Events, more Steps@ Naja, Patra

απο το Σαββατο 1 Οκτωβριου, το more Steps εχει ξεκινησει το χειμερινο του προγραμμα, στις σκαλες της γερωκοστοπουλου, σε συνεργασια με το naja.

καθε πεμπτη, βραδιες “White wedding”, με ολα τα κοκτεηλ απο βοτκες, λευκα ρουμια, τζην, λευκη τεκιλα στα 5 ευρω

για αυτην την Πεμπτη 13 οκτωβριου, μια μουσικη αναδρομη στα pop-wave 80s

[I]Euphemisms are like a blessing in disguise.
You need to sugar-coat the poison to make it easy to digest.
Music does that. It does plenty of other things too.

As More Steps enters the closing weekend, we throw a party that celebrates all those great things that music has to offer.
And a couple of other things too.

Enjoy an all-night course of alternative’s finest, both the famous and the underdogs, both the hard-boiled and the snap-drag, both the smokey eyes and the glitteristas, in a blend prepared by (and propelled by) Curehead’s inclination to spin the decks – and a couple of other things, too.

Friday 16 November 2012, after 23.00’, enter the More Steps warm abode for an mind-opening, eye-painting, belly-dancing, mouth-drinking, brain-boiling, egg-boiling, lover-finding, music-worshipping, clubkid experience. Now say that backwards[/I]