Explosions in the Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011)

''Hi Everyone,
We’re pleased to announce that our fifth album will be coming out this April. It has six songs and its called Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. It was recorded on a pecan ranch in West Texas by our good friend and frequent collaborator John Congleton. Esteban Rey did the artwork. The music on it feels different than anything else we’ve done before and we’re very excited for you to hear it.

Anyway, here is the track list:

  1. Last Known Surroundings
  2. Human Qualities
  3. Trembling Hands
  4. Be Comfortable, Creature
  5. Postcard from 1952
  6. Let Me Back In

And here are the release dates:

UK (April 18th)
Europe (April 25th)
US and Canada (April 26th)

Thanks for caring and we hope to see a lot of you this year.


ξεκιναει θρεντ γιατι ειναι εκει εξω το νεο εχπλοσιονς ιν δι σκαι…
το ακουσα λιγες φορες για να βγαλω ακομα καθαρη αποψη αλλα οι πρωτες ακροασεις ειναι ακρως θετικες…

το κατεβασαμε και αυριο θα το ακουσουμε με ευλαβεια…:slight_smile:

Τα ίδια κι εδώ … μεγάλη λατρεία αυτοί οι τύποι