsaw - �spiritual Twilight � Dlp Double Lp Limited To 500 Pieces, LP, Black Metal12
Ingrowing - Sunrape / Lp, LP, Grind 7
Joal - Joal Lp, LP, Hard Rock 4
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band - Tough Ll Over Lp, LP, Hard Rock4
John Mc Laughlin - My Goals Beyond, LP, Post Rock
1982 (UK)
Comments/Notes: used lp 2
John Waite - Rover’s Return, LP, Hard Rock5
Jotunspor - Gleipnirs Smeder " Lp, LP, Black Metal10
JOTUNSPOR (Norway) is a band formed in 2005 by King (Gorgoroth, Sahg etc.) and Kvitrafn (Sigfader, ex-Sahg ex-Gorgoroth, ). The album as a whole is dedicated to their Nordic forefathers and heritage. Jotunspor binds grim and primitive Black Metal together with elements of noisy Satanic Dark Ambient. The concept of Jotunspor is fundamentally rooted in the old Norse cults and beliefs.
Katmandu - Katmandu, LP, Hard Rock5
Kingdom Come - Hands Of Time, LP, Hard Rock5
Krokus - Alive And Screamin", LP, Hard Rock5
Krokus - Change Of Adress, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy5
L.a.guns - L.a.guns, LP, Hard Rock5
Loits - Must Limited Gatefold Lp, LP, Atmospheric Metal9
Lord - Hell’s Fucking Metal", LP, Black/Thrash Metal9
Loverboy - Lovin Every, LP, Hard Rock4
Masi - Downtown Dreamers, LP, Hard Rock5
Meat Loaf - Deadringer, LP, Hard Rock5
Meatloaf - Bad Attitude, LP, Hard Rock5
Molly Hatchet - Beatin’the Odds, LP, Hard Rock5
Nethescerial-impaler-crossover-the Eternal Darkness - 4 Way Limited Split 10 Inch Vinyl, LP, Death/Black Metal
Nightranger - Dawn Patrol, LP, Hard Rock5
Paul Simon - One Trick Pony, LP, Post Rock3
Pharaoh - The Longest Night Lp, LP, Epic/Power Metal14
Profundi - The Omega Rising Ltd.lp, LP, Black Metal11
Raven - The Murder Sessions, Lp, LP, Black Metal 9
Rawradarwar/deer Creek - Split Lp, LP, Stoner/Doom10
Richard Marx - Richard Marx, LP, Hard Rock4
Rock Studio Iii - Lp Sampler Various, LP, Post Rock2
Rod Stewart - Best Of Lp, LP, Post Rock5
Rodama - Katw Apo To Derma, LP, Post Rock6
Rudolf Kunze - Reine Nervensache Lp, LP, Post Rock2
1981 (D)
Seasons Of The Wolf - Seasons Of The Wolf, LP, Epic/Power Metal14
1994 (USA)
Comments/Notes: deluxe gatefold edition
Simple Minds - Sister Feelings Call Lp, LP, Post Rock3
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream Lp, LP, Post Rock3
Skinless - Foreshadowing Our Demise, LP, Death Metal9
Slade - The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome, LP, Hard Rock4
Slavia - Strength And Vision Lp Rerelease, LP, Black Metal10
Speedway69 - Back From El Ray!" 10"lp, LP, Stoner
2000 (D)
Comments/Notes: 7 songs of high-energy Punkrock � la Gluecifer, purple/white splatter-vinyl, limited to 500 pieces, classic debut from �7
Speedway69 - Now Denial" Lp, LP, Stoner
2001 (D)
Comments/Notes: comes with gatefold cover, coloured vinyl, printed innersleeve, limited to 500 copies, collectors Stevie Nicks - Rock A Little Lp, LP, Post Rock3
Summoning - Lugburz� Pic Lp W/pic Lp W/sleeve Limited To 300 Copies Sleeve, LP, Atmospheric Metal
200? (AUS)
Comments/Notes: Lugburz is the first of Summoning’s albums. An epic and medievalist sense of atmosphere finally available on nicest PICTURE DISC.13
Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent, LP, Hard Rock6
Ted Nugent - Weekendwarrior, LP, Hard Rock5
Ted Nugent - Free For All Gatefold Lp, LP, Hard Rock5
Tenebre - Xiii (picture Disc), LP, Gothic
1996 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: The self-proclaimed ‘International Magik Group,’ Sweden’s Tenebre performs gothic-tinged hard rock verging on metal along the same lines as their countrymen Cemetary, or later day Tiamat. Forming in 1996, the band immediately started work on their debut album, XIII, which they released later that year, then followed it with 1998’s Grim Ride and 2000’s Mark of the Beast. Come 2002 and the release of their fourth album, Electric Hellfire Kiss, Tenebre’s lineup had finally coalesced into a semi-stable unit consisting of vocalist Victor Fradera, guitarists Fredrik T�ck and Peter M�rdklint, bassist Richard Lion, and drummer Andreas Albin. ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide10
The Bottle Doom Lazy Band - The Beast Must Die"(lp, LP, Doom Metal8
The Del Fuegos - Smoking In The Field S, LP, Hard Rock5
1989 (USA)
The Shadow Order - Untold Lp, LP, Black Metal
2008 (GR)
Thebestofmetalblade - Volume 3, LP, Heavy Metal6
Thrash The Wall - Various, LP, Thrash Metal 6
Thunderhead - Crime Pays, LP, Hard Rock4
Triumph - Stages, Diplo Live, LP, Heavy Metal7

