Evergrey στη Λάρισσα!

Sweden’s EVERGREY have issued the following update:

“Ever since Evergrey’s first album they have always had a great following in Eastern Europe. Apart from festival shows they have never played there. But in January, Evergrey will do a full Eastern European tour.”

The dates are as follows:

11 - Nitra, Slovakia - Stara Pekaren
12 - Budapest, Hungary - Kultiplex
14 - Larissa, Greece - Live Music House
15 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Geo Milev Hall
17 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Sredec Hall
19 - Ankara - Saklikent
20 - Istanbul, Turkey - Studio Live
21 - Bukarest, Romania - Sala Preoteasa
22 - Belgrad, Serbia - Dom Omladine
23 - Zagreb, Croatia - Mochvara
24 - Wörgl, Austria - Komma

Support on this tour (except in Nitra and Budapest) will be Norway’s STONEGARD.

As previously reported, Evergrey recently returned to their rehearsal studios to prepare their next studio album. The new album is currently scheduled to begin recording in February through March with a tentative release date set for May 2007.

Tom Englund (vocals/guitar) has commented about the material by saying, “So far the material sounds about the heaviest and darkest we have released to date.”

Evergrey guitarist Henrik Danhage will be touring with IN FLAMES for their upcoming US-Tour due to the fact that Björn Gelotte’s wife is due to give birth to their second child.

Evergrey comment: “We’d like to send our early congratulations to Björn and his wife!”

Ρε σεις μας δουλεύουν! Επίσης, 13/1 φαίνεται καλό κενό…
Ρε παίδες…Δυσκολευόμαστε να πάμε Αθήνα…Πώς διάολο θα πάμε Λαρσ?
Μπράβο πάντως στα παλικάρια που το έκλεισαν.
Οι Evergrey δουλεύουν πολύ μέσω της e-street team που έχουν και είναι ανοιχτοί να παίξουν όπου τους πούνε…

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