Tuxedo Moon - Desire, LP, Gothic4
Tysondog - Schools Out/dont Let The Bastards Grind You Down 12, LP, Heavy Metal 5
Ugly Kid Joe - America’s Least Wanted, LP, Hard Rock7
Van Halen - 5150, LP, Hard Rock5
Vemoth - K�ttkroksvals"/ Pic Lp, LP, Black Metal
2004 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: Formed at the end of 2004, Swedish band VEMOTH received excellent reviews for their debut �Krottkroksvals" album:. �Incredible Swedish Black Metal, very well composed with a melodic touch.Influences/ like: DISSECTION, AMON AMARTH, WATAIN, SATYRICON, ARCKANUM. A future masterpiece ! �10
Vengeance - Take It Or Leave It, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy6
Victory - That’s Live Tour’88, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy5
Vinnie Vincent - Invasion, LP, Hard Rock4
Virginia Wolf - Virginia Wolf, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy6
Warrant - Drfsr, LP, Hard Rock5
Westbam - Eatbox Rocker, LP, Post Rock1
Wolok - Servum Pecus, LP, Black Metal 8
Zarach Baal Tharagh - Demo 42 The Final Chapter, LP, Black Metal 9
Zodiac Mindwarp - Tattooed Beat Messiah, LP, Hard Rock
Zz Top - Afterburner, LP, Hard Rock5
[ 7" ]

.sonsofalphacentauri-karma To Burn - Deluxe Split Seven Inch, 7", Stoner/Rock6
Adam West - We Ve Got Cake, 7", Stoner/Rock5
Anima Morte - Viva Morte!, 7", Post Rock4
Annihilation Time - Annihilation Time Limited Seven Inch Vinyl, 7", Thrash Metal5
Asmodee - Black Drop Journey Ep, 7", Death/Black Metal5
Cadaver/voice Of Hate - Split 7 Inch Vinyl Ep., 7", Death/Black Metal5
Cibo+airlines Of Terror - Split 7 Inch+ Bonus Cd, 7", Atm./Black/Prog/Death Metal5
Dammit-swedish Rock N Roll - Double 7 Inch Blue Vinyls, 7", Doom Metal8
2003 (SWE)
Dissolute/ Dissent And Revolt - Total Harmonic Distortioncolored Split 7, 7", Hardcore5
Garden Of Worm - Summer´s Isle, 7", Doom Metal 5
Imperial Darkness/pyrifleyethon - Havoc’s Split Asunder, 7", Black Metal5
In Utero Cannibalism - Failure Of Christ, 7", Grind5
John Merrick - Simpaticopacetic 7", 7", Stoner/Rock3
Kerbdog - Vince Vinuni Miner 7, 7", Hard Rock4
L Imperio Dell Ombre/but - Split 7 Inch, 7", Stoner/Rock6
Lucika - Flight 2039 Red Seven Ich, 7", Black Metal5
M.i.5 - You Ll Never Stop Me Loving You, 7", Hard Rock6
Maze Of Torment - Brave The Blizzard, 7", Death Metal5
Obsecration - Vault Of The Obscure Vortex, 7", Death Metal5
Ominous Sky - Limited Debut Seven Inch, 7", Doom Metal5

Space Probe Taurus - Insect City 7", 7", Stoner/Rock4
Sun Of Earth - S/t 7", 7", Post Rock4
Tysondog - Schools Out/dont Let The Bastards Grind You Down, 7", Heavy Metal4


hard rock +hard n heavy cds apo 5 ews 3 euros ola kainourgia

opote anakefalaiwnw --exoun meinei ta exhs:

.gene Simmons-asshole - ***hole, CD, Hard Rock
A Tree Witout Roots - The Devil Came, CD, Post Rock
A Tribute To Bon Jovi - Tribute 10 Track Cd By Bon Jordu, CD, Hard Rock3
A Tribute To U2 - Pride, CD, Post Rock
Adrian Gale - Re-programmed, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Aerosmith - Get A Grip-used Cd, CD, Hard Rock
Aerosmith - Greatest Hits 1973-88, CD, Hard Rock
Alice Cooper - Greatest Hits, CD, Hard Rock
American Sugar Bitch - Work Sucks, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Badmouth - Badmouth, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Berurier Noir - La Bataille De Pali Kao, CD, Post Rock
Big Brother And The Holding Company - Cheap Thrills + 4 Bonus, CD, Post Rock
Blindside - About A Burning Fire, CD, Post Rock
Bob Dylan And The Band - The Basement Tapes, CD, Post Rock
Cain & Abel - Cain & Abel, CD, Hard Rock
Casey Hayes - The Iron Year, CD, Hard Rock
Circus Of Power - Magic And Madness -used Cd, CD, Hard Rock3
Contagious - Red White & Slightly Blue, CD, Hard Rock
Contagious - The Calling, CD, Hard Rock
Crack Up - Buttoxin’ Bloom, CD, Hard Rock
Crowforce - S/t., CD, Hard Rock4
Dame Fortune - The Secret Art, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Danzig - I Luciferi, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Darksound - Irresponsible Optimism., CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
David Bowie - Hours…, CD, Hard Rock
Deus - Pocket Revolution, CD, Post Rock
Dire Straits - Dire Straits, CD, Post Rock
Doc Holiday - A Better Road, CD, Hard Rock
Dogs N Bones - Dirty Fucki’ Loud, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Dokken - Erase The Slate, CD, Hard Rock4
Doktor Kinchev I Gruppa Stil’ - Nervnaya Noch’, CD, Post Rock
Doomfoxx - Piece Of Me, CD, Hard Rock
Driven - Self Inflicted, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy3
Eric Martin - Pure, CD, Hard Rock
Evidence - Truth From A Lie, CD, Hard Rock
Fifty One?s - Mind Game Cd, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Foreigner - Records, CD, Hard Rock
Gate 27 - Distant View, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
: The basic influence of gate27 is the hard rock music of the mid 80ies. Bands like Moertley Crue, Ratt, Judas Priest, AC/DC and many others. To bring it to one point : We try to write rock-hits. But the most important thing is to go bejond these influences and find an own sound and an own style. This is the first CD of gate27 and the first step on this way.
Grand Funk - Closer To Home + 4 Bonus, CD, Hard Rock
Guns N ’ Roses - The Spaghetti Incident?, CD, Hard Rock
Hannibal - This Is You, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy4
Hinge - , CD, Hard Rock
Homo Sapiens - Dreams And Nightmares, CD, Post Rock
Humanimal - Find My Way Home-3 Track Mini Cd, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Ian Gillan Band - Live At Budokan Vol 1 & 2, CD, Hard Rock
Jani Lane - Back Down To One, CD, Hard Rock
Jesse Damon - Nothin’ Else Matters, CD, Hard Rock
Jesse Damon - The Band That Rocks, CD, Hard Rock
Johannes Berthold - Narrenturm, Cd, CD, Post Rock3
John Mayal - Mailorder Mystics, CD, Post Rock2
King Bird - Sunshine, CD, Hard Rock
Kiss - Paul Stanley, CD, Hard Rock
Lafordova - Circus Of The Damned, CD, Hard Rock
Lambs - Finis Fidei, CD, Hard Rock
Lars Eric Mattson - Obsession, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Law And Order - The Glass House, CD, Hard Rock
Lenny Kravitz - Circus, CD, Hard Rock
Les Garcons Bouchers - Ecoute Petit Fr�re, CD, Post Rock
Les Vrp - Remords Et Tristes Pets, CD, Post Rock
Loaded - Dark Days-digipack, CD, Hard Rock
Lotus - Quartet Conspiracy, CD, Hard Rock
Love - Forever Changes-cardbox Edtion, CD, Post Rock
Love Dictator - Love Dictator, CD, Hard Rock
Marillion - Season?s End, CD, Progressive Rock
Meldrum - Loaded Mental Cannon, CD, Hard Rock
Misfits - Evillive, CD, Hard Rock
Murat Net - Selamicesque Blues Cd, CD, Hard Rock
N8 - Reality?fate, CD, Hard Rock
Natural Born Loser - Cold Days & Whisky, CD, Hard Rock
Neil Young - Harvest, CD, Post Rock
Nitzinger - Going Back To Texas, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Nozzle - Winter, CD, Hard Rock 3
Open Up - Feat. Morton Holm, CD, Hard Rock
Ophelia’s Garden - Love Eternal, CD, Post Rock
Patti Smith Group - Easter, CD, Post Rock
Peter Stevens Band - Taken By The Light, CD, Hard Rock
Pitchshifter - Psi, CD, Post Rock
Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts Double Cd, CD, Post Rock
Pushing Red Buttons - The Butterfly Net, CD, Hard Rock
Roberto Priori - Yawned Flight, CD, Hard Rock
Saga - Money Talks/dont Give Up 3 Track Cd, CD, Hard Rock
Scudiero - Walking Through Mirror, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Seven Wishes - Utopia+ Bonus, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Shy - Breakaway Ep Edition, CD, Hard Rock
Sicknote - Rudenia, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Sonic X - Sonic X, CD, Hard Rock
Southern Rock All Stars - Crazy Again, CD, Hard Rock
Southern Rock All Stars - Danger Road, CD, Hard Rock
Spant�x - Damage Twist Rock�n�roll, CD, Post Rock
Speedfreaks - Survive, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Spirit - S’ Efruit Mourir, CD, Hard Rock
Sporadic - Une Epoque Formidable, CD, Hard Rock
Star Rats - Broken Halo, CD, Hard Rock
Stranglers - The Masters, CD, Post Rock3
Substitutes - The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, CD, Hard Rock
T Clemente Band - Illussions Digipack Edition, CD, Hard Rock
Tanita Tikaram - Ancient Heart, CD, Post Rock
Ten - Babylon, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
The Allman Brother’s Band - The Best Of Live, CD, Hard Rock
The Animals - Original Hits, CD, Post Rock4
The Deadly Romantics - Do U Wanna Rnr, CD, Hard Rock
The Dirt - Down N’ Dirty, CD, Hard Rock
The Man From The Moon - Rocket Attack, CD, Hard Rock
The Men They Couldn?t Hang - The Charry Red Jukebox, CD, Post Rock3
The Millions - Million Dollar Rock, CD, Hard Rock
The Morning Of - The World As We Know It, CD, Post Rock
The Pax Cecilia - Blesssed Are The Bonds, CD, Post Rock
2007 (USA)
great stuff super edition on paper box with digi edition + posterCombining ambient metal with various flavors of post-hardcore, indie rock and classical instruments
The Troggs - The Best, CD, Post Rock
The Underwater - Forces, CD, Post Rock
Toto - The Essential ? 2004 ? 2 Cd - 32 Titres, CD, Hard Rock
Tri Lava - Oddball In The Corner Pocket-experimental Instrumental Rock, CD, Post Rock
Trigger Renegade - Destroy Your Mind, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Truth Of Fiction - Truth Of Fiction, CD, Hard Rock
Twisted Sister - Come Out And Play, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Vick Le Car’s - Blue Moon, CD, Hard Rock
Vicolo Inferno - Hells Alley, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Vigor - Great Dreams, CD, Hard Rock
Vinny Burns - The Journey, CD, Hard Rock
Whitesneke - Saints & Sinners+ 3 Bonus Rerelease, CD, Hard Rock
Zz Top - The Best, CD, Hard Rock4

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